Why do people travel?

It’s a question I’ve asked myself a lot lately. My relationship with travel has definitely changed after the pandemic and it really got me thinking.

Reason for Travelling

One of my reasons for travelling was because it was something I didn’t do as a child. We were not particularly well off and my family were not motivated to travel to new places. We did have family holidays, but we visited the same beach resort each year or stayed with family. It wasn’t a very adventurous childhood in all honestly. We never left the country and I was desperate to see what I was missing.

I really wanted my children to experience more of the world than I did. This was a lot of the motivation behind starting my family travel blog. Indie and Brook have enjoyed lots of incredible experiences and made some wonderful memories over the years.

We also love visiting historic places and experiencing new cultures. One of my favourite parts of travelling, especially within Europe, is to sample all of the delicious local foods. When I think back to some of my favourite trips, the memories I have around eating out have definitely made an impression on me. I’m a huge fan of not having to cook, so this side of travel really does appeal to me!

Why is Travelling Important

Not only have we loved the memories we’ve made and the experiences we’ve had while travelling, but I also believe visiting new places and immersing yourself in new cultures gives us a much deeper understanding of the world around us. It develops a deeper sense of empathy and understanding with different cultures that is hard to replicate in other ways.

As well as travelling for personal development and learning, I also love that a complete change of scenery recharges the batteries. Travelling allows you to have a renewed sense of appreciation with your own life also.

Other Reasons Why People Travel

The pandemic, however, really did change travelling. We went from a very adventurous lifestyle to one where we were at home ALL OF THE TIME. It was a real culture shock in some ways.

I realised that not only was travel a great way for us to make memories as a family, but we were also using it as a means of escape. We loved the break from the routine, just like everyone else, but there was more to it than that.

We were using it to get away from our house, which was rapidly becoming far too small for us. When you are forced to stay at home all day, everyday, during a lockdown, you really begin to realise how difficult a space can be to live in. Our home was just fine when the children were small, but all of a sudden, they had got big and space was at even more of a premium with Daddy working at home all of the time.

Seeing as our usual mode of escape had been taken away from us, we opted to move house. And what a difference it made! All of a sudden the pressure on our day to day lives was relieved, permanently! Whilst travelling every six weeks or so was a great way to temporarily relieve the pressure of living in a small house, it certainly wasn’t the final solution.

I’m sure that we are not the only people who have used travel as a reason to get away from something or someone that has caused them an issue in some way. I

s that something you can relate to?

Moving home has really changed things for us. We actually like being at home, so I think travel is going to look different for us going forward. Holidays will be carefully picked allowing us to relax as a family, enjoy a bit of luxury and help us create special memories.

We also have two dogs to consider, and as the latest members of the family, we will certainly want to create memories with them going forward. There will be a lot be more dog friendly holidays in our future as well.

Did your relationship with travel change because of the pandemic? Did you want to travel more? Did all the new travel restrictions and admin put you off? I have not been very inspired to travel having seen the queues at the airports and travel terminals. I have been waiting for the travel dust to settle before we start booking flights to go abroad.

50 Reasons Why People Travel

All of the travel that we have done has definitely led us to the point in life we are at now. It has helped us appreciate the things we have. Travel has also helped us appreciate each other more. There are so many reasons to travel, and we will be getting back on a plane again very soon. I can definitely feel my feet getting itchy and we are very much looking forward to sharing more adventures with you all.

If you haven’t been feeling the travel bug recently, for whatever reason, I have put together 50 reasons for travelling to help inspire you. If you are looking for some travel inspiration, dive right in to the list below:

  1. Travelling to new places is fun
  2. It’s great to meet new people from around the world
  3. Traveling is a fabulous way to learn about history
  4. Travel enables you to experience different cultures
  5. Traveling gives you the chance to break away from the usual habits and routine
  6. Traveling allows you to see the world from a different perspective
  7. Experiencing new environments creates mindfulness and renewed awareness of your surroundings and situation
  8. Travel is the perfect escapism
  9. Travel enhances personal growth
  10. Travelling creates lasting memories
  11. The experiences travel provides, gives us the opportunity to empathise with the challenges others face around the world
  12. Travel helps us see family and friends that live in other countries
  13. Travel gets us out of our comfort zone
  14. People travel for work opportunities
  15. Travel is a great way to escape the stress of day to day life and recharge the batteries
  16. Travel allows you to enjoy new adventures
  17. Travel provides a well deserved rest from work and other responsibilities
  18. To visit historical landmarks
  19. To enjoy beautiful landscapes
  20. To try delicious new foods
  21. To travel gives us a sense of freedom
  22. Travel inspires us in our daily lives
  23. Travel breeds curiosity about the world around us
  24. Travel helps personal development
  25. Some travel to relax
  26. Travel is a wonderful way to celebrate life’s major events and milestones
  27. Travel can give you time to focus on your relationships with family & friends
  28. You can enjoy your favourite sports and activities in different locations
  29. Travel provides opportunities to volunteer in different communities that need support
  30. People travel to see a favourite band or cheer on their favourite sports team
  31. Travel can help us find better weather
  32. Travel grows confidence
  33. Travel can help us learn new skills and develop new languages
  34. Travel is a great way for writers, journalists and bloggers to research ideas for new content
  35. People travel in search of love
  36. Some travel when they don’t have ties or commitments to keep them in one place
  37. Travel can allow us to experience a more luxurious lifestyle
  38. Travel provides a sense of living in the moment
  39. People travel to enjoy exciting photo opportunities
  40. Some people have to travel to escape war, life threatening situations or persecution
  41. There are people who have been known to travel to avoid their responsibilities to others
  42. Travel is a popular activity as some feel life is just to short to spend it all at home
  43. Some people have to travel to access medical treatment they want or need
  44. Travel can help us see and experience more of nature
  45. Some people travel because they value experiences over personal possessions
  46. Long term travel is a lifestyle choice for some people
  47. More and more people travel to disconnect from their phones and social media
  48. Travel can be a great way to see your favourite movie locations
  49. Travel can be a religious or spiritual experience
  50. Travel can create a new appreciation for your own life

Can you relate to these reasons to travel?

Are there any more reasons you like travelling that you would add to the list?

Please leave a comment below to inspire your fellow travellers!

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