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No doubt you are looking forward to Halloween and Bonfire Night. They are big events for everyone, especially if you have children. Both of these celebrations give you the chance to get out as a family and enjoy yourselves.

You can have a really great time provided you wrap up well and prepare everyone in advance. One of the things you really must do is to ensure that everyone has suitable footwear to wear. If your feet are cold or wet, it is practically impossible to enjoy yourself. Fortunately, it is easy to find shoes suitable for bonfire night here. You just have to know what you are looking for.


Do they have the right type of soles?

The shoes or boots you buy everyone need to have reasonably thick soles. If they are too thin, the cold is going to seep up from the ground into your feet. 

It is also important that they are non-slip. On Bonfire Night you will almost certainly be walking across wet grass, to get to your viewing point. You don’t want anyone to slip over and hurt themselves. Something that is all too easy to do when it is dark, which it will be.

Do they cover the whole foot?

The fact that you could be spending an hour, maybe more, standing still while watching the display means that you really ought to choose footwear that completely encloses the foot. 

This year booties are very trendy. They look great, but are probably not suitable for wearing to a Bonfire Night event. 

The fact that there is a gap between the top of the bootie and the bottom of your jeans means that the cold will get in. It is best not to wear shoes, booties or trainers when you watch the fireworks. For the whole family, boots are a much better option.

boots for halloween bonfire night

Are they the right size?

In all likelihood you are going to want to wear a couple of pairs of socks. Layering is a great way to keep your feet warm. But, this will only be possible if your boots are loose enough to allow you to do this. If they are too tight wearing two pairs of socks will not help to keep your feet warm. Instead, the blood flow to your feet will be slightly constricted, which means your feet could end up getting cold, very quickly.                                                                                                        

Comfort matters

On Halloween and Bonfire Night, you know that you are going to be on your feet for a long time. Plus, in all likelihood you will end up walking quite a long way. So, everyone needs a pair of boots to wear that are comfortable and properly worn in.

Are they waterproof?

At this time of the year, you can never really tell what the weather is going to do. There is a fairly good chance that it will rain. So, you need to make sure that the family’s footwear is waterproof. If you want to learn how to waterproof your boots or shoes you can easily find YouTube videos that show you how to do it. This one is an example of one which explains how to waterproof a pair of leather boots.

Provided you follow the above guidance, everyone will have dry and warm feet. Almost regardless of what the weather does.

If you are interested in attending Halloween events in the Nottingham area, please click here. When you do you will be taken to my round-up of the best 2018 Halloween events in and around the city.

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