How to Detect Drugs Through Urine

For the past couple of years, the usage of different types of drugs has increased in numerous countries – one of these countries being the United Kingdom (UK).

Due to the increase in the number of users, many companies and organizations in the United Kingdom have started to make drug tests a requirement for their members.

In other words, people who are employed by one of these organizations or institutions are required to provide drug test results every two weeks or every month – the time frame is dependent on the requirements of the organization.

However, as providing drug test results in the UK started to increase, many employees started to see the additional expense of the drug test as a problem. 

In order to provide a solution to the problem, companies started to invest time and effort in order to create drug testing kits and provide a more affordable solution in the long run for these people.

Due to the time and effort spent, companies were able to produce different types of DIY drug testing kits – such as urine drug test kits – to which people are able to order the kits online, get them delivered to their homes, and take the test in just a couple of minutes from the comfort of their homes. 

For instance, when using a urine drug test kit, the testing kit requires people to insert a certain amount of urine into the kit.

After a couple of minutes, the stick of the urine drug test will provide the result on whether a person has consumed drugs or not. 

However, to get a more accurate result on how much drug is in one’s system or what types of drugs there are, it is better to take a drug test at a medical institution since an at-home drug test kit may not be able to provide these types of results. 

Different Types of Urine Drug Tests 

As urine drug test kits became successful, companies started to introduce different types of drug test kits.

For instance, aside from urine analysis kits, people have the opportunity to find saliva drug test kits, where they are required to use a cotton swab, insert a certain amount of their saliva inside the stick, and wait for the results.

Additionally, there are sweat test kits, which have a similar process to take the drug test.  

On the other hand, there are other types of drug test kits where people need to provide samples of either their saliva, urine, or sweat and deliver the testing kit back to the company that provides the testing kit.

After sending the kit back, professionals will analyze the samples and send the results back.

This method is considered to be timely compared to the other one; however, it gives more detailed information regarding the test. 

Advantages of Using Urine Drug Tests

Taking a UK urine drug test has many advantages and benefits.

First, it reduces the time that people have to spend when going back and forth to a medical institution from their home.

So, with the testing kit, people do not have to drive for hours every couple of weeks to get the test done, allowing them to save time. 

On the other hand, using drug test kits reduces the costs associated with taking drug tests since their main reason is to provide an affordable solution to people who are required to take drug tests.

Additionally, the fast results that the kit provides are considered to be a benefit when compared to taking the test at a medical institution. 

Finally, taking a urine drug test kit from home provides people with privacy and confidentiality.

This is because when people take the tests in a medical institution, the results are recorded in their medical files, which can have some effects in the future.

However, by taking the DIY tests, this information is not recorded and can be kept private. 

Detecting drugs through Urine:

1- Metabolism Levels

When taking a urinal drug test kit, it is important to understand how the kit is able to determine whether there is a drug in the bloodstream. 

First, metabolism levels are a huge indicator when determining whether there is a drug in an individual’s body, 

2- Hydration Levels

On the other hand, the stick of the testing kit checks the hydration level in the urine, which allows the kit to determine the existence of drugs. 

3- Knowing the Types of Drugs 

Finally, suppose you wish to understand what types of drugs are in your system.

In that case, you will need to either invest in a more expensive testing kit – a kit that can distinguish between different types of drugs and mark the ones as positive on the stick – or send the test to a medical institution to do further analysis. 


To summarize, if you are required to provide drug test results regularly, be sure to use drug testing kits to reduce costs, spend less time waiting for the test result, and have privacy in regard to the result of the test. 


Photo by James Yarema on Unsplash

Photo by Christina Victoria Craft on Unsplash

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