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Wearing jewellery is something that has really changed for me over the years.  When I had more time on my hands I would change earrings and necklaces regularly to match whatever outfit I was wearing that day.  It was more about fashion than connection back in those days. There came a point when wearing jewellery changed, and I can’t pinpoint exactly when it was.  I suspect it’s been a gradual journey influenced by the changes I’ve experienced in my life.  I know that having a family and children of my

Collaborative  post No doubt you are looking forward to Halloween and Bonfire Night. They are big events for everyone, especially if you have children. Both of these celebrations give you the chance to get out as a family and enjoy yourselves. You can have a really great time provided you wrap up well and prepare everyone in advance. One of the things you really must do is to ensure that everyone has suitable footwear to wear. If your feet are cold or wet, it is practically impossible to enjoy yourself.

Back in 1953 the Rolex company produced the Rolex Submariner, its first watch model able to operate deep underwater. The first Submariner model was an automatic one, was water resistant up to 100m, featured no protection for its bezel and its case had a diameter of 37 mm. Its reference number was 6204 and other subsequent models featuring small modifications were given reference numbers 6205 and 6536, as well as being called the “James Bond” models by collectors. Some of the most famous Rolex Submariner models can be examined on

Did you catch the post about my husband getting me a One4All gift card for Christmas?  It was literally the best gift he could have given me and he set me the challenge of buying the ultimate Christmas outfit.  Because I had a preloaded One4All card, I wasn’t tempted to spend the money on the kids or day to day activities, but I was able to get myself some lovely new clothes, shoes and bags for Christmas. It got me thinking about what the perfect Christmas outfit is to me. 

Hello lovely readers.  Thanks so much for stopping by, especially at such a busy time of year.  I thought I’d share with you my top tips for feeling gorgeous and prepared for the festive party season today.  For many of us the Christmas parties and events are well under way and getting ready for these can give us a much needed boost at this time of year.  When it’s dark and cold outside, a little bit of Christmas sparkle can go a very long way to lifting our spirits. Get

Now that the days are getting shorter and the mornings are getting colder, it’s important to stock up on those much-needed winter essentials. It happens every year in our house – the cold days creep up on us so discretely that before we know it the sub-zero temperatures hit and we don’t have any practical winter items to throw on. After I found this winter fashion guide, I decided to create a little list of my own must-have winter essentials. If you’re also lacking in the warm clothes department, take

Ever since I was a kid one of the most exciting parts about getting ready to go on holiday was being able to choose some new clothes to wear.  If you are planning on going abroad soon, now is definitely the time to start thinking about the holiday wardrobe, especially for the kids.  We’ve been really impressed with the Nutmeg range in Morrisons so far this year, and they also have a great range of summer holiday clothes in store now. We will be visiting Menorca very soon, and shortly

The better weather is definitely with us, and it’s time that our feet were free from boots and socks isn’t it?  I don’t know about you, but I love it when I can wear sandals and spring/summer styles on my feet.  Feet need fresh air and a few other tricks from nature to be healthy, but often after being cooped up all winter they are far from looking their best.  So how do you get summer ready feet, when time is short?  I’m going to share with you 6 of

Last year, Princess and I were invited to London to take a sneak peak at the new Spring/Summer children’s collection from Nutmeg.  Nutmeg range is sold in Morrisons stores up and down the country, and provide affordable, fashionable clothes for babies and children. We love any excuse to visit London, but when I told my 4 year old she was going to see a new clothes collection she squealed with excitement.  Clothes seem to be a big deal for both my daughters, and they have expressed an opinion about the

Christmas jumpers aren’t just for children!  They should be a family affair.  They can cheer up even the grumpiest of Daddy’s and melt all that bah humbug away quicker than you can say Scrooge.  Winter can be cold, dark and quite depressing at times so I am all for embracing the Christmas cheer for as long as possible.  It cheers me up at a time of year that could take a real turn for the worst if it didn’t feature some sparkle and silliness. Matalan Christmas Jumpers When Matalan got

A few weeks ago I was invited to a rather exciting event at the intu shopping centre in Derby.  Hotter shoes dropped me a line, and were keen to show off their autumn/winter collection so of course I said ‘count me in’.  I won a pair of Hotter Shoes in a twitter competition a while ago, and they are so comfortable and practical, so I was already a bit of a fan to be honest. We had the Hotter shop all to ourselves, and the undivided attention of the staff

My girls love sandals, and they also love being adventurous.  Sometimes, sandals and adventure don’t always go very well together, especially when you like sparkly sandals and climbing in the adventure playground.  A sparkly pair of sandals can soon look like a battered pair of sandals once they have been put through the mill at the play park or the beach.   Teva Kids Sandals are both sparkly and practical, so perfect for little ladies like mine who like both glitter and adventure.

Strive footwear were a completely new brand to me just a few weeks ago.  I was looking on Instagram and the lovely Kara from Chelsea Mamma was showing off her new pair of shoes.  I do like shoes, especially if they are pretty and look comfortable too.  My days of crippling heels and squashed toes are well and truly over, in favour of something flatter and more suitable for getting around and chasing kids in.

Celuu very kindly offered me an outfit to wear to the blog conference I attended recently in Manchester.  If you saw this post, then you’ll already know what they sent me.  I’m really keen to find a fashion brand that makes great clothes for real women, so I was super excited to be working with them and see what their range had to offer the curvier figure.

I’ve been to a few blog conferences now, and there is always a lot of buzz around what to wear.  Being an older Mum and a little on the curvy side, OK a lot on the curvy side, I will admit to feeling a little bit left out of these online conversations.  It’s sad really as it has a little chip at my confidence and puts me on the back foot before I even get through the door of the event. This weekend I’m going to be attending Blog on

Spring is finally here folks.  Honestly it is.  Just don’t look out of the window at the grey clouds and use that vivid imagination I know that you have.  Even though we can’t rely on the British weather we can rely on the spring/summer collections that are hitting the high street to add an element of colour to our lives.  I think a bit of shopping is required, don’t you?

Going travelling is a perfect excuse to go shopping, update your wardrobe and planning takes all the stress out of what to pack.  With my visit to New York just over a month away I’m thinking about what to pack for my city break.  I need some practical, comfortable clothes to travel with that will look great.  Here’s some great finds I thought you’d love too, no matter where you are travelling to this year.

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