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Amsterdam is one of my favourite European destinations by far.  I have been lucky enough to visit many times and if you haven’t been, you really need to add it to your bucket list, like now!  I know the liberal attitude the city has towards sex and drugs can be a little off putting for some, but you will really miss out if you let this cloud your judgement.  Amsterdam has a lot to offer everyone and is a popular holiday destination for lots of travellers, including families.

New York is at the very top of my travel bucket list at the moment and I have become more than a little obsessed with the things I would like to see and do there.  It’s one of those cities that I feel I already know, even though I have never been.  We have all seen the iconic skyline, the yellow cabs and and famous Statue Of Liberty in films and on TV.  I think it’s difficult for anyone not to feel a sense of familiarity with famous city.

Is it worth going on the London Eye at night?  That was the question I asked myself when I visited London for a weekend break last month. The London Eye is open until 9pm at night, and I was keen to see what the experience would be like in the dark.  Can you still have a memorable experience when the lights have gone out over London? I waited for my friend to join me on a very wet and dark night in December.  She was at work during the day so

London is an amazing city, and I was lucky enough to enjoy a child free break there a few weeks ago.  It was also a husband free break, as someone had to stay home and look after the kids.  I was completely footloose and fancy free, so to speak! I’ve spent a lot of time in London since being a child, and even lived there for a short time when I was in my teens, so visiting the capital by myself doesn’t phase me in the slightest.  It was actually

After all the excitement of Christmas we can come crashing down to earth with a bang in the New Year.  All the parties and family gatherings are over and all we are left with is dark nights and cold weather.  It can leave us feeling a little deflated.  We often need something to recharge those batteries, and what could be better than a winter cruise to the perfect paradise destination of Bermuda.

I received a very warm welcome when I arrived at Amba Hotel Marble Arch hotel, which always bodes well for a pleasant stay I think.  Getting off on the right foot sets the tone for the experience that awaits.  Alexandra checked me in without any fuss and showed me to my room once we had dispensed with all the formalities.  I thought this was a lovely touch and gave me chance to find out a little bit more about the hotel. While we were en route to my room she explained that

Staying at Hampton by Hilton at London Gatwick Airport is a great way to get your holiday off to a good start.  For me, a holiday begins the moment you leave the house so I like to make every aspect of the trip as enjoyable as possible.  I think this is so important when you have children too.  Arriving at you dream holiday destination fraught from travelling with kids is no way to kick things off is it? Hampton By Hilton Hotel We were recently invited to stay at Hampton

Sometimes you just need a winter holiday.  I had started to feel the turn in the weather, and it wasn’t quite as easy to get out and about with the kids. It had also been playing on my mind how much we were nagging the 3 year old about playing nicely with her little sister.  I know these are things she has to learn, but I was missing just enjoying her being 3. I wanted to give her a break from negotiating the relationship with her younger sister, and me a

I think everyone deserves a dose of winter sun to lift their spirits at this time of year.  Christmas can be a really busy time for so many of us that a break in the sunshine is well deserved.  We should all fly to somewhere warmer, just for a week or two, and recharge those batteries before burn out sets in and the winter colds really get us down. Relaxing in the sunshine, chilling out by the pool and strolling along the beach are the perfect way to unwind either before or after

City breaks are a perfect way to spend quality time together whether it’s with family, friends or as a couple.  You can cram so much in when you are visiting vibrant cities for a long weekend or short break.  You can really feel like you have  emerged yourself in the vibe and culture, even if you are only visiting the city for a few days.  I love city breaks to be about exploring and seeing new places, and the more I can see the better.  I always feel like the change

Picardy is a relatively undiscovered region in northern France and somewhere that I’m really interested in visiting.  After our recent holiday to Spain I have very much caught the travel bug again. I have been looking into places to visit close to the UK.  I’ve discovered the beautiful and historic region of Picardy, known in French as Picardie.  I have been finding out why this little explored French provence is a great family friendly destination.

A holiday can be many different things.  It can be exploring somewhere new, like our recent visits to Liverpool and York or our up and coming holiday to Costa Brava. A holiday can be about living in the lap of luxury in a 5* hotel or being waited on hand and foot aboard a luxury cruise ship.  It can be lazy days by the pool or active adventures while enjoying the local scenery.

We have just booked our family holiday to Spain and we are so excited.  We are off in October to Pineda De Mar, which is a town totally new to us.  We are huge fans of visiting Spain, but have not really explored Costa Brava.  I really enjoy sharing new experiences with my family, so I know already we are going to have a great week exploring the Costa Brava. We have visited the Costa Del Sol numerous times and regularly visit Nerja and the surrounding area.  We have also

There’s nothing like saving the best till last is there, and York’s Chocolate Story was definitely a highlight from our weekend in York.  I’ve shared posts with you all week about our trip to Diggerland, our stay at Travelodge York Central and even some free things to do in York but you cannot pass through this beautiful English city without popping into York’s Chocolate Story.

Just recently I’ve had very itchy feat.  I think our experiences of visiting Liverpool and exploring Larmer Tree Festival have reignited my travelling spirit.  I’ve started to reminisce over places I have visited, which I think is my way of telling myself I am long overdue a proper holiday. Our recent visit to Liverpool, reminded me in some ways of a weekend trip I took to Dublin a few years back to celebrate my 30th Birthday.  Alright, it was more than a few years ago, but it was a place that made

Wow, didn’t I get a treat this weekend!  I got a weekend of bedtime duty and headed to London for a very exciting event which you can read about here.  One of the recommended places to stay was the Travelodge London Central City Road Hotel, because of it’s proximity to The Brewery where the event was taking place. I booked by room back in January and used the Saver rate discount.  For 2 nights in central London, the cost was £119 for a double room with no extras.  For London

I have dreamed of a holiday for so long, and the time has finally come to get planning something we are all going to remember.  What with babies and exams, holidays have been put on hold, until now.  It’s a big year for us, I’m 40 and teen is turning 18.  There’s been lots of changes too as I embark on a new career and Daddy has seen an amazing promotion literally land in his lap.  We’ll talk about how jammy that was in another post! What better way to

I love Spain so much, and everything that goes with it.  When I’m thinking of where I want to go for my holidays or a short break, Spain is always my first choice.  Practically, it’s not far from the UK, so flying with children and a husband who isn’t ever so keen on being up in the air is pretty manageable.  We love the food, the culture and the sunshine! As a country it has a lot to offer in terms of locations to visit, from beach resorts, to skiing

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