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Stopping breastfeeding because of the pain should have been an easy choice, but it was still hard and very emotive for me as a Mum to a one year old baby.  A few months before, Brook and I ran into problems with breastfeeding. Everything had been going fine until this point, but then I started to experience significant pain in one breast while I was breastfeeding. I ended up with mastitis, thrush and a rather nasty crack in my nipple which required 2 lots of antibiotics, cream and my old

I haven’t written about the Breastfeeding pain I’ve been experiencing on my blog, and I thought it was important to update you about the fact that breastfeeding isn’t going so well for Brook and I right now.  It’s partly because I’ve found myself falling out of love with breastfeeding, and I haven’t wanted to dwell on the negative part of our experience. For weeks I’ve been experiencing breastfeeding pain when feeding on my right side.  I have been nursing Brook in tears at most feeds until I can’t bear the

It’s been all over the headlines this week that recent research has suggested that one of the benefits of breastfeeding is increased  IQ later in life.  The study also suggests that the breastfeeding advantages may include having a higher earning potential and study for longer when the baby grows older. These are interesting facts, that clearly cannot be ignored. I have watched bloggers in their droves take to their posts proclaiming that they had formula and they are OK, lets not pressure Mother’s any further into thinking breast is best.

My baby is 7 month’s old.  It is flying by and she is growing and changing so fast.  She’s so happy and laid back and gets smiles and comments wherever she goes. She is a pleasure to be around, and we all love her so very much.  Some members of the family however are still coming to terms with their jealousy, but love is there too, fortunately. She isn’t a text book baby though, and we are facing some challenges in the weaning stakes and her sleeping pattern is deteriorating,

Recently I was lucky enough to be sent the Cantaloop Nursing and Pregnancy Tank Top to review for the blog.  I really like Cantaloop maternity lingerie and have already tried out their nursing bra which I love. The Cantaloop nursing tank top is suitable for both pregnant and nursing Mums and it’s definitely something I would have used when I had a bump. The first thing to say is that the breastfeeding top is super comfortable.  I literally did not know I was wearing it it fitted so well.  There

I was pretty focused on not introducing food to little Pudding until 6 months old.  To be fair that is only 2 weeks away now, and if she had been born on her due date it would only be three days away. Little Pudding isn’t that little really, even though it is well documented throughout this blog that I have no idea exactly how much she weighs!  She is strong and sits up very well when supported.  She has no trouble coordinating getting things to her mouth and she has

Little Pudding is 5 1/2  months old now, and I’ve managed to feed those chunky little thighs of hers myself all this time, go me and my milk making superpower.  It’s come at a price though.  I desperately need to go to the hairdressers, but I haven’t been able to leave her long enough yet.  I haven’t got into the swing of expressing, just through lack of time (and inclination I guess). Those pumps make me feel like a dairy cow, and I find them a right old faff when

Wow, five month’s old already!  This is one of my favourite stages of the baby days. When they are all cute and squishy, full of smiles and giggles, but haven’t realised yet that Mummy could leave them, if only just to nip to the loo or something.  When that reality hits her and she starts to notice my (short) absences then we are likely to face some more interesting challenges, me thinks. It’s been a busy month for Little Pudding, and this one seems to have flown by once again,

So Facebook and breastfeeding hit the headlines again as they take down Emma Bond’s photo of her nursing her premature baby for the first time, reportedly after someone marked the picture as offensive.  Brave Emma took a stand against the social media giant re-posting her photo to a pro-breastfeeding group to be met with overwhelming support from the nursing army. Go Mama’s! She made appearances in the media and across the nationals demanding that breastfeeding be supported and celebrated instead of being treated as offensive nudity.  I admire the lady

There has been a growing fashion over the last decade for buying breastfeeding necklaces. They hadn’t hit my radar when I was feeding Indie, but I’ve noticed them being mentioned and used much more now I’m frequenting the interweb more regularly, being a blogger and all. I was starting to feel left out.  Was this item an essential breastfeeding accessory to my parenting journey that I was missing out on?  Did my baby need to have a breastfeeding necklace to stimulate her visionary skills, to help her feed longer, to progress

This month’s update is a little bit late.  Little Pudding was 4 month’s old on the 29th September.  The first three month’s flew by, but something has definitely changed this month.  Things seemed to have slowed down, maybe it’s because we are used to the routine or maybe it’s the change in season’s. Now it’s getting a bit colder and darker, getting out and about isn’t quite so uplifting. That sense of making the most of the summer has definitely left us even though we really haven’t had a bad

Can I firstly say I have had some great midwives, health visitors and maternity support workers across my 3 pregnancies and breastfeeding my babies.  This post is not intended to disrespect any hard working professional, it is merely an observation on some experiences I have either had directly or from talking to other women.  I appreciate the immensely difficult job these people do and that in the most part everyone is just trying to do the best they can with the advice, experience and knowledge they have. That being said,

Breastfeeding a newborn baby can be a fiddly business.  They’re so fragile and delicate and quite frankly the whole experience can be overwhelming for a number of reasons, especially with all those hormones.  These breastfeeding tips will help get you started with a successful feeding journey.   Things don’t always go smoothly at the start of breastfeeding, and not because anyone is doing anything wrong, just because you’re learning. You’re both learning and breastfeeding can take a little practise no matter how natural it is.   Here’s some breastfeeding advice that  I’ve

So little Pudding is now 3 months old!  I can hardly believe it, time is going so fast.  We’ve had a name change this month from Tinkerbell to Pudding.  Her big sister is called Princess, which completely suits her as she is a little Diva.  I chose Tinkerbell to fit with Princess, but it’s becoming apparent that she has a completely different personality so from here on in it will be little Pudding.

This article from the Guardian US by Jessica Valenti appeared in my Facebook feed  about the age old breast vs bottle debate, and for me another article that is barking up the wrong tree entirely.  She suggests that bottle feeding Mother’s are shown the same adoration through the media as celebrities that publicly breastfeed their babies. Mother’s especially need to own how they feel about their parenting choices, and be okay with them, learn to be kind to yourself.  The majority of Mother’s do not cast judgement over each other about

I was genuinely delighted to be given the opportunity by Pinter & Martin to review one of their recent publications ‘Breastfeeding Made Easy’ by Carlos Gonzalez.  To be honest I’m not really one for ‘parenting’ type books, I’m more of a trust your instincts kind of Mother.  I was happy to give this book a try though as I’ve had such different breastfeeding experiences I wondered if reading this book before my third baby arrived would be helpful.   I was sceptical at first as it is written by a male

Dad’s are so important to successful breastfeeding and they can make or break a breastfeeding relationship.  If you and your partner decide you want your baby to be breastfed it is worth talking about it way before baby arrives.  I say this in the hope it will go some way to preparing you for what is going to happen, but it will only go some of the way to be honest.   You can think you’ve got your head round it.  That baby will need feeding ALL the time, that

So today Tinkerbell is one whole month old and hasn’t it flown by!  I find time really speeds up with children around, I’m so in the moment enjoying them growing up changing nappies, feeding them etc that time just races by.  It’s so easy to forget their little milestones so I’m going to do a monthly update of her growing up.   If you don’t know the start of this story, find out how Tinkerbell came into the world in our induction story.  It was definitely fast and furious which

I cannot stress how important being comfortable is to having a successful breastfeeding relationship with your baby or child.  I’ve already talked about pillows being a huge benefit, but a good nursing bra makes a huge difference as well and can prevent problems like blocked milk ducts and other aches and pains.   I was recently asked to review the Nursing Bra by Cantaloop. To be honest this wasn’t a brand I’d heard of, but having done a bit of research on the product I was keen to give it

Breastfeeding my newborn baby seems to be going really well at the moment, touch wood.  She’s growing so fast that she will not look like a newborn for very much longer.  Some of you may already know this is my third baby, so hopefully I’ve got some helpful breastfeeding advice to pass on to you all. When I was feeding Indie though, breastfeeding didn’t get off to such a great start.  This experience completely threw me as I hadn’t had any problems feeding my son. There was a 14 year age

I’ve always found that getting into a good comfortable position for breastfeeding makes a massive difference to the success of the nursing relationship.  I want baby and me to be comfortable as we are going to be sat for at least 20 minutes but quite likely longer and there’s nothing worse than getting a tired arm or feeling uncomfortable when supporting baby.  If I don’t have proper support and baby starts to slip, often her latch will change.  The nightmare that is cracked nipples can soon follow cries the voice of

Little Tinkerbell is now 12 days old and everything seems to be going fairly well.  If her eyes are open, she generally wants to feed.  This is fine most of the time unless it’s between the hours of midnight and 3am, then Mummy feels a little frazzled.  I’m still experiencing a little discomfort when she latches, but nothing has cracked yet! Phew! Thanks Lanolin 🙂   The house is pretty peaceful most of the time, when Princess is at nursery anyway.  We have no expectations.  If we make it out

If you are one of my regular readers you’ll have gathered by now I am a huge advocate of breastfeeding, and you can catch up with my experiences of feeding my first 2 children in my story of an old cow.  With my daughter, you’ll see we didn’t get of to the best start and those early weeks were fraught with emotion and anxiety as she wasn’t gaining weight and it took us a little while to establish our breastfeeding relationship.  My son took to it like a duck to

New Mums and Mums to be often search the internet gathering information and deliberating about the pros and cons of breastfeeding.  There’s lots of breastfeeding advice out there and to be honest some of it’s good and some of it’s bad.  It can feel like a minefield for first time parents. There are also still issues in this country about successful breastfeeding and discrimination and equality for breastfeeding Mums, so there really needs to be more reliable help and advice for people wanting to breastfeed. Where’s the Department of Health’s

I’m practically touching the finishing line at 38 weeks pregnant and this is the best I’ve felt in over 7 months. I just need to deliver a healthy baby (and Mum!) and I’m hoping the mantra ‘Keep Calm and Push’ with a bit a lot of gas and air will get me through, what do you reckon readers?   My thoughts have been very much turning to Breastfeeding with Princess No. 2’s imminent arrival.  I’m really hoping to be able to breastfeed my 3rd baby, but I’m under no illusion that this is

I was horrified to read the story this week published by the Nottingham Evening Post about the woman who was allegedly asked to leave Sports Direct for breastfeeding her child.  How is it that events like this keep happening to women who make this feeding choice for their baby.  How Mum’s feed their children is completely up to them, and there should be no issue over where they choose to feed their baby.   Choosing to breastfeed a baby is a huge commitment, choosing to feed twins or more babies

  ‘Right’, I thought.  ‘I’ve done this before, this will be a doddle.’  That was how I entered my breast feeding relationship with my second child, Princess. I breast fed my son for six months.  It came so naturally.  There were no cracked nipples, no latching problems, nothing.  Both myself and my new born baby boy fell straight into it. Having my son at 22 was a grounding experience, bringing with it a sense of purpose and responsibility.  He was an easy baby and nothing seemed to phase me, not

Mummy says it’s a special day on Sunday 30th March.   It’s called Mother’s Day, and it’s when all the children and their families celebrate their very special Mummy’s and Granny’s.  Mummy says when I’m older I can make her breakfast in bed and bring her flowers and chocolates.  As I’m only 2, I can’t use the kettle yet, so Mummy has asked me to help her choose a pretty outfit for us both on her special day.  I love to look pretty, I love dresses, I love shoes and

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