Tomorrow will be your first day of school my little one, so I wanted to share a letter as I think we are both feeling a bit emotional about the changes ahead.  Firstly, I want you to know that you are going to be OK, in fact you will be more than OK when you get settled in.  You have spirit and it will get you a long way in this life. The glue ear has been a challenge for you, and we’ve talked about how it’s made some sounds

I’m guessing you’ve arrived on this article because you have been searching for the best places to go for  October half term holidays.  You’ll be pleased to hear then that there are some great options for your half term family break. Do not let the weather being a touch on the colder side in the UK put you off having fun, as there are lots of ways to embrace the changing season. In my opinion you can have lots of fun during autumn in the UK because we like to

When we heard that Bing Live was going to be coming to the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham I knew I wanted to take the girls for a holiday treat.  They are both huge fans of Bing Bunny and his friends.  They really enjoy their real life adventures so I knew they would love going to see the show. I didn’t tell my little Bingsters they were going to see Bing Live until we were heading for the show.  As soon as they found out they were going to the

I’m not really familiar with the latest family cars from Ford, so when Evans Halshaw got in touch to see if I would like to test drive the new Ford Focus I was curious to say the least.  Having a good family car makes such a difference if you go on road trips or take the family camping during the year.  As a family, I think buying a car is one of the most important investments we make. The brand new Ford Focus was delivered to us in time for

Written in collaboration with Mary J Choosing where and with whom to holiday is always exciting. Getting to research a place and then start to organise the trip is an exciting and thrilling experience that makes the actual trip all the more fun. And although travelling as a family is great, once in a while parents should take a few days to themselves and have a grown-ups only vacation. The key word in the previous statement is “a few days” so finding a location that can accomodate the amount of

As a Mum with an older child I totally understand that finding things to do with teenagers can be a challenge.  When kids get older they don’t seem to enjoy family time in the way they used to? Please do not be put off, as it’s still important to spend time together or get them out of their room at least.  It’s just about finding the right days out with teenagers and I’ve got a great list of ideas for you right here. I have been speaking to some of

Taking a road trip should feel like you’re embarking on an adventure. Your itinerary will most likely be jam-packed with all sorts of activities, ranging from exploring crowded city streets to chilling out on a secluded beach. One day you might be learning about American culture of the past within the walls of a museum, and the next you could be drinking a pina colada listening to the waves crashing on the sand. But whatever your itinerary might include, be sure to arm yourself with car renters insurance from a

When the email arrived asking me to take a look at the new BABY Born Interactive Girl Doll I knew I had to say yes.  Indie, aged 6 years old and Brook, aged 4 years old wouldn’t have forgiven me if they found out I’d denied them a new BABY Born doll.  They are huge fans of these interactive baby dolls which you might remember from our BABY Born sister doll and BABY Born bath time doll reviews. When I revealed the BABY Born Interactive Girl Doll to them they

We’ve been looking out for the best festival tent for families for a while now.  When Tiso found out we were going to Just So Festival they said they had a great festival tent for us.  They sent over the Vango Beta 450XL camping tent and asked us to share what we thought for a review.  I did my research, and it seemed like a great tent so of course I said yes. We’ve had a few camping tents over the years, and not all of the have been lucky enough to

We all know that it can be a lot cheaper to buy things like clothes and make up from the US instead of the UK. This is why people travelling to the US make sure they have plenty of room in their baggage allowance to go on a shopping spree during their trip. They get to bring home lots of branded clothes and homewares for a fraction of the price you might pay in the UK. Not everyone can travel to the US for a shopping trip though. That’s where

How to keep youngsters entertained during the school summer holidays with a new adventure around every corner SCHOOL’S out and to help parents avoid hearing the dreaded words “I’m bored”, Parkdean Resorts has partnered with some very savvy UK bloggers.  I’m absolutely delighted to feature in the line up and share my top tips and tricks for an adventure-packed summer so I had to share these ideas with Zena’s Suitcase readers. The days when a simple colouring book or toy would entertain children for hours may be long gone, but

I’m really not a huge fan of having a bored 4 year old and 6 year old at home over the summer holidays.  Can you relate?  We’ve actually been on the look out for some new days out near Nottingham to take Brook and Indie for this very reason. Our visit to Timber Festival in The National Forest reminded us about taking them to Conkers in Derbyshire, namely because it was straight across the road from the festival site and it sounded a lot of fun too.  Shortly after being

Back to school is a really exciting time of year.  The kids are recharged from their summer break, and some of them are even looking forward to getting back to the school routine and seeing their friends.  My daughter was actually mortified when I told her there was 4 weeks left of the school holidays the other day, she’s really looking forward to going back to school. As a Mum who has left arranging the Back to School checklist until the last minute, I can testify to the panic you

When my eldest was born I didn’t really think about kids savings at all.  I was quite young myself, and having just had a baby things like preparing for going to university seemed like a long way off.  I didn’t open a child savings account for him and I didn’t think to save regularly using any other method either. My approach was, I’ll get round to finding the best savings account for kids one day and it will all be OK.  Well that one day never happened and you would be

There is a brand new Amazon Fire for Kids tablet on the block and we have been lucky enough to take a peek at it with my 4 year old and 6 year old for this review.  The Amazon Fire HD 10 Edition for Kids is the largest tablet for children available from this popular online retailer and in this post we are going to tell you what we think. Before we get on to that though, have you been wondering when is a good time to introduce your children to

The Independence of the Seas is one of the UK’s favourite cruise ships, and since her multi-million pound refit she’s also managed to go up in her guests estimations.  This Royal Caribbean Freedom-Class cruise ship has spent the best part of the last 10 years sailing from Southampton during the summer months, showing UK cruisers the true meaning of what it is like to have fun at sea. If this is your first time on the Independence of the Seas cruise ship, or your first visit since the introduction of the  new

mifold Review The latest travel accessory to arrive in our house is the mifold grab and go child restraint from mifold UK.  We regularly travel with a 4 year old and a 6 year old and I’ve been interested in the mifold travel car seat for a while now.  When we received an email asking us to review the mifold car seat for the blog we were very keen to say yes.  Here is what we discovered about this innovative portable car seat: What is the mifold Grab and Go Travel Car

This post was written in collaboration with the Trainline App My son has been at university for a year now, but we still aren’t entirely used to him living away from home.  When he first left, I tried to prepare him with the life skills that he would need to manage from day to day.  I think all parents with a student going to university will be talking to their son or daughter about doing a weekly shop and making student friendly meals, but are you also talking to them

If you have children in primary school my guess is at some point you will have come into contact with head lice and lice eggs.  Because head lice are so common in children I thought it would be helpful to talk about how to get rid of head lice today.  In September I will have 2 girls in primary school and I know there will be regular messages home about reports of head lice and nits going round the class.  If you are one of those parents who regularly finds

LOL Surprise just got really big in the pet department and Brook & Indie are really impressed. With the summer holidays in full swing the occasional toy has to be purchased to help with keeping the kids entertained.  They literally love LOL Dolls, and the same goes for the LOL Pets too. The LOL Surprise Biggie Pet collection takes the LOL Surprise ball to a completely new level and we had so much fun unboxing the cute dog and her babies.  There are so many elements to this surprise toy

When it comes to getting off a cruise ship it can become quite a stressful day if you let it.  It’s definitely the saddest day of any cruise holiday by far, but you can still enjoy it and ensure that you have a stress free journey back home to help you preserve those precious memories made while you were away. These tips will help you have a smooth cruise ship disembarkation, whether you are a first time cruiser or you are an old hat at this getting off the ship

There are lots of places to eat in Nottingham but if you really like steak you might want to check out Bar + Block on Chapel Bar near Maid Marion Way.  Seeing as it only opened a few months ago, it’s still considered to be one of the new restaurants in Nottingham so we were keen to go and take a look.  The invitation also coincided perfectly with our wedding anniversary, so it came as a welcome treat for us too. We arrived at Bar + Block on one of

Over recent years, France has seen something of a resurgence as one of the most popular family holiday destinations among discerning travellers from the UK.  With leading operator Brittany Ferries offering great value holidays in France with accommodation and quick enjoyable ferry crossings to five major ferry ports across Northern France, it’s never been easier to enjoy a French adventure with the family. The big question being – where should you go? If time is on your side, setting out on a voyage of exploration comes highly recommended. If you’ve

The girls have completely fallen in love with Sylvanian Families since they received the Sylvanian restaurant and cat family to review a while ago.  The love the Sylvanian Families animals because of their cute faces and gorgeous dress up clothes.  The Sylvanian family toys really seem to capture their imagination too. They were both delighted when another Sylvanian families toy delivery arrived in the post and could wait to see what was inside. This time they would be adding the Sylvanian Families Ride Along Tram and the Sylvanian Families Rabbit Dress

When you think of Amsterdam there are several elements that might spring to your mind automatically; you don’t always see it as the perfect European city break to take your kids right? Well there are actually a tonne of activities that you can do with children in Amsterdam, you’d be very surprised at how accommodating it is for the youngsters. Of course there are certain aspects of Amsterdam that you might only want to experience with your close friends, but the majority of things to do can be extremely family

Devon is such a beautiful part of the UK with so much to offer, but a lot of people seem to pass it by in favour of it’s more famous neighbour Cornwall and I really don’t know why.  This is such a shame as Devon is a beautiful county packed with things to do and we think it’s a lot more accessible than Cornwall, especially from the Midlands or the North of England.  We’ve visited a few times over the last couple of years so we wanted to share with

With over 27 million tourists visiting every year, London is undoubtedly one of the most popular cities of Europe. It is no surprise that this once Roman city tops the list of tourists’ travel plans. The rich history and outstanding culture of London has thrived over the years and with some of the world’s best shopping, entertainment, dining, art and history, it is just impossible to get bored of the city. If you are planning a trip to London, here we have listed the top things you must do to

Lots of you will be driving in Europe for your summer holidays soon so it seemed like a great opportunity to share with you tips and need to know advice to make the most of your road trip.  Continental Europe is probably the best place for a self drive holiday as it has so many countries you can explore and every new destination has something different to offer, even within the same country.  If you’ve been wondering what you need to do to drive in France, then this driving in

If you are looking for the top things to do in Liverpool with kids then you have definitely come to the right place.  I’ve always thought of Liverpool as one of the best cities to visit in Europe and the UK and I’m really looking forward to sharing my ideas with you. Liverpool is a great city to visit with kids as there is literally loads for you and your family to do while you are there.  When we visited the city with the kids we were so impressed with

Even though Indie and Brook are only 6 and 4 years old respectively we have managed to get through quite a bit of children’s luggage already.  The girls have grown so quickly and this has definitely changed the type of girls suitcases that they need. We’ve learnt a thing or two about not only what to pack in our suitcases but also buying the right kids suitcase depending on age and the type of trip we are taking. With all this family travel knowledge, we have been scouring the internet in

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