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Are you thinking about planning your next holiday? Why not plan your trip around your need for fluffy feline companionship. As a cat lover, there are a few destinations around the world that should be on top of your holiday bucket list. Read on to find out the best places to visit for cat lovers around the world.


Japan is the country where a cat lover will feel most at home. The origin of Hello Kitty has to be first on the list when it comes to a perfect cat lovers’ paradise. Japan has over 150 cat cafes where you can go and enjoy various cuisines in a cat-themed atmosphere. People in Japan love their cats, but they may not be able to keep them at home due to the cramped spaces. Hence the cat cafes are where Japanese cat lovers go to satisfy their need for feline companionship. Cat cafes keep their cats healthy with vet-prescribed cat medicine. You do not have to worry about catching an infection because of the vet-prescribed cat medicine used in these settings.

Cats are respected in Japan because of the “Maneki neko” story. According to the myth, a cat saved a feudal lord from being struck by lightning by gesturing him to come over. Go to Japan to see how crazy people can be for cats.


In Ancient Egypt, cats were one of the most treasured animals. Killing or maiming a cat was severely punished. Mummies of cats have been found with mummies of kings showing how important cats were to the ancient Egyptians. While the sight of mummified cats can be horrific for cat lovers, the cats headed goddess and regular cat hieroglyphs adorning the walls of ancient Egyptian structures can be humbling. Even today in Egypt you can find cats proudly roaming the streets and being fed with the choicest of scraps.


Kuching Cat Museum in Kuching is devoted to cats. The city gets the name Kuching or Cat City due to the museum. The museum has documented specimens of almost all breeds of cats. It is the only museum in the world with a taxidermy Felis Badia cat specimen. Felis Badia cat is the rarest cat in the world; hence cat lovers go to the museum to get a glimpse of the cat.


You do not need to go anywhere specific to enjoy the company of cats in Turkey. The country is well known around the world for its love of cats. You will find cats ruling the streets of the capital. Since the people of Turkey enjoy the company of cats, even the stray cats are well looked after. Cats in Turkey stand as a symbol of unity. You can find cat hostels where you can enjoy a stay with healthy happy cats that get treated with vet-prescribed cat medicine.


Kattenstoet parade at Ypres, Belgium is centred around cats. The parade has its original roots in a gruesome Middle Age festival. The history of the festival was around the senseless killing of cats that once to place in the country’s history.  Fortunately the killing of cats was made illegal in 1817. Today the parade is organized to celebrate the importance of cats in the society as they provided protection of food and wool from rats and mice.

Visit these countries to see people share your love and respect for cats.

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