If you’re heading abroad this year and don’t want the same old resort or beach holiday, then you may be looking for something a little more exciting.

Fortunately, Europe is filled with unconventional holidays that offer fun times for the whole family. 

These consist of mostly activities, which offer a new way to explore different lands across the continent on foot, bike, or boat.

Activity holidays have grown in popularity over the years for many reasons and they can be found in some of the best countries that Europe has to offer. 

So, if you’re on the hunt for an unconventional holiday to destinations around Europe, then we’d love to help.

Check out our list of brilliant holidays that avoid what you may be used to on your holidays abroad. 

Walking Tours 

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

Walking tours in Europe are a great way to keep active and explore historic places at your own pace or with a guide.

These often let you see parts of a country that are off the beaten track, making them all the more appealing to those wanting a unique holiday. 

And oh boy, Europe got a lot to offer! Whether it be the coastal ways of Italy, the exceptional landscapes of France – or the dramatic backdrops of the Swiss Alps.

Spain was the most popular country for Brits to visit last year with a whopping 16.5 million trips made here. If you’re a fellow lover of this country, locations like the Camino De Santiago won’t disappoint either.

Boat Trips 

You’ll find a huge number of rivers for you to navigate down in small boats or even a kayak – depending on how daring you are. Along the way, you can anchor your boat and enjoy days or evenings in the charming towns you pass. 

Some of the best rivers to explore in Europe include the French Canals, River Thames, or the Danube, which stretches from the German Black Forest region all the way to the Black Sea.

Photo by María Is on Unsplash

Consider Volunteering 

Volunteering in local areas is a great way to see the lands and experience the culture in the country you’re visiting.

Not only will you have an amazing time and meet incredible people, but you’ll be making a huge difference to many lives while you’re there.

Some of your options for volunteering include wildlife conservation, community development or cultural preservation. 

Try a Farm Stay 

Farm stays offer an experience like no other.

These let you learn farm practices in different countries around the world.

Plus, you can try some of the freshest foods from farm to table when you do this, which is a way of ensuring your stay is sustainable too.

We hope that one of these options will pique your interest in trying a new type of holiday when you next book.

The beauty of each of these is that there are so many to do around Europe, so you may find yourself hooked on them for life!

Featured Photo by Léonard Cotte on Unsplash

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