scanWhen you’re born, I will hold you

When you cry, I will comfort you

When you’re hungry, I will nurse you

When you’re tired, I will lay with you


If you stumble, I will steady you

If you fall, I will catch you

If you’re happy, I will play with you

If you’re sad, I will sing to you


When you grow, I will nurture you

When you talk, I will listen to you

When you sing, I will smile for you

When you try, I will believe in you


If you’re lost, I will find you

If you call, I will come to you

If you fail, I’ll remind you

If you leave, I am there for you


When you’re broken, I will fix you

When you love, I’ll be happy for you

When you’re Mum, I’ll respect you

And this will forever be,  my promise to you



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