Planning a trip abroad can be challenging enough when you’re on your own, but when you also have to include your whole family, things can get really messy. This is true with one kid as well as with five – although there’s definitely a trend for the level of difficulty to increase proportionally with the number of children. You have to plan around certain obstacles, and always prioritise the ultimate goal – to have a good time together as a family, and build some good memories for the future! You

7 Tips for the Perfect Family Ski Holiday for Christmas 2019 is a collaborative post  Are you planning on spending a fabulous Christmas on a skiing holiday? A family break for Christmas in a ski resort can be a magical time so you need to make sure everything is arranged well before the trip begins. A skiing trip at Christmas is a dream vacation for many families and a trip that you will remember for years to come. If you want an amazing Christmas family skiing holiday then you need

You might have already guessed if you follow me on social media that I’ve been spending some time in Colorado, USA.  As soon as the trip was booked the first thing I started searching for was ‘things to do in Colorado’, and the first thing that struck me was that the list of places to visit and tourist attractions were literally endless. As someone who has never been to Colorado, Denver or the Front Range before I decided the best people to ask about what to do in Colorado were

5 Places in the UK to Experience with Your Kids Before They Grow Up May Contain Compensated Links  You’ve heard the saying over and over again about how kids grow up too fast. One minute it feels like they are small helpless babies, and before you know it they are driving, going off to college, or starting a family. Time goes by too quickly, that’s why it’s so important to get as many fun experiences in while they are little as you can! Small children see the world with so

When the Baby born City Remote Control Scooter arrived in our house I knew the kids would be really excited to play with it.  They have consistently loved playing with Baby born dolls over the years, and you might remember our BABY born Interactive Girl Doll Review or My Little Baby born Bathing Fun Doll Review for example. We were also super excited to welcome the Baby born Baby Brother to our toy collection at the same time, and I’ve been surprised with just how much the girls have taken to playing with him.

If you are visiting Berlin with or without kids then I would strongly recommend adding a visit to Zoo Berlin to your list of things to do.  You’ll find the Berlin Zoological Garden in Tiergarten and it’s easily accessible from the S-Bahn, U-Bahn and bus stops. Just look for the stop marked Zoologischer Garten in each case. I have been lucky enough to stay in two hotels near to Berlin Zoo, 25hours Berlin and Hotel Palace Berlin and it was on the second trip that I knew I had to visit

Best Cruise Tips For First Timers contains affiliate links  I remember my ‘cruise first’ being a complete revelation. It was such a new and exciting experience that I made it my business to figure out the very best first time cruise tips so we could have a completely awesome experience during our first holiday at sea. How had I gone all these years without experiencing a cruise holiday?  Why had I let all my misconceptions about cruise vacations hold me back and prevent me from having one of the best holidays

How to Prepare for a Cycling Holiday is a collaborative post. When it comes to planning a trip, you’ll find that vacationers all have different goals. Some want to lie on the beach while soaking up the sun. Others might want to stay indoors and just catch up on their sleep. If you’re reading this article, there’s a chance that you’re the adventurous type who is ready to see all the sites that your destination has to offer. Even in this category, you’ll find that some prefer to be driven

6 Things to Keep Your Children Busy in a Small Garden is a Collaborative Post Children have a lot of energy. They like running around and playing with their friends often for hours without a break.  I have no idea where my two girls get all their energy from, but what I do know is that if they don’t burn it off they can get into mischief.  With summer just around the corner, I thought it would be helpful to talk about the things that can keep a child busy

If you read our blog post about going to the Nickelodeon Treasure Hunt in Malta, you might already have spotted that we visited the Esplora Interactive Science Centre.  Esplora Malta made such an impression on us that I had to share a review from our visit.  My husband is the hardest to impress when it comes to days out and attractions in our family, and he loved visiting here with the kids, which is a real testament to what a great place this is to visit in Malta. Esplora Interactive

Collaborative Post All year round, we look forward to our summer holiday so that we can have a few days away from the monotonous routine of work, school runs and chores, and instead have some time to relax and have fun in the sun. However, travelling to your holiday destination can be a stressful experience if you are taking infants and young children on the journey with you. Here are five ways to make travel with infants less stressful. Do Your Research Before Flying  Many parents worry about flying with

Advertisement feature with the Aviva Community Fund. Did you spot my recent social posts supporting the Aviva Community Fund? To help build stronger communities, Aviva offers local groups the chance to apply for much-needed funding for community projects in areas just like yours!   About Aviva Community Fund The fund allows local groups to enter for the chance to secure funding which ranges from up to £1,000 to £25,000 – money that can make a real difference. Local projects enter in one of three categories; Health & Wellbeing, Environment or

Advertisement feature written in collaboration with Nickelodeon Treasure Hunt & Malta Tourist Authority If you follow Zena’s Suitcase on Instagram or you saw this blog post you have might already  spotted that we visited Malta to go and check out the all new Nickelodeon Treasure Hunt this April.   It was our first time visiting Malta and to be there for the premiere of the Nickelodeon Treasure Hunt was super exciting for all of us. We spent our first morning taking it slow, wandering around St George’s Bay, near the Intercontinental

This advertisement feature was written in collaboration with LEGO City When we received an invitation to the attend the LEGO City Hero Academy event at the London Transport Museum I knew that myself and the girls had to attend.  They both already love LEGO just as much as their older brother did when he was growing up, which I simply adore.  LEGO has made huge strides in appealing to girls and boys with a number of its collections, and it’s a toy that is going to be enjoyed in our house

At some point in your life, you may want to have some personal ‘me time’ away from the normal routine. Whether the routine involves taking care of the family, going to work or managing your business, the effects of normal everyday living will eventually create stress and can wear you out. If you feel this start to happen, it’s definitely the time to pamper yourself and retreat to a location where you can recuperate and recharge your human batteries. Going on a holiday specifically for a personal self nourishment retreat

Ad – Written in Partnership with Keetoo app  I do love visiting London with the family for the day, but when there are 4 of you to consider, the cost of tickets to attractions and eating out can soon mount up.  On our recent trip to London, we were asked to try out Keetoo, a new money saving London travel app, during our day out.  This post is all about our experience of using Keetoo and the money we saved on our London travel. Using the Keetoo App to Visit

I love city breaks, and if you follow me on Instagram you will know that I’ve recently been on a weekend away to Berlin to see the fantastic new show by Chameleon Theatre, Memories of Fools.   I’ve visited Berlin numerous times now, and I’ve spent serval city breaks in London, Liverpool, York and various other cities over the years.  Given the number of city breaks on my list it’s about time I talked about what to pack for a weekend away.   Space in a weekend suitcase is often

We’ve been making some changes to our living space recently. We wanted to make full use of the living space we had and the current layout wasn’t doing that. Sofa’s and chairs have been moved around and we were interested to see what impact adding a kids bean bags would have on our room & lifestyle. The lovely people over at Bean Bag Bazaar very kindly sent us a gorgeous fluffy bean bag for the kids to try out.  This particular bean bag is the ICON® Luxury Faux Fur Kids Classic Bean

AD – Press Trip featuring the Nickelodeon Treasure Hunt in Malta  Hello lovely readers! I hope you are having a fantastic Easter break so far.  I know excitement is running very high in our house and we wanted to make sure you were completely up to speed with what’s going on!  We made a big announcement over on Instagram stories earlier and you are very welcome to go and take a peek at me breaking the news to the girls there. On Friday we are going to be flying to

So Indie was 7 years old recently, and the lovely people at L.O.L Surprise sent her the new L.O.L Surprise DIY Glitter Factory as an extra special treat.  I love how L.O.L Surprise are getting more and more creative with their range and we loved being given the opportunity to review their new toy. L.O.L Surprise DIY Glitter Factory So glitter is life, right?  Well it is when you are 7 years old!  We love the L.O.L Surprise Glitter Series and this Glitter Factory takes things to a whole new level.  Before

I wanted to share with you a review of our hotel stay at El Pueblo Tamlelt in Agadir incase you were going to book your next holiday there.  It’s a budget hotel in the Caribbean Village Agador complex where we stayed while on our recent holiday in Morocco. I would definitely describe this hotel as an affordable option for people wanting to go on holiday in Agadir. We picked a budget hotel as we hoped that we would be out and about exploring Agadir independently and going on days out

If you are planning a holiday or vacation with kids, having some travel toys in your hand luggage, suitcase or travel bag is going to help things go a lot more smoothly.  Kids have a pretty short attention span for travelling so having the best travel toys to hand during your trip can really help keep boredom at bay.  Nobody wants a stressful journey, so whether it’s travel toys for toddlers or best travel toys for babies you are looking for, this list of toys, games and ideas will help you

You may have guessed if you have followed my blog for a while that I’m a huge fan of the Chamäleon Theatre in Berlin.  If you are pretty new around here, then you might be wondering why I’m sharing a review of their latest show, Memories fo Fools? I hope this post will enlighten you! Why You Should Visit Berlin? If you haven’t visited Berlin, then personally I think it’s a European city break you should be adding to your list.  Firstly, you can be in Berlin in less than

It’s taken me a while to think about how I wanted to approach sharing our family holiday in Agadir.  As a family, we had very mixed feelings about our experience in this part of Morocco and I feel that it’s really important for us to acknowledge that in this blog post.  The girls had a lovely holiday, but there were some aspects of this holiday that we found challenging. We travelled to Agadir with our 4 and 6 year old daughters in February and we were very excited to be

It was Indie’s birthday at the weekend, so we decided to head over to the Red Kangaroo Trampoline Park in Nottingham to celebrate.  We’ve not been to a trampoline park as a family before so this was a first for all of us. What is Red Kangaroo Trampoline Park Like? Getting to Red Kangaroo We drove to Red Kangaroo as it is on Blenheim Industrial Estate which is about 30 minutes from our house by car.  There is a bus stop about a 10 minute walk away if you want

The beautiful capital city of Austria, Vienna,  is considered one of the most charming cities in the world.  No wonder it is one of the most popular places to visit in Europe among many tourists. Maybe it is its prime location in Central Europe. Maybe it’s because of the fact that it has a long and incredible history in terms of culture and the arts, which is still widely celebrated in  the theatres and concert halls not only in Austria, but all over the world. Not only is it a

We love the opportunity to pop into town, so when we were invited to review Red Dog Saloon restaurant in Nottingham I knew we couldn’t say no.  Finding good places for family dining is important to us, so we went along one Sunday with the girls to check out the restaurant. Red Dog Saloon is in a great location on Victoria Street where the Lace Market meets Hockley in Nottingham’s city centre.  It’s a stones throw from the Lace Market tram stop and there’s also a bus stop just down

You work hard all year round to support yourself and those that you love the most. So when it comes time to take a holiday, you want it to be an experience to remember! But how exactly can you achieve that goal? There are several aspects of planning a holiday and they all should be tackled one by one. Firstly, you should decide where you’ll be going. Secondly, you should decide on what time of year, or when you will be going. Thirdly, you should take into account activities and

Have you heard about Carddies yet?  If you have been following our Instagram account or read our bumper post about  tips for travelling with 2+ kids you might have guessed that we are huge fans of these little boxed colouring sets already. In the interests of full disclosure we were sent 2 sets of Carddies around Christmas time, and we found them brilliant for keeping the kids busy when we are out and about both at home or when we are travelling.  Since we were gifted these first sets, we

Did you see our post on travel tips for visiting Agadir?  I didn’t talk about navigating Agadir airport in that post, as given the experience we had there, I felt it deserved an article of its own.  There are definitely some tips and tricks we had wished we had of known before landing at Agadir Airport, which would have made our experience of travelling with two kids a lot easier. These travel tips will help you with arriving into any airport in Morocco, but especially Agadir airport. If you are

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