Rustic-styled homes have maintained popularity throughout the years by being simple, elegant and comfortable.

If you want to style your home with a rustic theme, there are many options available to you and plenty of furnishings and designs you could follow.

One of the many benefits of a rustic-themed home décor is its versatility – there are many variations and styles you can use to personalise the overarching look.  

When redesigning your home interior, it is crucial to have a plan.

This can ensure you achieve a cohesive overall look and help you avoid overlooking certain aspects of the property as a whole.

You might also want to consider hiring professionals to do any work that you’re not experienced with – quality workmanship is crucial to achieving the best aesthetic.  

Source Quality Wood 

Wood accents are almost universal when it comes to a rustic aesthetic, though you will have many options to choose from with types of wood.

Wood is a timeless material that can add instant rustic tones to any home décor.

You could use wood in many different ways, from food furniture to wood cladding on your property’s exterior.

You must use the best quality wood available, as wood itself can be hard to maintain.  

Stick To Natural Materials 

When it comes to rustic décor, natural is always best.

Natural fibres like cotton, wool and linen are best for soft furnishings, with wood, bamboo and metals being the best choice for hard furnishings.

Natural materials are the obvious choice, though they can also be more costly to source – the price will be well worth it for the quality of the décor you will enjoy.  

Shop Vintage And Antique 

A simple yet effective way to make your home feel more rustic is shopping for vintage and antique accessories and additions.

Older furnishings, art and other household items can look rustic without requiring much effort from your part at all.

Though they will need maintenance to keep them looking their best, vintage and antique pieces can be invaluable for achieving your overall rustic theme.  

Choose The Right Door Furniture 

Door furniture can often be overlooked when it comes to redecorating, but you may be surprised by how much of a difference they can make.

For a rustic theme, it is best to look for colours like antique brass, which can offer incredibly aesthetic results and a timeless finish.

Corston’s door furniture can be the perfect option for anyone updating their door handles, hinges and doorstops to look more rustic and stylish.  

Include Plenty Of Greenery 

Plants and fresh flowers are an easy way to bring instant style and class to your home’s interior.

They are also critical for a rustic theme and can instantly bring together the different elements of a rustic design.

You could consider artificial plants if you’re not too experienced at raising plants or choose low-maintenance greenery while you practice using your green thumb.  

Keep The Lighting Soft 

Harsh lighting is rarely a good choice for interior design, and rustic themes are no exception to this rule.

Warm, soft lighting is key for a rustic feel, with natural light maximised at every opportunity.

It is best to use a mix of overhead and lamp lighting to help you set the right tone for the space.

Lights with dimming options can also be excellent for giving you options with lighting – brighter for during chores or cleaning and softer while entertaining or relaxing.  

Use An Earthy Colour Scheme 

There’s nothing wrong with using bright colours in a rustic theme, but often it is best to choose more muted shades that will better suit the overall aesthetic.

Greys, browns, and oranges often make the best rustic colour scheme and will suit the various rustic elements you’re using in your home décor.

You could consider adding pops of colour here and there if you’d like a bit more variety, but in general, it is best to stick with neutral earthy tones.  

Avoid Symmetry 

In some cases, symmetry is an essential design choice – for more relaxed aesthetics like rustic themes, symmetry is best avoided.

Because rustic themes tend to be oriented around relaxed, comfortable feelings in the home, it is best to keep things relaxed by avoiding being too regimented with the symmetry of the design.

A more casual and aesthetically pleasing eclectic mix of positioning and design is best for a rustic theme.  

The Takeaway 

A rustic theme can be an excellent choice for any home – a relaxed, timeless aesthetic that will stand the test of time.

Redesigning the entirety of a home’s interior can be a major undertaking, so it may help to do one area of the house at a time rather than attempt to redo the whole place at once.

This can help cut down the task into manageable chunks and ensure that each area of the home gets the right level of care and attention. 

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