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If you are planning a holiday or vacation with kids, having some travel toys in your hand luggage, suitcase or travel bag is going to help things go a lot more smoothly.  Kids have a pretty short attention span for travelling so having the best travel toys to hand during your trip can really help keep boredom at bay.  Nobody wants a stressful journey, so whether it’s travel toys for toddlers or best travel toys for babies you are looking for, this list of toys, games and ideas will help you

The Sands Hotel Resort & Spa near Newquay, Cornwall ticks a lot of boxes for families looking for a kid friendly resort for their holiday. Just imagine being sandwiched between rolling hills with open fields and stunning costal views for a start.  I bet you’re feeling relaxed just thinking about it aren’t you?  Well that’s exactly what you’ll get when you arrive at Sands Resort Hotel and Spa for your family holiday. The Sands Hotel Newquay has excellent facilities and prides itself on its family friendly service.  Both of these things,

Sometimes it’s just impossible for me to write about anything else until I get something off my chest and this is definitely one of those times.  I took my 3 year old daughter for a children’s hearing test the other day and it confirmed that she does have some low level deafness caused by a condition called glue ear.  You might recall I talked on the blog about my concerns around my daughter’s speech and hearing a few weeks ago.  As she recently turned 3 years old we are keen

My 2 year old daughter seemed to become very picky about what clothes she wanted to wear a few months ago.  We couldn’t quite figure out why she was picking certain clothes over others.  She hasn’t worn leggings or jeans for a long time, as we know she prefers to wear dresses.  But then she started to become fussy about the dresses she wanted to wear too.  We were flummoxed to be honest, as we couldn’t quite work out what it was she was drawn to about the ones she

When Little Pudding turned two we made a really big mistake.  We bought her a balance bike, thinking it would be great for her to be able to practice on ready for a getting a big girls bike.  Well, unfortunately, she really didn’t get on very well with it, and it became quite apparent she was’t quite ready for that stage just yet.  Fortunately, shortly after, I was introduced to the Toddlebike, the pre balance bike for toddlers which sounded perfect for her and we’ve been very busy in the

Yesterday I felt broken by my children, and I feel terrible for it.  As a parent there is nothing worse than the feeling that you are letting them down and that there is more you could do to make the day run smoothly.  I am finding this year really difficult and it breaks my heart that my 4 year old has said to me ‘it will get easier when I go to school’.  This should be a time when we make the most of being together as a family, but instead

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to the Dorchester Hotel to find out what has been happening with ASDA Little Angels Nappies.  A group of Mummy bloggers sniffed, tugged and generally put the new nappies under rigorous scrutiny whilst enjoying the luxurious surroundings of the Dorchester Spa.  Not bad for an afternoons work, hey?

Well my Little Pudding,  I cannot believe that you have become a two year old today.  Where has the time gone?  It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes ago that you made that speedy and slightly scary arrival into our world and made our family complete.  But things have changed so much.  You’ve gone from that tiny squidgy bundle of a baby to quite a hefty  toddler with a spirit to match.

Would you try Moony Nappies? Nappies are an interesting thing aren’t they?  They are a bit like bank accounts in some ways.  Bear with me, and let me explain.  We find some nappies we like and our baby or toddler seems to get on with and we rarely change to a different type or brand.  That’s OK, but does that mean we are missing out on finding a great nappy for our children?

Toys are a really big deal in this house.  We sacrifice a minimal looking living space in favour of stepping on bricks and drowning in mountains of toys that the kids love.  If you follow my blog you’ll know a fair amount of toys get featured on Zena’s Suitcase, and that’s because they make the girls happy.

WaterWipes are chemical free baby wipes, that claim to be the world’s purest and also carry the Allergy Friendly kite mark.  With big claims like this, I was keen to find out more about WaterWipes so jumped at the chance to meet the people behind the brand when they invited me to London.  Here’s why I was so impressed I’m now using WaterWipes for my children, and there’s no going back!

Well something really quite unexpected has taken place this evening, and it has made me come down stairs and take straight to my blog to share it with you straight away. You may already know that we are a co-sleeping family if you have been following my blog for a while, but just maybe that is about to change. A little while back I was struggling with it as bedtime had become very much hard work, and led me to write a post about some things that parents may wish

Princess has been affectionately known as a flight risk for quite sometime now. She can be a lot  a bit of a liability when we go out to say the least. Sometimes she is really good and knows that cars and roads are dangerous and will stay firmly by your side. Other times, when concentration has lapsed, she forgets her sensible side, looks you straight in the eye and prepares to hightail it in the opposite direction as fast as her little legs will take her.  At this point the

When I was asked if I wanted to take a look at the new baby pilot hats from My Little Duckling, I couldn’t say no.  I knew they were going to be cute, and they kindly agreed to send me a hat for Princess and Little Pudding to review. They arrived first thing in the morning, and some of us were still in our pyjamas, but it’s never to early to try a new hat on, especially when they are this cute, right?

This week Princess graduated from being a toddler to a preschooler, so you know that stinky wet fish I was talking about in this post, it’s only gone and slapped me round the other side of the face.  I know us bloggers talk a lot about our kids growing up fast, but they really do, don’t they? Princess will be 3 in March, so when she went back to nursery after the Christmas break that we are so fond of in this house (yes, huge dose of sarcasm inserted here!)

Recently, the lovely people at Fruit Heroes sent Princess some of their healthy snack bars to try out.  We are always looking out for tasty, healthy snacks on the go to keep Princess fuelled when we are out and about.  She’s really active and needs things we can just grab when we’ve been to gymnastics or out to the park otherwise she gets really grumpy, and we all know that one don’t we parents?

At the weekend, we took the girls for another swimming session.  Princess gets really excited at the thought of going swimming now and we are able to use it as a motivational tool to encourage her to do things like….BEHAVE!  Bless her, she can be a little monkey, especially when he is tired. We wanted to try another pool this weekend, just to see if it was easier with the girls.  We tried to go there for our first winter swim, but they had had an event on so we

When little Pudding was first born, and I started being able to get out and meet other Mums again, there was a lot of chat about how to entertain your toddler after a newborn had arrived.  As us mothers do, we swapped activities we liked, parks that worked and cafes that could accommodate. One of the suggestions that caught my attention was Gymnastics.  I hadn’t realised there was a Gymnastics Academy right on my doorstep and that they catered for children from pretty much the point they were mobile.

The jury used to be very much out for me on whether Pull Up pants were useful for potty training.  It seemed like an almost pointless stage. How different are they from a nappy after all?  Are they actually teaching the child anything?  We decided they were worth trying with Princess, who was showing signs that she was ready, but still needed a bit of confidence to become nappy free in the day. There are a lot of schools of thought on potty training out there, but what I have

I have a confession to make, well I probably have several but for the purposes of this post the one I’m going to reveal is that I cannot swim.  It’s something I’m not particularly proud of.  It stems from a fear of water that developed from an incident in the school pool when I was child.  From then on I’ve never been able to conquer my fear of water. When Teen was a baby I didn’t let this stop me getting him in the pool as I didn’t want him

The clan here at Zena’s Suitcase were lucky enough to be invited to the première of the latest Thomas & Friends movie, Tale of the Brave, at Drayton Manor Adventure Park recently.  This was so exciting for us as Princess is a self declared Thomas addict.  Tale of the Brave was released in the UK on 1st September and is available now.  It will be released in the USA on 16th September.

This week we are packing Zena’s Suitcase and we are off on a bit of a road trip.  The GCSE’s results are out on Thursday, and Friday Teen, Princess and little Pudding are taking to the road for a trip to South-West Scotland to visit Granny. We haven’t really been able to take a holiday yet this summer with the baby arriving, but I have really itchy feet now and a change of scenery is required.  As the date for our trip draws closer, I have started to feel a

We have had such a busy house recently the thought of potty training has been a little overwhelming for everyone.  That being said, Princess is showing signs that she is ready so I also don’t want to miss that window of opportunity.  She definitely has an awareness of needing to go to the toilet,  for a while now she has taken herself of to a quite corner when she needs a poo and then returns with her most proud declaration ‘I’ve pooed!’.  It makes me think she likes us cleaning it

Mummy and Daddy kept saying there was a baby coming soon.  They said it was in Mummy’s tummy.  Now do I look like I was born 2 years ago, really!  I played along, to keep them both happy.  Sometimes you have to do that with the grown ups, just for an easy life.  Mummy’s tummy was quite big these days but she does like cake, and chocolate a lot.  I kept peeking under her top just to make sure but it definitely didn’t look like a baby to me.  It

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