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Washington DC is very much a place we want to visit when our travels take us back to the USA.  If we head back to New York as a family, I would certainly consider a day trip to Washington DC.  Ideally though, I would like to spend longer in the city to give us the time to enjoy all the things to do in Washington DC with kids. I know that we would find some fun and educational things for the kids to do in DC, and I also think that

One of my favourite trips ever was going to New York with my son.  It was our first trip to NYC and quite likely to be a last holiday together for a while.  I spent a lot of time planning that trip and I think it’s safe to say we had a pretty awesome time.  I’ve been thinking about our visit a lot recently, so it seemed like a great time to write these top 10 things to do in New York with teens.  If you are planning a trip

Taking a road trip should feel like you’re embarking on an adventure. Your itinerary will most likely be jam-packed with all sorts of activities, ranging from exploring crowded city streets to chilling out on a secluded beach. One day you might be learning about American culture of the past within the walls of a museum, and the next you could be drinking a pina colada listening to the waves crashing on the sand. But whatever your itinerary might include, be sure to arm yourself with car renters insurance from a

I’ve been thinking a lot about New York, which is almost certainly a sign that I’m keen to go back and explore more of this amazing city.  You might remember that I went a couple of years ago with my son, and the impression that trip made on both of us is still pretty strong today. It got me thinking about what I would love to see if I had just one day in New York.  Because I already know the city, I’ve got a really clear idea of how

Is going to Florida on your bucket list?  Perhaps you are already making plans to visit the area?  Whether you are thinking of travelling to Florida now or in the future I wanted to bring this debate to the table for you.  Where should you stay when you are visiting the Sunshine state?  When people think of Florida, they automatically think of Orlando and you might start looking at planning a stay around Lake Buena Vista. Florida is a large US state with a lot of options, and it could

Given how large Florida is, it shouldn’t surprise that it can satisfy a broad range of tastes – including those of families. Indeed, it might not surprise you at all given how well-known Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort is. That is indeed a fantastic attraction, and I will soon return to that subject. Before then, however, I’m going to focus on several other great ideas for Florida holidays that adults and children can both enjoy. There’s water aplenty with these ideas… See Mermaids Perform at Weeki Wachee Springs State Park

Atlantic City is a beach resort in New Jersey on the East Coast of the United States.  If you are looking for a fun filled short break to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, forget the hipster town of Palm Springs in California and get yourself down to the most famous Boardwalk in New Jersey.  Sometimes a holiday should just be about letting your hair down, and you are guaranteed to tick that box a few times over as the dice rolls in the local casinos of Atlantic City.

Just the thought of a family holiday in Florida makes me feel excited and it’s something that is very much on the horizon for us in the near future.  That’s why this list of things to do in Florida has been planned for a while now. I’m desperate to step off a long haul flight, with my Florida travel guide all mapped out, just waiting to make some of the most magical holiday memories for our family.  Travelling as a family is about many things for me, but one I’m

I would go back to New York in a heartbeat, as it is such an awesome city, and it’s only 7 hours by plane from the UK. Compared to some parts of the USA that isn’t bad at all.  As first time visitors in NYC last year, we were literally blown away by it.  There are very few cities in the world that are on the same scale as New York, and it leaves you aghast from the minute you arrive to the minute you leave.  It’s not called the ‘city

New York and I have some unfinished business.  If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that my teen son and I visited New York back in February.  It was amazing, we had such a great time together and created some amazing memories in the Big Apple.  It was particularly special for us as it could well be the last holiday I take with my son.  I hope it isn’t, but as an adult he is very clear what he wants from a holiday and it’s

A seed has been firmly planted in my mind that I want to take the family on holiday to Walt Disney World in Florida.  This seed is growing at quite a rate and I predict that we will be exploring the most famous theme park in the world in the next few years.  I would love to visit next year, but my husband came up with a few reasons why we need to wait a little bit longer.  It looks like we are going to be buying a car in

Breckenridge is a beautiful and unique mountain town found in the Rockie Mountains near Colorado in the US.  I’ve always loved the thought of visiting somewhere like Breckenridge, a town which, unlike others in America, still has a feel of the Wild West about it. As a kid growing up in the UK I used to watch the Beverly Hill Billies and a particular favourite was Little House on the Prairie.  Some readers of my blog might be a bit young to remember these shows, but they really were one of

Attraction Tickets Direct is simply great if you are planning a trip to New York.  Before teen and I visited the Big Apple I spent a lot of time on their website looking up travel tips and deciding which places would be good for us to visit while we were in the city.  It’s packed full of New York tourist information as well as a good selection of tickets and tourist passes.

We woke up to another beautiful morning in the city of New York and the temperature was definitely on the rise.  We walked through the Chelsea District to catch the hop on and off ferry that was included in our New York Freestyle Pass that would take us to the 9/11 Memorial Site.  We were being a different kind of tourist today.

We arrived at the Holiday Inn 6th Avenue at around 10.30pm and were feeling a little frazzled to say the least.  You can catch up with our story about getting to New York here to find out why.  We were greeted by Carlos, the hotel concierge, who could see we were affected by our day of travelling.  A friendly face was just what we needed after a very long day and Carlos made us feel very welcome and got us a drink while we waited a few minutes for the hotel

If you’ve been following my blog and social media, you might have noticed that I have just been to the amazing city of New York.  Welcome to the first of many posts about our trip to the ‘city that never sleeps’.  If you are planning a trip to New York City, I really help you find the hints and tips you’ll find in this mini series helpful and inspiring.  The first post is about getting to New York, which was an experience in itself!

Going travelling is a perfect excuse to go shopping, update your wardrobe and planning takes all the stress out of what to pack.  With my visit to New York just over a month away I’m thinking about what to pack for my city break.  I need some practical, comfortable clothes to travel with that will look great.  Here’s some great finds I thought you’d love too, no matter where you are travelling to this year.

New York is at the very top of my travel bucket list at the moment and I have become more than a little obsessed with the things I would like to see and do there.  It’s one of those cities that I feel I already know, even though I have never been.  We have all seen the iconic skyline, the yellow cabs and and famous Statue Of Liberty in films and on TV.  I think it’s difficult for anyone not to feel a sense of familiarity with famous city.

Making memories is such an important part of our family life and holidays are the perfect way to spend time together and capture perfect moments.  I firmly believe that you make memories by spending time together, away from the day to day of family life, in a relaxed holiday atmosphere.  Stimulating the senses with beautiful scenery, amazing food and fun filled activities helps those memories last forever for all the family. Why are memories so important to us.  Well, my son, he’s nearly 17.  He’s just started his A levels

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