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Teaching children about money is one of the most important life skills you can pass on to your kids.  I had a really poor example set to me about money, and in all honesty it took years to undo.  My parents were quick to use credit cards and didn’t save for things that they couldn’t afford.  As a result, debt was a normal part of life, and I didn’t fully understand the costs involved in borrowing money until much later in life. Teaching kids about money and setting a better

Witches Cauldrons are so closely associated with Halloween I just had to feature a children’s craft for how to make one on Zena’s Suitcase.  Here’s last year’s easy toddler witches cauldron if you want to take a peek.  This year it’s all about the paper plates, as they are the perfect shape for adapting into this spooky halloween cooking pot.

Halloween is a great time to get crafty with children.  There are more opportunities to sit down and make things together, and Halloween certainly offers up lots of inspiration.  As promised in my last post about how to make easy Halloween ghost bunting I’ve got some more craft ideas for children suitable for this time of year.

I took my 3 year old to see Grass at Lakeside Theatre this weekend.  She was very excited as she enjoy’s the theatre a lot and Nottingham Lakeside is one of our very favourite places. We left Daddy and Little Pudding at home as I don’t think the 1 year old would have sat still like she used to now that she has found her feet.  It was nice for just the two of us to go along though, and we were both excited about seeing the performance together.

Recently I’ve been thinking about how to keep the girls busy through the autumn.  There is a little part of me that is sad about the wet and cold weather coming, and getting them out to the park becomes not being quite so easy. One thing I haven’t been doing with the both of them over the summer is going to play group.  I took Princess when she was at home with me, and I’ve been to plenty of Mother and Baby groups with Little Pudding but I’ve not took

I hate to say it but I think summer is almost done.  The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting wetter and colder by the minute.   The reality for us parents though is that the kids still need entertaining and getting out of the house, before everyone goes up the wall.  As we go rushing into autumn at full pelt I’ve started to think about what we’d like to see at the theatre over the next few months to fill the gap of outdoor play. It’s nice

One thing I find really hard about having children of such different ages, is writing about them on the blog all equally.  I guess featuring them all equally is difficult when they are at such different stages of their lives, and possibly a tall order. So that’s where the idea came from for the family update.  It means I can talk about each of them, knowing they have all got some air time on here, and there is something for us all to look back on.  There’s been a lot

We were all really excited about being invited to the In The Night Garden Party back in April, as not only did this mean hanging out with Upsy Daisy and Iggle Piggle but it also meant a trip to CBeebies Land at Alton Towers Resort.  You already know that we love a good day out, it keeps us parents sane and the kids happy and most importantly saves on tidying up at home so we really couldn’t wait for party day to arrive. It’s no secret on this blog what

Princess requires a lot of interaction, and it’s not always possible to give it to her with the needs of a baby to meet at the same time.  I have three days a week when it’s just me and Little Pudding at the moment, but I have spent very little time with just the preschooler.  As her behaviour becomes increasingly challenging, the reality of this situation has hit me, and I wonder if she feels that her needs aren’t being met. It’s one of those things that just creeps up

Preschoolers use every occasion as an excuse to get crafty, and Easter is no exception. Here’s a quick stain glass effect Easter egg that your child will love to make, and is low on mess and materials. What Do You Need: 2 pieces of coloured paper 2/3 sheets of tissue paper Scissors PVA glue

I think one of the biggest challenges for a busy parent is providing their children with a healthy balanced diet.  It is something I struggle with almost daily along side juggling the demands of busy family life. I know when I’m at work, having just finished the 9-5, coming home and providing a good home cooked meal is sometimes just beyond me.  I have been that Mother that pops something in the oven that goes with chips and waits for it to pop out 20 minutes later.  We’ve all done,

Princess turned 3 last week, and she had been waiting for this day for about 6 month’s.  It wasn’t the birthday, per se, but the idea of a party that had captured her imagination. She’d been to a few now, and was looking forward to one of her very own.   We haven’t had a party until now as we wanted her to be aware of what was going on and really able to enjoy the experience. Keen to keep costs and stress to a minimum we booked a mid

We have been buying tickets to go to the Children’s and Families events at the Djanogly Theatre since September last year, and everytime we go we have been buying the tickets for the next production.  Last time I was feeling a little rushed, and made a snap decision to by the family tickets to the dance production, Innocence. The chap at the Box office explained that there were no allocated seats for the performance, and this made me really curious about what to expect.  A few days later I started to

We really love taking the girls to the theatre, it is definitely one of our favourite places to go.  Princess really enjoys it now, and gets really excited when she knows we are going to see a performance.  Even Little Pudding, at 8 months, is transfixed by the storytelling that the theatre can bring to life now she has been a few times.  I love how they are both growing to enjoy going as much as I do. We visit the Nottingham Djanogly Theatre at Lakeside about once a month

If you need a last minute toddler craft activity then look no further as I have the perfect witches cauldron for you!  You can use it as a picture or decoration and you little one will love making it and sharing it with the whole family. 1. Mummy got things started by cutting out a cauldron shape and sticking it to some white paper.  The only other things you need is some tissue paper, a tub for paints, a glue pot and some glue and a toilet roll for painting

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