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If you are planning a holiday or vacation with kids, having some travel toys in your hand luggage, suitcase or travel bag is going to help things go a lot more smoothly.  Kids have a pretty short attention span for travelling so having the best travel toys to hand during your trip can really help keep boredom at bay.  Nobody wants a stressful journey, so whether it’s travel toys for toddlers or best travel toys for babies you are looking for, this list of toys, games and ideas will help you

When it comes to the equipment you need when you have a baby, multifunctional is without a doubt the way forward.  Recently I was introduced to the Sleepyhead® Deluxe+ baby nest and it really does tick a lot of boxes for new parents.  Not only is it a fantastic environment for a baby to sleep in generally, but it’s also the perfect family travel companion. ENTER MORE COMPETITIONS HERE Here’s some reasons why I love the Sleepyhead® Deluxe+.  It’s suitable for a a baby from birth to 8 months old and it

The Sands Hotel Resort & Spa near Newquay, Cornwall ticks a lot of boxes for families looking for a kid friendly resort for their holiday. Just imagine being sandwiched between rolling hills with open fields and stunning costal views for a start.  I bet you’re feeling relaxed just thinking about it aren’t you?  Well that’s exactly what you’ll get when you arrive at Sands Resort Hotel and Spa for your family holiday. The Sands Hotel Newquay has excellent facilities and prides itself on its family friendly service.  Both of these things,

This post has been rattling around in my head for a while now, and I was keen to get people’s thoughts on this particular topic too.  I was originally going to call this post ‘the joys of being pregnant at 21’, but I didn’t want you all to think I was encouraging 21 year olds to run out and have kids.  I decided that talking about ‘when is a good age to have a baby’ might be a better angle. I was actually 21 when I was pregnant with my

Did you know that babies spend around half their time asleep? Those precious hours aren’t just important for their mood, but they also have a positive impact on their development, too. Which is why I am so excited that Pampers are launching a brand new innovation and upgrade to UK parents’ #1 nappy choice: introducing 3 Absorbing Channels. New Pampers Baby-Dry feature a revolutionary nappy design with 3 Absorbing Channels and unique Micro Pearls™ that distribute wetness more evenly and lock it away for up to 12 hours. With less

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to the Dorchester Hotel to find out what has been happening with ASDA Little Angels Nappies.  A group of Mummy bloggers sniffed, tugged and generally put the new nappies under rigorous scrutiny whilst enjoying the luxurious surroundings of the Dorchester Spa.  Not bad for an afternoons work, hey?

Everything about this year is reminding how quickly my babies are growing up.  My 2 year old is developing so fast, talking more and more each day.   She’s well and truly saying good bye to the baby days as she is wanting to do so much more for herself.  My 4 year old will be starting school in September and can’t wait to get into her uniform, even though it’s only June.  At the very other end of the spectrum, my big baby has left school and will starting University

Would you try Moony Nappies? Nappies are an interesting thing aren’t they?  They are a bit like bank accounts in some ways.  Bear with me, and let me explain.  We find some nappies we like and our baby or toddler seems to get on with and we rarely change to a different type or brand.  That’s OK, but does that mean we are missing out on finding a great nappy for our children?

WaterWipes are chemical free baby wipes, that claim to be the world’s purest and also carry the Allergy Friendly kite mark.  With big claims like this, I was keen to find out more about WaterWipes so jumped at the chance to meet the people behind the brand when they invited me to London.  Here’s why I was so impressed I’m now using WaterWipes for my children, and there’s no going back!

Right guys, you gotta help me out here.  I’ve been having some really crazy thoughts recently.  Some of my friends have been showing off their gorgeous newborn babies, and oh my word, it’s making me feel broody.  It’s completely insane, as rationally the thought of going throw another pregnancy is just too much like hard work.  Having a 3 year old and a 1 year old is also hard work, but it is getting easier.  Throwing another baby into the mix would just be ludicrous. If you were reading this

Stopping breastfeeding because of the pain should have been an easy choice, but it was still hard and very emotive for me as a Mum to a one year old baby.  A few months before, Brook and I ran into problems with breastfeeding. Everything had been going fine until this point, but then I started to experience significant pain in one breast while I was breastfeeding. I ended up with mastitis, thrush and a rather nasty crack in my nipple which required 2 lots of antibiotics, cream and my old

My heart literally lifts when I find out someone is pregnant. It can be a friend, an acquaintance, a colleague or anyone really. To know that another family is going to experience the joy of bringing life into the world is just magical. With that in mind, Pampers know that every beautiful baby is a prince or princess to their parents. They’ve obviously been reading my blog and have heard about my own little Princess! She is one of 2,000 babies born every day in the UK and each one

I haven’t met a Mum yet who isn’t a little bit nervous about flying with a baby for the first time.  It’s completely understandable when you think about it.  There’s negotiating check-in, the airport lounge, take off and all whilst hoping your baby doesn’t become upset and you can tend to all their needs during the trip. I’m going to be honest though and say that travelling with a baby on a plane is a whole lot easier than flying with a toddler who doesn’t want to wear his belt

Babies can throw you all kinds of challenges when you least expect it.  The more children you have the more it throws you, as you get right on in that comfort zone of ‘I’ve done this before’, then your little one decides things are going to be very different.  This has caught me out with breastfeeding in the past and now it’s weanings turn. My son was weaned very differently to my daughters as the advice was to start much earlier back when he was a baby.  It was a messy

When I was asked if I wanted to take a look at the new baby pilot hats from My Little Duckling, I couldn’t say no.  I knew they were going to be cute, and they kindly agreed to send me a hat for Princess and Little Pudding to review. They arrived first thing in the morning, and some of us were still in our pyjamas, but it’s never to early to try a new hat on, especially when they are this cute, right?

Every now and again, I get contacted about a product that gets me really excited.  It’s always something that strikes me as a little bit different, that would make a unique and special gift.  Those kind of products don’t come along everyday. The lovely Kerri got in touch to tell me about these wonderful journals and asked me if I’d like to take a look.  From the off I was really interested to find out more about From You To Me.

My baby is 7 month’s old.  It is flying by and she is growing and changing so fast.  She’s so happy and laid back and gets smiles and comments wherever she goes. She is a pleasure to be around, and we all love her so very much.  Some members of the family however are still coming to terms with their jealousy, but love is there too, fortunately. She isn’t a text book baby though, and we are facing some challenges in the weaning stakes and her sleeping pattern is deteriorating,

Wow! Here we are already little Pudding is a whopping 6 months old.  It feels like it’s gone in the blink of an eye but it’s been an eternity all at the same time.  It’s difficult to imagine a time when she wasn’t here now, not that I’d want to but it is an interesting test. It’s hard work, it’s pretty tiring but it’s the most amazing thing to have children around.  I feel we enjoy life more, as we seek out as many interesting experiences to expose them to

At the weekend, we took the girls for another swimming session.  Princess gets really excited at the thought of going swimming now and we are able to use it as a motivational tool to encourage her to do things like….BEHAVE!  Bless her, she can be a little monkey, especially when he is tired. We wanted to try another pool this weekend, just to see if it was easier with the girls.  We tried to go there for our first winter swim, but they had had an event on so we

I was pretty focused on not introducing food to little Pudding until 6 months old.  To be fair that is only 2 weeks away now, and if she had been born on her due date it would only be three days away. Little Pudding isn’t that little really, even though it is well documented throughout this blog that I have no idea exactly how much she weighs!  She is strong and sits up very well when supported.  She has no trouble coordinating getting things to her mouth and she has

Little Pudding is 5 1/2  months old now, and I’ve managed to feed those chunky little thighs of hers myself all this time, go me and my milk making superpower.  It’s come at a price though.  I desperately need to go to the hairdressers, but I haven’t been able to leave her long enough yet.  I haven’t got into the swing of expressing, just through lack of time (and inclination I guess). Those pumps make me feel like a dairy cow, and I find them a right old faff when

Wow, five month’s old already!  This is one of my favourite stages of the baby days. When they are all cute and squishy, full of smiles and giggles, but haven’t realised yet that Mummy could leave them, if only just to nip to the loo or something.  When that reality hits her and she starts to notice my (short) absences then we are likely to face some more interesting challenges, me thinks. It’s been a busy month for Little Pudding, and this one seems to have flown by once again,

I have a confession to make, well I probably have several but for the purposes of this post the one I’m going to reveal is that I cannot swim.  It’s something I’m not particularly proud of.  It stems from a fear of water that developed from an incident in the school pool when I was child.  From then on I’ve never been able to conquer my fear of water. When Teen was a baby I didn’t let this stop me getting him in the pool as I didn’t want him

There has been a growing fashion over the last decade for buying breastfeeding necklaces. They hadn’t hit my radar when I was feeding Indie, but I’ve noticed them being mentioned and used much more now I’m frequenting the interweb more regularly, being a blogger and all. I was starting to feel left out.  Was this item an essential breastfeeding accessory to my parenting journey that I was missing out on?  Did my baby need to have a breastfeeding necklace to stimulate her visionary skills, to help her feed longer, to progress

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