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At some point the relationship with our partner changes.  In the early days it’s all hearts and flowers, or at least it should be.  There’s lots of excitement and hormones flying around and we simply can’t get enough of this new relationship. You constantly wonder how to make him worry about losing you and how to make him love you more. At some point, the honeymoon period wears off and life with your boyfriend or girlfriend starts to become a bit more day to day.  As a Mum and wife

It’s my birthday in a few weeks so I thought a blatant ‘present ideas for Mum’ post would really help my husband and teen son with some inspiration with what to get for me.  I’m hoping that they will bookmark this list as they can use it for Mother’s Day, Christmas or any other special occasion that springs to mind.  I really am not fussy.  The only part I am fussy about is getting a present or a treat.  I think all our special days should be remembered and it’s

A recent study in the US by the National Centre for Health Statistics looked into the sleep patterns of single parents in comparison to two parent families.  Having been a single parent for many years, it was no surprise to me to read that single parents aren’t getting nearly enough sleep compared to two parent households.  The impact of prolonged lack of sleep can have a huge impact on a person’s health, and the consequences of this on a single parent household are potentially significant.

On Saturday night I headed off to bed at the usual time.  The bank holiday weekend weather had taken a bit of a turn for the worst so we had just been enjoying some quiet time at home.  It was just a regular Easter Saturday, keeping the kids busy and pottering around the house.  There might have been pyjamas involved, who knows.

There are many people all over the world that suffer from sleep apnoea; and there are many different remedies that you can use to help your battle in getting a good night’s sleep. There is more than one form of sleep apnoea, so what cures one person’s problem, may not work for another’s.  Working on a individual strategy to help manage apnoea is key.

Poor credit score?  What on earth does that mean? When I was younger I had no financial intelligence whatsoever.  I didn’t have a clue about budgeting, finances or even what a credit score was, let alone a poor credit score.  I certainly didn’t understand how important it was to have a good credit score.  I had no concept of the consequences that making poor financial decisions could have on me in the long term. As a result I made some really bad choices.

Personal boundaries have become more important to me recently.  Due to my daughter’s activity schedule, once a week I have to spend time with another Mother who I don’t particularly gel with.  We are very different individuals and have a completely opposite approach to parenting, but that’s a whole other post entirely.  Our daughters get on and for this reason I’m learning to cope with the situation.

Eden Hall Day Spa really know how to set the tone. When I walked in to the reception on a particularly blustery day in Nottinghamshire I was greeted with a very warm welcome and a cup of caramel hot chocolate.  I hadn’t been to Nottinghamshire since I visited the Nottinghamshire based IT services provider, Custard, so it was really nice to be back. It’s such a lovely place! I was feeling a little flustered with the wind, so this put me completely at ease. I had been looking forward to my visit to

This has plagued me ever since I was a child so I’ve learnt a few tips about how to treat tonsillitis.  I have no idea why I didn’t have my tonsils out when I was young, as it would save me a whole heap of trouble now.  My tonsils are huge by anyones standards and they are pretty ragged due to the number of times I’ve had recurrent tonsillitis.  Seeing as I’ve suffered so much I consider myself a bit of an expert on it and I thought I’d share with you how

As we get closer to spring, I’m starting to think about how to make the garden fun for kids to play in. I know some people like the idea of having a swimming pool in their garden and that’s fine if that’s something you want. You could even take a look at using someone like Willsha Pools to help you design it. But I think this summer the garden will really come into it’s own as both our girls enjoy being outside. I really want to make the garden a

Highfields Park in Nottingham is one of our very favourite places to go, and my daughter and I visited after going to the theatre on Sunday to see The Elves And The Shoemaker at Lakeside Arts.  Princess had the scooter and I had the camera and we enjoyed getting some fresh air together.  It was so nice to get out and about after being stuck indoors with tonsillitis the week before.

We love eating out as a family. It’s great having a break from the cooking and when you’ve got small children like us, it’s nice to have someone else clear up after them. At this point it’s probably wise for me to apologise for the scene of devastation my kids leave behind at  all the restaurants we have been to we’ve been to. In their defence they are 3 and 19 months old. If it helps, they do exactly the same thing at home!

2015 has been a very strange year for me, in a good way as it turns out. Phew, as that wouldn’t make for a very good blog post now would it?  It has been about heeling and moving forward and I finally feel like I’m there and ready to face 2016 head on.  It’s taken a long time, but finally I feel like I’ve left all the negative things behind me and have found a new path.

Education and lifelong learning is now centre stage in many people’s lives. Whereas once, education was the sole preserve of the classroom and education ended the day young people walked out of the school doors for the last time, modern day education courses are perfect for anybody in any walk of life, and at any age looking for self development. NCC Home Learning courses, for example, are wide and varied, with vocational courses that can improve the chance of promotion and success. Many people have already opted for home learning

Christmas is literally only just around the corner, and if you haven’t bought any gifts yet, you’d better get cracking.  Don’t worry though, Zena’s Suitcase is here to help you out and save you trawling the web for hours or dealing with hoards of Christmas shoppers.  You knew I wouldn’t leave you hanging, right? Mums deserve to get a lovely present, that has been well thought out and says ‘you’re the best Mum ever’ all over it.  Don’t worry, we won’t tell her that someone else took care of the

The awful events that took place on Friday 13th have been in and out of my thoughts all week.  France are our neighbours, and I’ve visited Paris a few times.  It’s a beautiful city, where so many people live, work and travel to.  It is unbelievable to me that a group of human beings can inflict such violence on others, taking the lives of mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, friends and colleagues.  What is that going to achieve?

Autumn can be a very beautiful time of year, when the days are crisp and the sky is blue and clear.  It’s very much a changing season when the trees and plants that were once bright and green turn to reds, browns and golden yellows.  We can also find ourselves changing with it as the days get shorter, and the temperature gets a little colder.  We can find ourselves losing a little motivation, not going out as much and letting the cold wet days get to us more than they should.

When my teen went back to school a few weeks ago, we received the usual letters home asking for us to provide emergency contacts and details of information evenings that were planned.  The usual stuff that kids and parents have to sort at the beginning of school.  There was another letter though, that wasn’t the usual kind of letter the school send out.  It was something we hadn’t had to think about before.

A date night in our house was long over due.  Daddy and I spend a lot of time at our computers which is sadly the downside of being me being a blogger and my husband being a software engineer.  It felt like we were due to spend sometime nurturing our relationship. Now that autumn is here, TV gets a whole lot better and one of our favourite shows started on ABC this weekend.  We are huge Once Upon A Time fans, and have followed each series since it began.

Summer has come and gone and now it is time to decorate your home for the autumn/fall season! Filling it with appropriate decorations is a fun process, but it can be quite costly. However, you can save on your home decor by using  coupons for this and other special occasions.  There are also a number of ways that you can make your home look its best while remaining within your budget. Read on to learn more: Fall Decorations On A Budget Use Pumpkins Pumpkins are fun to use for fall themed

Having children can really change things in a relationship.  You can both find yourself asking how do we get that spark back into our marriage, how do we make things exciting again?  You can think that things aren’t going to change once you have kids, but for a lot of people they do and it can effect all aspects of married life, including what happens in the bedroom. As a Mother, I think I can safely say things really changed for me.  My body went through a lot giving birth

Best Sofa to Buy For Your Personality Choosing the best sofa for your home is a big decision and one you need to spend some getting right. Buying large sofas for the family should be a relatively easy, exciting experience. But, more often than not, the process of purchasing a couch is much more frustrating than it needs to be, especially when you go into a furniture store instead of purchasing online. Before you start looking through endless online images, Pinterest boards or visiting sofa showrooms like Multiyork take a

I have been troubled for a long time about the conflict in Syria and news of the many refugees that make the life threatening trip across the Mediterranean to seek asylum in various parts of Europe.  Images of children being dragged from boats in the dead of night have haunted me for sometime, and are now joined by the tragic scenes of the lives lost after two boats sank making the dangerous trip to the Greek island of Kos.

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