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At some point in your life, you may want to have some personal ‘me time’ away from the normal routine. Whether the routine involves taking care of the family, going to work or managing your business, the effects of normal everyday living will eventually create stress and can wear you out. If you feel this start to happen, it’s definitely the time to pamper yourself and retreat to a location where you can recuperate and recharge your human batteries. Going on a holiday specifically for a personal self nourishment retreat

I wanted to share with you a review of our hotel stay at El Pueblo Tamlelt in Agadir incase you were going to book your next holiday there.  It’s a budget hotel in the Caribbean Village Agador complex where we stayed while on our recent holiday in Morocco. I would definitely describe this hotel as an affordable option for people wanting to go on holiday in Agadir. We picked a budget hotel as we hoped that we would be out and about exploring Agadir independently and going on days out

It’s taken me a while to think about how I wanted to approach sharing our family holiday in Agadir.  As a family, we had very mixed feelings about our experience in this part of Morocco and I feel that it’s really important for us to acknowledge that in this blog post.  The girls had a lovely holiday, but there were some aspects of this holiday that we found challenging. We travelled to Agadir with our 4 and 6 year old daughters in February and we were very excited to be

You work hard all year round to support yourself and those that you love the most. So when it comes time to take a holiday, you want it to be an experience to remember! But how exactly can you achieve that goal? There are several aspects of planning a holiday and they all should be tackled one by one. Firstly, you should decide where you’ll be going. Secondly, you should decide on what time of year, or when you will be going. Thirdly, you should take into account activities and

This guest post is from Becky Goddard-Hill, who blogs at A Beautiful Space and Bukit (her brand new travel blog) Becky  is the co-author of Create Your Own Happy, a happiness boosting book for kids age 7-11. Create Your Own Happy is full of activities to teaching kids how to make themselves happier other people happier and the world a happier place. Todays she is sharing her tips on how to help children be happy travellers, and I just know you are going to love it! Children are not always

Welcome back to the Zena’s Suitcase podcast!  I’m really excited to share episode 3 with you today.  We are going to Morocco for February half term and we are very excited as this is our first time visiting the country. It seemed like a great time to share with you how we get ready for a family trip.  In this episode I’m talking about how we plan our trip and get the kids involved in picking our activities.  We share a structure that works for us and helps prevent meltdowns

We’ve been travelling with 2 kids for a while now.  Indie is nearly 7 and Brook will be 5 in the summer and with a few holidays and road trips under our belt we have definitely worked out what makes our life easier.  I don’t think there is a family travel blogger out there that would say travelling with children is easy, but the rewards are so worth it.  We 3 Travel blog sums it up so well in her post about planning the best Mother and Daughter trips I

Have you booked your February half term holidays yet?  If the answer is no these ideas could be just what you are looking for.  February is a great time to take a family holiday as prices are generally low to reasonable and it’s always nice to have something to look forward to isn’t it! The cold weather can also be a huge factor for booking a holiday with kids.  My daughter has been asking when it’s going to be summer every day this week.  The frosty mornings seem to be

Festivals are the perfect way to celebrate summer as a family.  The UK’s best family friendly festivals are packed with activities, music, theatre and story telling.  They are the ultimate summer party and there are plenty of festivals out there that are completely kid friendly. Why visit a family friendly festival? Because they give you the opportunity to camp more on child friendly sites and you get to enjoy the freedom of being outside on those hazy days of summer with a packed program of activities that everyone will enjoy.

Hello readers! How are you?  Welcome back to my ‘Win a Holiday’ feature!  I hope you have had a great week and you are looking forward to Christmas. I’ll be honest, December has been a bit of a rollercoaster for me and I’m really ready for a break with my family.  When I was feeling a little bit low last week, I wanted to do something to cheer myself up.  Nothing makes me happier than helping Zena’s Suitcase readers and the first ‘holiday giveaways‘ post was published. The holiday competitions

Who doesn’t want to win a holiday or some cool travel gear? If you sad yes, then you are absolutely in the right place.  I stumbled across a new travel website yesterday and they were giving away £18,000 worth of holidays during December.  Well, of course I entered and I thought Zena’s Suitcase might like to read about other great holiday competitions on the internet. If that’s something you would like to know about, it could well become a regular feature. All the holiday giveaways in this list will be

Travel for me is about visiting incredible new places. In the early part of my life I really didn’t travel very far, but I had this burning desire to see more of the world.  The first time I stepped on a plane and left the UK was a life changing moment for me.  I really didn’t know what I was going to find at the other end, but I knew it was going to be good. In all honestly we were heading to Spain for a beach holiday, so I

9 BEST Things to do in Nerja contains affiliate links  If you have found my post about things to do in Nerja, I’m guessing you have booked your holiday in the Costa Del Sol and are at the very exciting stage of looking places to visit when you get there. Nerja is a beautiful town on the Costa Del Sol and I really don’t think you will be disappointed with your visit at all.  I have been on lots of holidays to Nerja, and there are plenty of things to do. It’s one of

Have you heard of Yelloh! Village before?  If you have been reading the blog for a while you might remember that we went on holiday to Yelloh! Village Les Grands Pins in France last year and we made such wonderful memories together as a family so I’m really excited about today’s announcement on Zena’s Suitcase blog. Yelloh! Village are the purveyors of the outdoor luxury hotel and have 81 sites across France, Spain and Portugal.  Their camp sites are renowned for great facilities and excellent services and we can certainly vouch

The Sands Hotel Resort & Spa near Newquay, Cornwall ticks a lot of boxes for families looking for a kid friendly resort for their holiday. Just imagine being sandwiched between rolling hills with open fields and stunning costal views for a start.  I bet you’re feeling relaxed just thinking about it aren’t you?  Well that’s exactly what you’ll get when you arrive at Sands Resort Hotel and Spa for your family holiday. The Sands Hotel Newquay has excellent facilities and prides itself on its family friendly service.  Both of these things,

If you are bored of the same old holidays – perhaps lounging on the beach no longer holds quite the appeal it once did  – and are looking to try something a little different, then look no further. There really are lots of different holidays out there that might tick all the boxes for you. Whilst there is no denying that the majority of us like a little bit of sun whilst we relax on holiday, an early summer break in the UK can provide you with just that and

I think you guessed that I decided to have a little fun with the headline, and why not, it’s Christmas after all!  And who doesn’t love Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?  They are a lovely couple and the Greek island of Rhodes would make for a perfect holiday for them. I’m sure Harry and Meghan’s thoughts are turning to sunny getaways, just like the rest of us who start planning our summer getaway after Christmas.  The guys at loveholidays know this too, and want you to find the perfect destination

We had been looking forward to arriving at the Bedford Hotel in Tavistock for a few days by the time we checked in.  We had been camping at a festival over the weekend, and the lack of hot showers and mud had finally got to us.  We began to fill with excitement as sat nav announced we had arrived at the Bedford Hotel in Devon and got parked in the hotel carpark as quickly as we could.  A car has never been unpacked quite so quickly, and my daughter and

Going on holiday is something the whole family looks forward to, and making sure everything goes smoothly makes a big difference to everyone’s experience.  Holiday planning shouldn’t be overwhelming, so I’ve put together this checklist that will help you get all those travel plans in order so everyone can relax and have a good time. It doesn’t matter if your dream family holiday has been booked for months or you’ve booked a last minute break, this holiday to-do list will make sure that everything is in order before you leave.

Sponsored post in association with American Express® I believe that travel should be as much a part of our lives when we have a family as it was before we had children, and so I’m delighted to announce my latest partnership with American Express, who agree with me.  During this exciting collaboration, I will be looking at how you can share your love of travel with your children and explore how they see a holiday through their own eyes. When I think about what I want for my children, it is

In November, we were lucky enough to be invited to Bluestone National Park Resort in Pembrokeshire to join them for the winter season.  Perhaps I should say, we were invited to the Kingdom Of The Elves as Bluestone takes on a whole different persona in the winter, and some very special visitors play host to the guests that are staying there.  The elves, along with Santa Claus, take up residence at Bluestone, turning it into a magical festive bonanza of Christmas fun and activities, for the whole family to enjoy. The two

Wales is a beautiful holiday destination, and offers some of the most beautiful beaches that the UK has to offer.  There are several holiday options available for visitors, but the most relaxing has to be a stay in a Welsh holiday cottage.  They are perfect for families, groups or couples looking for Wales holiday cottages, and I’ve picked 4 of the best for enjoying the sea and sand, and setting your own holiday itinerary.

There are so many options for places to stay in London that you really can find the perfect place to suit your needs. London has everything from budget hotels, b & b’s, luxury hotels to gorgeous serviced apartments. Kaz from Ickle Pickle’s Life And Travels and myself were heading to London for the weekend to go to Britmums Live and it was the perfect opportunity for us to catch up without our families in tow.  So that we could make a weekend of it, Kaz found us the perfect place to

When we arrived onboard the Norwegian Epic we were a tad peckish.  All that travelling had made Amanda from The Ana Mum Diary and myself a little on the hungry side.  The one thing you can always guarantee onboard a cruise ship is there will be somewhere to get some food.  I checked out the ships plan, and felt drawn to the Garden Cafe.  After a a few hours sat on a plane and cooped up on a bus, the Garden Cafe sounded like the perfect place for a weary traveller

Whether you are going on a romantic holiday or not, there should alway be time for romance while you are away.  Going on holiday is such a special time for any couple.  Whether, like me you have children, or you haven’t reached that stage yet, it’s a time when you should be able to focus  on each other without the distractions of day to day life.  It’s a time you really should be able to enjoy each other’s company as well as the destination you are visiting.

New York and I have some unfinished business.  If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that my teen son and I visited New York back in February.  It was amazing, we had such a great time together and created some amazing memories in the Big Apple.  It was particularly special for us as it could well be the last holiday I take with my son.  I hope it isn’t, but as an adult he is very clear what he wants from a holiday and it’s

I’ve heard a lot about cuddledry towels online from various bloggers, and have been really keen to try one out for myself for a while.  When they agreed that we could test one out during our recent holiday to Spain it fitted in perfectly for us.  We knew we were going to be spending a lot of time in the pool and on the beach, so the cuddledry poncho towel was going to be well used.  With a glorious week of weather ahead of us, it was a guarantee that we were

Al Fresco Holidays was a new concept to us, but as a family with young children who enjoy travelling we were keen to give it a go.  Can you believe our visit to Tamarit Park was our first holiday together as a family this year considering how much I talk about family travel? That’s the problem with having a big age gap family, getting us all on the same trip can be a challenge.  Daddy was definitely ready for a break and the kids are always up for some sea and

After all the excitement of Christmas we can come crashing down to earth with a bang in the New Year.  All the parties and family gatherings are over and all we are left with is dark nights and cold weather.  It can leave us feeling a little deflated.  We often need something to recharge those batteries, and what could be better than a winter cruise to the perfect paradise destination of Bermuda.

Going on a cruise is by far one of the best holiday experiences you will ever have.  I was lucky enough to take my first cruise with my husband in 2011 for our honeymoon.  My son was deposited with his Granny for a week in the summer holidays while we flew off to Mallorca to join our ship.  These were very exciting times.  A childless holiday, and it was a honeymoon.  Both of these things I was sure would never happen to me.

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