It’s pretty silly to deny that video content is currently the top viewer and has long outstripped text and graphic content. The introduction of video content allows you to more involve a person in the process, regardless of what goals you are pursuing, whether it is information, entertainment, increasing demand, and so on.

To make edgy and catchy video clips, you need to have profound knowledge about video editing software, which will not only simplify the creation process for content creators but also push them to a lot of brilliant content ideas.

In this article, we will introduce the most efficient video editing software.

Online Video Tools

Live streaming: Wirecast

Live streams help you connect with your users more closely. They can be streamed on your social media or your website’s blog. Wirecast is great for making videos like this. You can customize your video in real-time: add effects, add titles for better understanding. With the help of this tool, you can stream your events, host webinars or simply communicate with your audience in real time.


  • Free trial;
  • Studio version – 599$;
  • Pro version – 799$.


  • Connecting multiple inputs for any source;
  • Automatic synchronization of the audio track;
  • Constant technical support for developers;
  • Setting individual parameters for each scene.


  • Loads the system heavily;
  • One of the most expensive software.

Video editing: Animoto

In Animoto, you can create a full-fledged video using only the photos loaded in this video editor. You just have to choose a suitable theme from the offered templates, add captions, and customize the color scheme so that all images are made in one filter.

This editor allows you to tweak your short videos so that the music does not get out of the picture. In addition, you can add your voiceover to speak about what is happening in the video.


  • Free;
  • Basic – $96 annually;
  • Professional – $180 annually;
  • Professional Plus – $468 annually. 


  • Different templates for different types of videos;
  • A large number of possible controls for editing video effects;
  • Free to make YouTube videos.


  • The free version is embedded in the Animoto watermark;
  • Many editing features are paid;
  • It is not smooth when editing videos online.

Desktop Video Tools

Video editing

  • Movavi Video Editor

In addition to creating simple, engaging videos, you need to incorporate modern digital technology into your users’ attraction strategy. At the moment, users are interested not only in seeing a nice picture of the product but also in learning. An excellent solution would be to create webinars where you can explain the chosen topic using simple terminology.

You can use video capturing software in order to explain to users how to use this or that tool using your monitor and recording your actions. In addition, by editing video with Movavi, you can edit your video and change its format in order to place it on different platforms.


  • $39.95 for a one-year subscription
  • $59.95 for a lifetime license


  • Record video from the screen, webcam and microphone;
  • Supports splicing and cutting up pictures;
  • Color correction, transitions;
  • Adding titles;
  • The ability to stabilize video;
  • Supports many formats.


  • The trial period is only 7 days;
  • Not suitable for professionals.


This online tool allows you to create colorful videos regardless of your skill level. You can upload the video that you want to process, and this software will select the best shots and add them for editing in a new file.

In the new video, you can add accents to improve perception. Using Magisto, you can add a suitable soundtrack by yourself, which will set the mood, and you can also make fascinating transitions.


  • Premium – $9.99 monthly;
  • Professional – $19.99 monthly;
  • Business – $69.99 monthly.


  • Convenient interface;
  • Simple and convenient settings management.


  • A small set of options;
  • Pop-up ads;
  • Long loading;
  • Slight slowdowns;
  • It takes some time to upload your video.

Screen recording: Camtasia

If in your work you often need to record what is happening on your monitor, then Camtasia is an ideal tool where you can record individual fragments of your screen and then process the video using professional settings.

This software is in high demand as many editors offer limited functionality, while Camtasia offers an advanced set of features that are used by the vast majority of video editing professionals.


  • $359.99 with one year of maintenance.


  • Stylish interface;
  • Ease of management;
  • A variety of beautiful effects.


  • You cannot add additional effects and plugins to the program;
  • You need a powerful computer for a large amount of work.

Smartphone app: Videoshop

This tool allows you to edit your video from scratch and turn it into a full-fledged movie that will be no worse than professional videos. Using Videoshop, you will be able to shorten your video to the desired time frame so as not to tire your viewers. The base of music tracks will allow you to create an incredible background, and you can also overlay your voice.

Even without being a video maker, you can quickly make a full-fledged video with cute effects that will grab the attention of users.


  • Free.


  • You can work with a large number of formats;
  • Allows you to use cloud storage;
  • High quality integrated filters;
  • It is possible to synchronize with the desktop version.


  • Lack of converter;
  • Only a preset camera can be used to capture video.


The era of simple advertisements in magazines and newspapers that could attract people is long over. It’s time for video content to showcase the interplay of innovative tools and services. Your main task is to keep the interest of your regular and potential audience.

Video editing software offers a professional set of features that will help you create great content in a short time. And don’t forget to use SEO tools for better video promotion.

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