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In the Daily Mail this week Deri Robins wrote about the price of putting love before her daughter in this honest article where she talks about leaving the family home and her child for another man.  I think it’s fair to say that most of us Mothers cannot comprehend leaving our children for anything, so what drove her to it and did she do the right thing?  I didn’t want to hang her out to dry just yet, as something struck a cord about why she would do the unthinkable.   Deri

So this will be the last bank holiday before the new baby arrives, and as much as we want her here it’s also a time to enjoy our family just as it is.  What better time to be a #MorrisonsMum.  I’m really hoping my waters don’t break just yet 😉 I set myself a #MorrisonsMum mission of trying to feed the family for the entire weekend with the budget of £80 generously provided by Morrisons with good quality food that everyone would enjoy.  It had to be easy to prepare too,

This year I have to be organised, baby is due on May 20th so we are likely to be really busy around  Father’s Day, and possibly a little bit tired.  What do you reckon?  My teen will be in the middle of his GCSE’s and as Father’s Day looms closer, and we’ll have less and less time to think about it.   As I’m 37 weeks pregnant, walking round the shops is as about as achievable as climbing Mount Everest, so I am relying on some handy on-line bargain hunting to cover

Right ladies, admit it, we like to get our own way for a significant portion of the time, especially with our husbands/partners.  The key to this is understanding how our husbands/partners work, and then taking this information and using it to our advantage.  You can get most things to go your way, if you understand these 5 basic concepts.  Forget negotiation, logic and debate and tune into your husband’s caveman instinct and your onto a winner every time.   We’re not talking about changing someone, we all know that never works.  It’s

Mummy says it’s a special day on Sunday 30th March.   It’s called Mother’s Day, and it’s when all the children and their families celebrate their very special Mummy’s and Granny’s.  Mummy says when I’m older I can make her breakfast in bed and bring her flowers and chocolates.  As I’m only 2, I can’t use the kettle yet, so Mummy has asked me to help her choose a pretty outfit for us both on her special day.  I love to look pretty, I love dresses, I love shoes and

My dear Geeky Husband puts up with a lot from his pregnant wife.  Here’s my ‘love is’ list from him.  It’s everything I think he would love to say but daren’t for fear of having his head torn off!… Love is…..     1.  Having to put a variety of footwear on wife’s feet upon request.  Her trainers definitely need an airing! 2.  Making sure cupboard is full of required craving for this week.  Why can’t she just stick to one thing? 3.  Having to give up my comfy car

OK, I know that’s not the most politically correct blog title in the world but when your 9 years old, that’s the only way you can put it.  I grew up with a Mum who suffered from Bipolar Disorder.  Needless to say life was quite dysfunctional. Living with a parent who had significant mood swings and was unpredictable in her behaviour was frightening.  Mum didn’t manage or accept her disorder and would often stop taking her medication.  That’s when all hell broke lose. Not knowing what was coming from one

My life has changed such a lot in the last 5 years, but I’m not ever so sure that I have changed with it. I’ve gone from being a fiercely independent single Mum, taking on the world to provide a better life for my son and I to being happily married with 2, soon to be 3, children.  Life’s less of a battle these days, well in some ways anyway.  I’ll come back to you about that when potty training starts! It’s taken me a while to settle into my

I’m sorry I didn’t tell you we were going to try for another baby.  I get that this hurt you, but to be honest I don’t think I knew how to tell you.  Our lives are so different, I wasn’t sure how you’d take it or that you’d be happy for me. I’ve really wanted to talk to you about it when you found out, but I know you’ve got a lot on right now. Ignoring me isn’t helping anyone though. It’s been really hard not having you around.  Having

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