Looking for a brand new holiday destination for 2024?

One of the Greek islands could be perfect for you. There are countless gems to travel to with each offering glorious sunshine, beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters to take a dip in. 

Greece has been a popular destination for many years and last year saw record numbers visit this wonderful country.

However, the beauty of Greece is its landscape and stunning architecture, so you won’t want overcrowded areas to stop you from experiencing the best of what Greece has to offer. 

So, in this travel guide, you can uncover some of Greece’s most underrated and lesser-visited islands.

Many of these can be found in the Aegen Sea, a popular area offering uncrowded beaches and awe-inspiring vistas.  


Although one of Greece’s largest islands, Kefalonia is one of the lesser-visited by tourists.

You’ll have a choice of accommodation on the island such as beautiful villas that are within walking distance of some of the best experiences on the island.

Popular activities here include swimming in the crystal-clear turquoise waters with the native Caretta turtles, and tasting the local wine at vineyards. 


Often referred to as an island where time stands still, Ikaria is one of the world’s five blue zones.

This beautiful island is an unspoiled paradise where you can unwind, enjoy a Mediterranean diet of fresh fruit and wine, and beach hop from long stretches of sand to small coves.

Active people will enjoy exploring the mountains around the island and hiking to the top will offer some of the most amazing views that Greece has to offer. 



Naxos is one of the Cyclades’ best hidden gems, with endless white-sand beaches, unique hilltop villages and hiking trails, it is worth the visit. 

What’s more, because this island is relatively undiscovered, it’s more budget-friendly.

However, that doesn’t mean you won’t find the same brilliant experiences that the more popular islands do.

Naxos provides everything that the more popular islands do, but at a cheaper price, which is always appreciated. 



For those who want a quiet and serene getaway, Skopelos could be ideal.

This is known to be the greenest island in Greece with beautiful pine forest trails to explore.

Whilst still providing the pristine golden beaches you’d expect to see in Greece, Skopelos offers different kinds of getaways to suit everyone’s holiday tastes.

Relax by the sea or take a long walk through the shaded forests, this island is a great choice for those who want a bit of both. 


Wherever you decide to go in Greece, rest assured you will be met with enchanting blue waters, a cuisine rich in flavour, and endless scenic views.

Whilst the popular spots are equally as stunning, Greece’s underrated islands are certainly worth exploring. 

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