First off, your reader has seen your search result, been hooked by the headline, and clicked through to your post. It grabbed their attention from the outset and helped them with how to tackle the problem they came to your blog for. Awesome! Pulling them in is your main goal and keeping them there is the next one, so you are going to need to see how a high converting landing page, as well as creative writing, can pull those readers in for you to reap the benefits when they visit you.

Then that reader thought, I wonder if she’s ever written anything on (insert reader problem 2), and bang your reader is searching your posts quicker than you can say SEO. Not only is your reader enjoying your blog, but Google has noticed your reader is enjoying your blog too! Your getting gold stars all over the place. Perhaps your blog has talent after all. You’re on a winning streak now and you’re hoping it doesn’t stop, so you check out what type of SEO agency London services are available and what they can do for you in multiple ways, and why wouldn’t you? There is so much you can do for your blog now.

When Google notices your readers are are hanging out on your blog, it will make it easier for new readers to come your way. So how do you make it through blog auditions then?

Has Your Blog Got Talent

Know Your Audience

The task of finding a digital marketing agency in singapore or any other country where a business owner plans to run his business might not be that difficult. In contrast to this reference, as a blogger, finding your target audience and keeping them engaged with your content can sometimes seem quite challenging. To begin with, you need to know who is reading your blog and what they want to know. This is a fairly straightforward question when you are focused on a particular niche. Google Analytics will give you more details too.

Some good old-fashioned brainstorming will give you some great content ideas in no time at all. Remember to focus on fixing your readers problems or issues, you need to give them something with your content.

Think About Your Headline

Your headline is so important, it needs to grab your readers attention and let them know what they can expect from your post. Those first few seconds can make or break an audition. What question or problem is it going to answer for them? If they know how your going to help them from the outset, they are more likely to click on your post.

Write A Good Meta Description

Once your title has peaked your readers interest, the next place they look is in the search result is the meta description.

This allows you to entice your reader to your blog with a snippet of what they can expect. It should be interesting and give some more detail about how you’ll be able to answer the readers query. It’s your trailer for what’s coming in the full length audition.

Write Great Content

You’ll have heard this time and time again, but it is so significant to giving the reader a great experience on your blog, it really has to be mentioned. It’s your audition, you’ve got 3 minutes top to impress these guys.

The post should cover everything the reader could possibly want to know about their issue that not only do they feel compelled to save it for reference, but they also want to share it with their friends.

Offer Them More Great Content

If your site is optimized with the appropriate content for SEO, it would make your website easy to navigate for users so they can find what they want easily. Give your readers an accessible search bar and logical menus and categories. Give them useful links or suggested reading to encourage them to read more. Help them get around your blog, and this will help your blog! Everyone wants to be asked back for a second audition, right?

Make Posts Scannable

Readers take in information from the web quickly and breaking content down with headings helps them digest what they want to know quickly.

They will see your going to cover issues relevant to them and will focus on what is important. It will improve their personal experience of your blog no end and are less likely to hit the back button which is like Simon Cowell hitting the red button.

Why Does All This Matter?

So your readers see your application (your title and meta description) and click through to read more. They liked your post so much, they want another audition. Your through to blog camp. Woohoo!

Your reader loves your posts so much they ask you to audition to the live show and your thrust before all their twitter followers. OMG, you were such a hit your best post is performing for the Queen and all of a sudden you’ve got a standing ovation (or the viral post!).

OK, that might be over simplifying matters, but you get might drift. The more you help your readers, the more Google will notice your efforts and keep offering you to more readers in search results and so your ranking will improve. Helping readers matters, as Google cares about your readers experience as much as you do! If your readers love you, and Google loves you, you know your blog has talent!

Did you love it? Go on, send it to the live shows! I’ll settle for your twitter followers though 😉

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  1. hello! Thank you so much for this, I’ve taken everything you’ve written about into account, I didnt even know what meta description was and now thanks to you I might actually have a chance of being found on google!! x shereen

  2. Love this post, and you get full marks for doing everything on your list 🙂 I’m pinning this to come back to

  3. Love this post! I didn’t know about half these things. I don’t think my blogs got talent, but I enjoy it, and that’s the main thing for me 🙂 your blog’s definitely got talent! X

  4. This is a fabulous post Zena, proving once again that your blog definitely DOES have talent! I think I’m pretty good with most of this stuff, but need to make more of the meta description s. Thanks for the reminder xx

  5. Thanks for the great tips I will be putting all these into practice to make sure my blog has talent 🙂 thanks for hosting #MyFavouritePost

  6. As you know I’ve already left a comment on this post earlier in the week, but I didn’t want to see like I was just ignoring the linky rules so here I am again 🙂 Thanks for hosting #myfavouritepost

  7. I’m not sure if I’d make through boot camp, but it’s fun trying! Thanks for the blog books you tweeted about the other day, really useful! #myfavouritepost

  8. Thanks so much for the tips! I’m trying hard to figure all this out but I feel so old and unhip (I’m only 24!). It’s a language I don’t understand! *Sigh*


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