With about 6 weeks left to go it’s definitely time to start thinking about what’s going in my hospital bag. My labour bag is sorted, thanks to Devon Road Babies so that’s one job done!


My Dear Husband was sent to the loft to retrieve my maternity bag today but unfortunately due to several factors his mission has failed. I know he needs careful instructions due to his colour blindness, failure to follow simple instructions and a complete inability to look past the end of his nose so why was I so surprised to see my hand luggage size suitcase turned up. Oh well, it’s him scaling the ladder again!  It will appear eventually 🙂


So when I finally get my bag, here’s my list of must have items for hospital.  I’ve had a bit of practise at this now, so I hopefully it’s pretty comprehensive!


Essentials for Baby:

Baby grows



Cotton Wool/Pads

Nappy Bags




Muslin Clothes


Essentials for Mum:

Nighties/PJ’s Preferably Button Opening for Breast Feeding

Nursing Bra’s & Breast Pads



Dressing Gown

Maternity Pads & Briefs

Tablet/Phone/Magazines/Notepad & Pen


Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Toiletries for Some Pampering

Hairbrush etc

Going Home Clothes & Shoes


Essential Extras:

Maternity Notes/Birth Plan


Light Healthy Snacks

Bottled water



I’m also going to pack a small shoulder bag that I can keep with me in the early stages of labour at home.  I like to walk during labour and find the gravity and motion really helps to get things moving along.  This is what I’m going to put in my little handy bag especially if I end up going out for a bit of fresh air:



Lip Balm


Clary Sage Essential Oil (Natural Pain Relief)

Lavender Essential Oil

Hair Bands

Face Wipes


Right, all I’ve got to do now is get on and pack it all and make a few lists!  If you have any items you simply must have in your maternity bag, I’d love to hear them.



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