We all dream don’t we?  Some of our dreams quickly become faded memories, but others seem to stay with us for longer for some reason.  I wonder if they leave this lasting impression as there is something they are trying to tell us.  I don’t mean in a psychic way, as I really don’t subscribe to fortune telling in that way.  I think that dreams are how we process events and aspects of our personality, and it’s a way of the brain making sense of what is going on around us.  How does that sit with you?

Gary Barlow

I had a dream the other night about Gary Barlow.  I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of his, but I don’t dislike him either.  I’ve never been one for celebrity crushes, so I was really perplexed at how he had turned up in my dream.  I got the impression he was living on a boat, when I stumbled across him in my sleep.  It was a nice boat, but not the usual grand affair that you would expect from a millionaire.  Perhaps it was his temporary dream boat?

I was talking to him from the harbour, and we were definitely somewhere warm and sunny.  He was having some troubles with his wife, and she was doing something that meant he would have to return to the UK.  I ended up on his boat, talking to him about the situation and his family offering what advice I could.  I think a cup of tea was involved.  It all felt very civilised.

I can’t remember much else after this, as being near water trigged a waking desire to go to the toilet, and my dream was quickly disturbed.  I’ll never know if anything else went down on the boat, but perhaps I have all the clues I need right here.

what did my dream about gary barlow mean-dreamsexplained

I’m not sure that Gary Barlow was the message, but more his celebrity status.  Not that I have designs on being a celebrity but we do associate them with talent.  A celebrity encounter in a dream can mean that we are looking to have our own talents recognised and become more widely known for what we do.  I can see how that would apply to me and my blogging journey right now.

When a boat features in a dream, it’s a way of showing you that you have the strategies to cope with the unpredictable and complex feeling you might be experiencing in your life and that you are able to maintain emotional stability.  The freelance journey isn’t necessarily a secure path and requires a leap of faith and a lot of effort to make it work.  I can see that this could be telling me that I can cope with this new way of life, and have faith in my ability to deal with it.  I like this interpretation of my dream about Gary Barlow, so I’m going to stick with it.  The idea that I might have been harbouring a celebrity crush towards Gary Barlow all these years is just too much to bear.

The team at Adjustamatic adjustable beds have been thinking a lot about what dreams mean as well, not just for adults, but for children too.  I love their youtube video about what young children dream about.  There’s some useful information to help you understand your own dreams, and your those that your children are having.  Make sure you give it a watch:

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  1. When I was a child I used to get a reoccurring dream of swarms of spiders which would run at me & zoom up to my face to the point where I’d wake up screaming.
    In my 20’s while I was working in a factory, I used to dream of a dark shadow of a man which would be chasing me around every corner of the factory but he would never get close, he was always far behind me. I still don’t know what that meant.
    I know longer get any dreams that I remember.

  2. I actually had a weird dream about him last night,maybe it’s because I have seen him live four times, including twice at Wembley Stadium , I dreamt that the quiz Show Blockbusters was coming back, and he was going to be the presenter


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