In today’s fast-paced age of digital media, video intros are becoming more and more important to grab your audiences attention. This is for numerous reasons. We explore some of these factors in detail below so that you have a better idea of why a short intro is perhaps the best way to introduce yourself and your brand to the world.

Fast-Paced Age

In today’s era of busy lifestyles and modern technology, who has the time to read long ads and introductions? Most people look at their social media or visit YouTube when traveling, at work, or in waiting rooms. They cannot look too closely at their phone screens to read introductions about you and your brand since they may be doing a million other things at the same time as well. This is why intro videos are a good way to market yourself since people can hear your video and know about your brand through an intro video while juggling other things.

Gets Relevant Information Across

An intro video can be a quick and concise way to get your brand and channel name across to your ideal target market. You can express so much more about your brand visually in a video than you can ever do with text. You can give people so much more information in a video intro without your target audience feeling overwhelmed by the message your trying to get across.

If you use a good template from your intro maker, you can easily get across a lot of information in a matter of seconds.

filming brand intro

Extensive Reach

Everyone today has a mobile phone on which they access at least one major social media platform. Video intros on such platforms start playing immediately so that when people are scrolling through their feed, your video can start playing and grab their attention. If you make it catchy enough, they will stop and watch your video in its entirety.

This means that video intros can potentially reach hundreds of thousands of people within a matter of seconds. It’s a great way to introduce your brand to a mass audience.

People Get to See the Real You

One of the most effective ways to get people to notice your brand is to add a personal touch. While it is not necessary to appear personally in your video, we recommend that you do so. This makes your audience feel as if you, as a person, are connected to them and care for them.

Rather than simply putting up your picture on a still advertisement, using videos gives you a chance to speak so that people hear your actual voice and understand why they should choose your brand in your own words. Only video intros can allow you to interact with your target market and audience in this way, making them the premier form of marketing and branding available to you today. Don’t worry about format either as it’s easy to convert mp4 to mp3 if you need to make your video intro more accessible.

Most Memorable Form

According to researchers, information that is received through visual cues is readily retained. This is why advertising through intro videos is one of the most unique forms of advertising. Rack your brains a bit, and think about which advertisements from your childhood you still remember. I bet there are quite a few when you start to think about it.

Most of the ads you remember were probably in video forms rather than billboards or pamphlets. There is a reason for this. Visual cues are easy to understand and tend to stay in your memory for a longer time, making video intros all the more important for your brand.

Have you made a video intro for your brand yet? If not, add it to your to do list today!

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