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5 Places in the UK to Experience with Your Kids Before They Grow Up May Contain Compensated Links  You’ve heard the saying over and over again about how kids grow up too fast. One minute it feels like they are small helpless babies, and before you know it they are driving, going off to college, or starting a family. Time goes by too quickly, that’s why it’s so important to get as many fun experiences in while they are little as you can! Small children see the world with so

Collaborative Post All year round, we look forward to our summer holiday so that we can have a few days away from the monotonous routine of work, school runs and chores, and instead have some time to relax and have fun in the sun. However, travelling to your holiday destination can be a stressful experience if you are taking infants and young children on the journey with you. Here are five ways to make travel with infants less stressful. Do Your Research Before Flying  Many parents worry about flying with

Advertisement feature written in collaboration with Nickelodeon Treasure Hunt & Malta Tourist Authority If you follow Zena’s Suitcase on Instagram or you saw this blog post you have might already  spotted that we visited Malta to go and check out the all new Nickelodeon Treasure Hunt this April.   It was our first time visiting Malta and to be there for the premiere of the Nickelodeon Treasure Hunt was super exciting for all of us. We spent our first morning taking it slow, wandering around St George’s Bay, near the Intercontinental

Ad – Written in Partnership with Keetoo app  I do love visiting London with the family for the day, but when there are 4 of you to consider, the cost of tickets to attractions and eating out can soon mount up.  On our recent trip to London, we were asked to try out Keetoo, a new money saving London travel app, during our day out.  This post is all about our experience of using Keetoo and the money we saved on our London travel. Using the Keetoo App to Visit

AD – Press Trip featuring the Nickelodeon Treasure Hunt in Malta  Hello lovely readers! I hope you are having a fantastic Easter break so far.  I know excitement is running very high in our house and we wanted to make sure you were completely up to speed with what’s going on!  We made a big announcement over on Instagram stories earlier and you are very welcome to go and take a peek at me breaking the news to the girls there. On Friday we are going to be flying to

I wanted to share with you a review of our hotel stay at El Pueblo Tamlelt in Agadir incase you were going to book your next holiday there.  It’s a budget hotel in the Caribbean Village Agador complex where we stayed while on our recent holiday in Morocco. I would definitely describe this hotel as an affordable option for people wanting to go on holiday in Agadir. We picked a budget hotel as we hoped that we would be out and about exploring Agadir independently and going on days out

If you are planning a holiday or vacation with kids, having some travel toys in your hand luggage, suitcase or travel bag is going to help things go a lot more smoothly.  Kids have a pretty short attention span for travelling so having the best travel toys to hand during your trip can really help keep boredom at bay.  Nobody wants a stressful journey, so whether it’s travel toys for toddlers or best travel toys for babies you are looking for, this list of toys, games and ideas will help you

It’s taken me a while to think about how I wanted to approach sharing our family holiday in Agadir.  As a family, we had very mixed feelings about our experience in this part of Morocco and I feel that it’s really important for us to acknowledge that in this blog post.  The girls had a lovely holiday, but there were some aspects of this holiday that we found challenging. We travelled to Agadir with our 4 and 6 year old daughters in February and we were very excited to be

Have you heard about Carddies yet?  If you have been following our Instagram account or read our bumper post about  tips for travelling with 2+ kids you might have guessed that we are huge fans of these little boxed colouring sets already. In the interests of full disclosure we were sent 2 sets of Carddies around Christmas time, and we found them brilliant for keeping the kids busy when we are out and about both at home or when we are travelling.  Since we were gifted these first sets, we

This guest post is from Becky Goddard-Hill, who blogs at A Beautiful Space and Bukit (her brand new travel blog) Becky  is the co-author of Create Your Own Happy, a happiness boosting book for kids age 7-11. Create Your Own Happy is full of activities to teaching kids how to make themselves happier other people happier and the world a happier place. Todays she is sharing her tips on how to help children be happy travellers, and I just know you are going to love it! Children are not always

We’ve been travelling with 2 kids for a while now.  Indie is nearly 7 and Brook will be 5 in the summer and with a few holidays and road trips under our belt we have definitely worked out what makes our life easier.  I don’t think there is a family travel blogger out there that would say travelling with children is easy, but the rewards are so worth it.  Children learn so much from visiting new places and the quality time you have together as a family is just the

Have you booked your February half term holidays yet?  If the answer is no these ideas could be just what you are looking for.  February is a great time to take a family holiday as prices are generally low to reasonable and it’s always nice to have something to look forward to isn’t it! The cold weather can also be a huge factor for booking a holiday with kids.  My daughter has been asking when it’s going to be summer every day this week.  The frosty mornings seem to be

Let’s be completely honest, air travel with kids can be a challenge for us parents. There are so many more things to consider than when you are traveling solo.  Keeping them entertained at the airport and on the airplane is a huge challenge in itself. Keeping them fed while travelling is also a priority as kids eat all the time and having plenty of snacks to hand will save you not only money but lots of meltdowns too. Just think about all of those people sitting so close together on

I wasn’t going to write a review about the Monica Isabel Beach Club in Albufeira, but after our holiday in Portugal at this hotel I felt I should share our experience on the blog.  I want families considering booking a Monica Isabel Beach All Inclusive holiday to make an informed decision before they decide to stay here whether they use Sunmaster, Jet2 or Thomas Cook. I booked a 5 night break to Monica Isabel Beach Blub Albufeira with Sunmaster Holidays for me and the girls for the first week of

I’ve found myself talking to many families over the years about their first holiday abroad with kids.  They often feel nervous about flying with a baby or young children and they are also keen to find the right destination. The family holiday becomes a very precious thing when you have kids as you want everyone to have a good time.  It might even give the parents the chance to relax a bit! I always recommend a holiday in Spain in this scenario for so many reasons.  Spain is so accessible

Family travel is something we aren’t always dab hands at – you try and sprinkle a little something for everyone into the time you have away and you’re still going to have calls of ‘I’m bored!’ from the backseat of the car. You and your partner end up feeling like you need a nap as soon as possible! Of course, you can’t have fun in the sun 24/7, but you can sure make a good go of it! But if you’re someone who’s got a family trip away on the

When I had finished booking our holiday to Albufeira in Portugal the first thing I looked up was ‘is there an Albufeira tourist train?’.  My kids love the land trains that you find a lot in Europe and they are often a fun activity for families that help with sightseeing too.    It turns out there is an Albufeira tourist train but there’s very little information on the internet about it. Even when I asked at our hotel, they didn’t have any leaflets and didn’t really know much about it

Washington DC is very much a place we want to visit when our travels take us back to the USA.  If we head back to New York as a family, I would certainly consider a day trip to Washington DC.  Ideally though, I would like to spend longer in the city to give us the time to enjoy all the things to do in Washington DC with kids. I know that we would find some fun and educational things for the kids to do in DC, and I also think that

‘Luxury’ and ‘family’ travel are not two things you often put together – in fact, it’s quite difficult to imagine how it would work! However, there are plenty of ways to enjoy luxury family travel from jetting off to exotic locations to staying in world-class accommodation. Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons If you want to break away from the typical family-friendly resorts and enjoy something a little more upmarket for your family holiday, then you’ve come to the right place. The following tips can help you plan the perfect

Family travel is a whole different ball game to life before kids isn’t it? When it was just you finding the money for one or two flights and a room that was adequate for sleeping in the costs were a lot more manageable.  This is why I want to talk about how to save money for family travel. When you have children, and you have to pay for their own seat on a plane, all of a sudden the price of family travel really jumps up.  Family trips can cost

October half term meant the chance for the girls and I to enjoy a a short break in Chester with Roomzzz Aparthotel.   None of us have visited Chester before, which is pretty ridiculous for a family that loves city breaks.  We’d also not stayed at Roomzzz Aparthotel either, so we were really looking forward to seeing if they passed the family friendly test during our stay. I loaded up the car, handed the girls two fully charged tablets and made our way to Chester from Nottingham to begin our

Did you enjoy city breaks before you had children? Does the idea of taking a city break with kids fill you with panic and dread?  I’ll be honest, city breaks with kids are different but honestly they are a lot of fun. Some of our best holidays have been exploring cities with kids, and sometimes while being on a solo parenting trip too.  I loved taking my 3 year old to Hamburg and sharing Amsterdam with Indie was so much fun. I personally believe that variety is the key to

This post may contain compensated links When you are going skiing with the family, finding a good budget holiday can be a challenge.  I’m sure lots of you will argue that there is no such thing as a cheap family ski holiday, but there are definitely ways to stop costs escalating out of control.  These top tips for planning family ski holidays on a budget will help you save £££s on the slopes and leave you with money in the bank for your next trip. Top Tips for Planning Family

One of my favourite trips ever was going to New York with my son.  It was our first trip to NYC and quite likely to be a last holiday together for a while.  I spent a lot of time planning that trip and I think it’s safe to say we had a pretty awesome time.  I’ve been thinking about our visit a lot recently, so it seemed like a great time to write these top 10 things to do in New York with teens.  If you are planning a trip

Contains Affiliate Links  I’m super keen to start taking my children to places that are not only beautiful and interesting, but where they can also learn more about the different cultures around the world.  I, like you probably, have not taken my children to Morocco but it’s somewhere I’d love to visit.  Seeing as we are in the same boat, I figured we would be asking similar questions about visiting the country.  By the end of this post I’m hoping we will all know whether you should take your kids to

Gifted Product Review Over the summer we were asked to review the Vango Edoras 500XL Air tent for the blog.  We set ourselves the task of finding out if this was the best Vango tent for family camping? It was the perfect excuse to book a family camping trip to North Yorkshire and test out the Vango Airbeam tent, so we packed up our gear and off we went. The girls were really excited about their camping trip.  They love being outdoors and having the freedom that comes with it.  As

Collaborative Post  Planning the perfect family vacation isn’t all that straightforward. You’ve got to find activities that will appeal to everyone — particularly to young children, should you have them, while also sticking to a budget.  Maintaining a certain harmony and equilibrium that can withstand the frayed nerves that so often come with annual holidays is also key. There are many different things that people do in order to ensure the best family vacations for themselves. Some choose to hit the open road in luxurious motorhomes and wake up somewhere

This post contains affiliate links Lots of road trips will be being planned at this time of year.  The most common will be a long car journey to see friends or family for the holiday season.  It got me thinking about the last long car journey with a baby that I took and all the things I learnt about baby travel. I was travelling with a 6 month old baby, a toddler and a teenager from Nottingham to Scotland.  At the best of times it’s a 5 hour trip, but car

Written in collaboration with Mary J When many of us list travelling as one of our passions, we tend to be referring to discovering amazing new places, foods and cultures, rather than the plane journey that gets us there! Air travel can be tiring and stressful as the best of times, but when we add children into the equation stress levels can begin to increase by the minute. But travelling with kids is also incredibly rewarding, and so important for your child’s development if you are able to offer them

This is a collaborative post With the nights getting darker and the distinct chill there is now in the UK I’m literally dreaming of winter sun holidays for the family.  Winter sun holidays are just good for the soul, don’t you think? I love being able to take the kids out to play on the beach without worrying about the weather.  Al fresco dining is still on the cards and being able to enjoy the outdoors is just easier. I find kids are just happier having the freedom of being

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