As the warmer weather creeps across the country, holidaymakers are beginning to look towards their next holiday.

With that comes an increase in beauty procedures before they go away.

You may notice your books begin to fill with certain treatments that will help your clients feel their best.

Here are some areas that will be popular choices.  


Tanning is a procedure that is commonly booked before a holiday.

Travellers want to top up their base tan before lounging in the sun.

Make sure you stock up on essentials such as tan accelerator as this can help to boost sales in busy periods. 

You may also want to have a shelf of travel-sized skincare bottles.

Exfoliators, lotions and moisturisers will all be convenient impulse buys that your clients will find useful when travelling.

Make sure to display them near the tanning beds and the till points. 

Eyelash Lift and Tint

Mascara is often not a convenient cosmetic when you are abroad.

Hot weather can make it melt and smudge and waterproof ones can leave a lot to be desired.

Clients will book eyelash lifts and tints up to two days before they depart.

It is recommended that clients leave 48 hours as a minimum before engaging in any water activities.

As these treatments can last for up to 8 weeks, however, you may see bookings increase in the weeks before popular holiday periods. 


Feeling confident on a holiday can be down to the small details such as a perfect manicure.

By getting a gel or acrylic set before going away, the risk of chips minimises, keeping the manicure intact whilst away.

Going travelling means your clients are more likely to opt for fun, colourful designs.

This means you can showcase your skills and creativity. 

One of the trends for summer 2024 looks to be adding crystal embellishments to more demure manicures.

Having nail jewels of all colours means you can accommodate even the most daring requests. 

Cherry designs will also be a hot choice this summer, adding a cute and kitschy vibe to any outfit.

This trend does extend to other icons, though, such as fruits, insects or even sun motifs. 


Who wants to worry about hair removal when they are on holiday?

Waxing before a holiday is seen as an essential way to prepare, so make sure your books are open well in advance. 

Clients will often opt for waxing as the results are so long-lasting, meaning they don’t have to take or buy a razor or shaving cream.

This frees up more room in suitcases for stunning bikinis and outfits. 

As many holidays involve the ocean or pools, remind your clients to keep any waxed areas out of water for a day or two to prevent irritation and bumps. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, as the holiday season approaches, there’s a noticeable surge in beauty procedures among travellers eager to look their best during their vacations.

As beauty professionals, being prepared and offering these popular treatments can enhance client satisfaction and boost sales during the busy holiday season.

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