I was recently asked if I wanted to try a product from Beaute Mediterranean, and when I saw the Bee Venom Lifting Cream my curiosity was well and truly peaked.  Anything that has venom from any insect in has to be powerful stuff, right?   The Beaute Mediterranea Bee Venom Lifting Cream arrived and I was immediately impressed with the simple packaging.  I always have more faith in a product that lets the contents speak for itself.

Beaute Mediterranea Bee Venom Lifting Cream Review

What are the Benefits of Using Bee Venom on the Skin?

Before I used the Bee Venom Lifting Cream, I was intrigued to find out about it’s main ingredient.  After a little online research, I found that it is claimed that the Royal Family are fans of skincare products that are infused with active bee venom.  Well, if it’s good enough for Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, then it’s good enough for me I thought.

Bee venom is hailed as nature’s botox and fools the skin into thinking it’s been stung.  Beaute Mediterranea Bee Venom Lifting Cream contains a small does of the active ingredient.  Using it on the skin causes the body to send blood to the effected area and this stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.  These naturally occurring chemicals help the skin to feel firmer and smoother, hence reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

What is Beaute Mediterranea Bee Venom Lifting Cream Like?

Beaute Mediterranea Bee Venom Lifting Cream

This cream is a lovely product to use on the skin.  The first thing that I noticed was the smell.  When I opened the jar, a lovely natural smell of honey was released.  A pleasant smell always makes me feel much happier about using something on my skin.

The cream is rich in texture, but not at all heavy.  When I put it on my skin it was easily to apply and quick to be absorbed.  Before using the product my skin didn’t feel in good condition at all.  It has taken a bit of a battering with hitting 41 and the effects of the cold weather and living with the central heating on.

I will say that this cream has effected the look and feel of my skin.  After using Beaute Mediterranea Bee Venom Lifting Cream my skin feels softer and in much better condition. I personally believe that if you only have one really good product in your skincare routine, make sure it’s the moisturiser as that is the one product that makes the real difference.

bee venom wrinkle cream

I can see that I’ll be using Beaute Mediterranea Bee Venom Lifting Cream again and again now that I’ve been introduced to it and trying some more products from the range.  I certainly wouldn’t have any problem in recommending the cream to a friend who was looking for an effective wrinkle cream.

I was provided with the Beaute Mediterranea Bee Venom Lifting Cream in return for this review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.  Beaute Mediterranea Bee Venom Lifting Cream is available from Face The Future priced £34.00.

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  1. This bee venom lifting cream will really give you a younger looking skin. It makes your skin soft and smooth. Using this as part of your skin care regimen will be great.


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