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We’ve been making some changes to our living space recently. We wanted to make full use of the living space we had and the current layout wasn’t doing that. Sofa’s and chairs have been moved around and we were interested to see what impact adding a kids bean bags would have on our room & lifestyle. The lovely people over at Bean Bag Bazaar very kindly sent us a gorgeous fluffy bean bag for the kids to try out.  This particular bean bag is the ICON® Luxury Faux Fur Kids Classic Bean

My husband said to me one night, ‘there’s this woman on Netflix and she’s made a show about tidying up’, which he thought was slightly ridiculous to be honest.  He was of course talking about Marie Kondo and the program ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’.   He went upstairs to play computer games and I decided to watch one of the episodes to see what she had to say about tidying and decluttering the home. I will be the first to admit that we are constantly battling to keep our

If you are about to have a new kitchen it’s a fantastic time to bring your love of travel into the home. Food is such an important part of travel for me that the kitchen seems the most obvious place to add some cultural inspiration from your holiday adventures. I’ve picked out 3 kitchen designs that really inspire me. I hope you can imagine cooking locally inspired dishes here but most importantly they will add a unique feel to your new room. Even if you are looking for cheap kitchens,

Incorporating spring into your interiors is a really good way to bring a bright, positive feel to your home. From bright colour schemes and patterns, to bold aesthetics and statements, you can really capture a new feel within your décor and give your home a new lease of life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a keen designer with a clear idea of how you want to capture this atmosphere, or whether you’re a newbie to the interior world. If you want to make a few simple changes to eliminate too

Just recently we’ve been using grey to update the decor in our house.  It’s a really on trend colour at the moment but the thought of using it to decorate a bathroom can feel a bit daunting.  If you struggle with interior design, don’t worry as I’m right here to help point you in the right direction. If you are planning to update your bathroom with grey it can look really fresh and modern.  If you follow these simple tips there really in no need to shy away from using

Home is where the heart is and no matter where you go to for work, you can’t wait to return home. You feel the most comfortable in your home and it is where you feel free to express yourself. Of course, all of us have a general idea of how we want our dream home to look like. Unfortunately, not all of us are experts in the field of interior designing. Luckily, I am are here to help you out. Without beating about the bush any further, here are 5

I don’t know how to admit this to you readers, but something happened over Christmas, and I’m really embarrassed to admit it.  As you all have probably realised by now, I work from home.  Last year I managed to turn our little box room into a home office, and I was so excited to have somewhere I could work and store all my papers.  I felt organised and on top of my game.  It was the best feeling of all. When my eldest came back from Uni for the holiday,

Some years I really put off thinking about Christmas, and then others I’m literally looking forward to the festive season from September.  This year is one of those years where I have literally wanted to fast forward through autumn and get straight to decorating the Christmas tree and getting the fairy lights out.  I’m not the only one like this am I? Before you think I’m really odd, hear me out on this one.  There’s something that really lifts my spirits about Christmas.  When the nights are dark and the

I’m going to start off by clarifying that I love my husband dearly but there are somethings that just drive me crackers.  One of those things is how little interest he has in carrying out improvements to our house.    When it comes to decorating, DIY or more ambitious home improvements it’s down to me to arrange and/or convince my OH to part with his cash.  The latter is incredibly difficult I can tell you. My husband will happily spend money on technology and new gadgets.  That is his thing.

Whether it’s your first home, or the house that you have been living in for a while, having a place fit for socialising is something that lots of us aspire to, especially in the summer months.  Having a party at home is a great way to get friends and family together especially when the people you know have children.  So that you can get your house ready for your next celebration, I have got some awesome tips to get your home party ready this season: Party Lanterns The quickest, simplest

It’s such a relief that spring is here isn’t it?  Long gone are the cold grey days of winter and we are now enjoying blue skies and lighter nights. Everyone is starting to feel a lot more cheery and it’s a great time to harness these happier emotions and and think about updating your home.  There are many ways to embrace this seasons trends, with small touches to the home to embracing the new fashion for boutique wallpaper for a more dramatic change.  Which ever you choose to do, any

Do you remember back in January I introduced you to the BISSELL Revolution Carpet Cleaner?  We put it to the test on a range of household stains including mud, orange juice and red wine.  It was pretty good at dealing with them too. Since then, the BISSELL Revolution Carpet Cleaner has been getting to work on a range of household spills and stains.  Just after Christmas I decided to refresh the colours in our lounge with a bit of a design make-over.  Things needed lightening up so I went for

If you are getting a little bored with your living space, it might be time to refresh some of your soft furnishings.  Perhaps your sitting room is too dark, and few changes might just liven things up for the winter months.  Maybe you want to make it feel cosier, while adding your own personality at the same time. If you are a lover of travel like me, you may want to bring your passion into your living room.  We can’t be on a trip all of the time, but we can

If I was to make one prediction for 2017, it would be that we are going to be cooking more in the kitchen.  As we see the aftermath of Brexit take hold, food prices are set to start rising as soon as we enter the new year.  Our household food budgets will start to feel the pinch as the weekly shop starts to cost more money and packet sizes start to get smaller.  Savvy families will start to look at how they buy and prepare their food to make the

Our house is a very busy house, and maintaining a sense of calm in it is one of my constant challenges.  I’m determined to get on top of this in time for Christmas.  One thing that seems to add to our house stress levels is the clutter and ambience.  Daddy is a bit of a stress head anyway, and trying to keep everything calm is a real challenge.  The girls can often disturb the calm in the house too by emptying a container of toys of the floor or just

The houses on my street all look pretty similar in lots of ways, but when your walking along that’s not as obvious as you think it would be for a run of 1930’s properties.  I’ve noticed that a lot of people are making their homes look more unique and there are definitely some that are standing out from the crowd.  Adding new windows seems to be the thing that is making the most difference, which is very different to how it used to be.  When window replacements first came into

In just a few weeks my daughters are going to be sharing a girls bedroom for the first time as their big brother flies the nest and sets off for university.  The room needs an overhaul to take it from being a teen boys bedroom to a space fitting for two little girls.  Whilst it’s going to be sad seeing teen move on, I’m looking forward to getting really creative in the bedroom he’s leaving behind.  Creating a fun space is definitely going to take my mind off all the changes

I was so excited about moving into my first house. Buying a home is such a life changing event. Some people spend ages picking out the right one, they look at things like charlotte homes or other people just pick the first one they see. I went from playing at growing ups to being the real deal just by signing a few contracts. I had bought the house all by myself, with a little help from the bank of course, for my son and I and it was the beginning

It definitely is all about the bathroom this week, and the post I shared with you about an accessible space has got me thinking about the perfect family luxury bathroom.  I’m not sure who designed our bathroom, but it’s really not been very well thought out.  The bath is in the wrong place, there’s a really odd cupboard that takes up a lot of space put provides very little storage and the whole thing is crying out for a remodel. The bathroom is actually quite a good size, and I

Having a bathroom that is going to meet the needs of a person who has a disability or is physically challenged  is going to make a long term difference to their health and well being.  Imagine using a wheelchair, and not being able to get into the bath easily or safely.  It raises all sorts of issues about the frustration the person will suffer, how comfortable they feel in their home and the level of dignity they will experience. Designing an accessible bathroom that they can use either unaided or

When it comes to kitchen design, it can be tricky to keep up with the latest trends, and since most cooking space crazes seem to quickly come and go, you may begin to wonder whether it’s worth staying up to date at all. So instead of trying to keep track of what’s hot and what’s not, you could opt for a style that you know will never fall out of favour. For hints and tips on how you can create a perfectly timeless kitchen, here are five design touches you’re

Do you mind if I’m completely honest with you?  I think we’ve known each other long enough for me to be able to tell you how it is.  My living room is a complete disaster.  There are toys everywhere.  There isn’t enough storage and we don’t make the best use of the space available.  I might not be the best at interior design, but when it comes to bargains, I think Argos voucher codes are great for saving money on home decor. I try and discuss our living room with

Our bathroom is really not how I would like it to be.  We moved into our current house nearly 3 and a half years ago now and we’ve done very little to it for one reason and another.  We, like a lot of other people we know, have decided to have children a little later in life. We moved house when our youngest daughter was 6 month’s old.  My husband finally realised that where we were going to live was going to make a difference to where our children would be

Second hand furniture is becoming more and more popular for using to decorate a new or existing home. Whether your moving house or just want to create a new look in the home you are already in, second hand furniture shops can come to your rescue every time, bringing you in on budget and creating a unique look you really won’t find anywhere else. Home owners and people who rent their property want to be able to put their own individual stamp on their home, and the internet provides us

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to improve the garden as I can see already that we are really going to get a lot out of our outdoor space this year.  The girls have reached an age where they are going to really enjoy playing outside together and I want to make sure the garden is a lovely space for them to play in. I also want us parents to be able to enjoy it a lot more than we have been doing.  Last year we didn’t seem to use the

You really can have a beautiful nursery for your baby, no matter how much space you have.  Baby might be lucky enough to have their own room, but these can vary in size so much.  The new arrival might be sharing their space with the office, but you can still create a lovely space to suit your baby and the computer.  If you put some time into designing your nursery, you can create a space that everyone will love no matter how much room you have.

As we get closer to spring, I’m starting to think about how to make the garden fun for kids to play in. I know some people like the idea of having a swimming pool in their garden and that’s fine if that’s something you want. You could even take a look at using someone like Willsha Pools to help you design it. But I think this summer the garden will really come into it’s own as both our girls enjoy being outside. I really want to make the garden a

I have decided that updating my kitchen is going to be this years house project.  Last year we took on the bathroom on a budget and I know the kitchen has needed some attention for sometime.  If I could have my dream kitchen it would require an extension and a complete refit.  Unfortunately we just don’t have the budget for that right now.   I’m not sure it would be worth the disruption with having the children running around so I’m looking at other ways to make my kitchen a space

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