Mykonos is an Aegean island, located precisely in the Cyclades archipelago, renowned as a popular tourist destination.

Thanks to its mild climate and enchanting beaches, it attracts visitors from all over the world.

Its coastline also offers breathtaking views and crystal-clear waters, making it a true paradise for lovers of the sea and relaxation.

Windmills of sunny Mykonos

Travelling to Mykonos by Private Jet

One way to reach the Greek island is to take a private jet London to Mykonos.

The route is just over 2500 km long, and the duration is about three and a half hours.

One leaves from London’s Biggin Hill Airport, which has a long runway, and reaches Mykonos International Airport, which has a medium-sized runway.

For this reason, it is highly recommended to fly with light or medium jets, aircraft suited to the characteristics of this airport.

But why should you use a private jet from London to Mykonos for your holiday?

This solution has several advantages, for example it allows you to organise your trip with total peace, without worrying about departure and arrival times or overbooking situations.

Moreover, a private jet is exclusive and guarantees total privacy, as there are no strangers who might overhear confidential conversations and/or disturb you during the flight.

Finally, it should be emphasised that private jets are able to offer an excellent level of comfort, thanks to their larger spaces, reclining seats and tailor-made services to meet the different needs of passengers.

What to see in Mykonos?

As already mentioned, taking a private jet from London to Mykonos allows you to reach a unique island with enchanting places suitable for both those who want a quiet holiday and those who are looking for socialising and entertainment.

Mykonos island,Cyclades. Greece summer holidays. Bars by the sea in famous popular place "Little Venice".

However, some of the must-see areas on the island include:

  • Little Venice: is one of the most symbolic places in the urban area of Mykonos. Its name comes from the Italian town of the same name, and is due to the ‘floating’ houses found here. Little Venice is characterised by shops, bars and restaurants where you can spend a few carefree hours and is a very colourful and romantic neighbourhood, especially at sunset;
  • The Armentis lighthouse: the lighthouse area is mainly recommended for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle. From the impressive lighthouse, in fact, it is possible to admire beautiful views in total tranquillity, landscapes that are lost between the sky and the sea that are truly evocative;
  • Ano Mera: this small village a few kilometres from Chora allows you to get to know the true soul of the Greek island, amidst white houses and flower-decked balconies. Here it is possible to visit the square with its taverns, with a totally different soul from the island’s typical establishments, and the Monastery of ‘Panagia Tourliani’ right in the centre of the village, in the Byzantine tradition;
  • Lena’s House: Mykonos also offers cultural sites, including the famous and graceful Lena’s House, a traditional home of the island’s bourgeoisie. This building is an important testimony to the social stratification present in the area before the homogenisation due to the flow of tourists.

What to eat in Mykonos?

One cannot visit Mykonos without sampling the local delicacies. The island’s cuisine is characterised by the basic ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, such as olive oil, basil, oregano and other herbs. 

In restaurants, you can also find various fresh fish dishes, such as grilled and fried fish.

There are, however, also meat dishes, deriving from Turkish influence.

These include gyros, similar to kebabs, accompanied by a round, flattened bun called pita

As for desserts, among the most popular are the almond-based and rose-scented amygdalota.

Final Thoughts on Organising a Holiday in Mykonos

In conclusion, organizing a holiday in Mykonos offers an unparalleled experience of beauty, relaxation, and cultural exploration.

Accessing the island via a private jet from London ensures not only convenience and comfort but also a level of exclusivity that enhances the overall journey.

Mykonos, with its captivating landscapes, charming villages like Little Venice and Ano Mera, and cultural gems such as Lena’s House, promises a diverse range of experiences for every traveler.

Exploring the culinary delights of the island, from fresh seafood to traditional desserts, adds another layer to the adventure, allowing visitors to immerse themselves fully in the flavors of the Mediterranean.

Whether seeking tranquility or vibrant social scenes, Mykonos caters to all preferences, making it an ideal destination for a memorable holiday getaway.

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