Some years I really put off thinking about Christmas, and then others I’m literally looking forward to the festive season from September.  This year is one of those years where I have literally wanted to fast forward through autumn and get straight to decorating the Christmas tree and getting the fairy lights out.  I’m not the only one like this am I?

silver and red christmas place setting

Before you think I’m really odd, hear me out on this one.  There’s something that really lifts my spirits about Christmas.  When the nights are dark and the days are cold I look forward to the festive glitter and all the family get togethers.  It’s a wonderful time of year for dressing the home and making the simplest of events feel a little bit special.

As years have gone by we have established a few Christmas traditions in our house.  We pretty much know when we will be having guests, when we will be visiting friends and the time we will have to just slow down and enjoy as a family.  Between us and our family and friends, we’ve worked out a routine that works best for everyone for the time of year.

Christmas buffet table setting

We are big fans of the Christmas buffet, and party food will feature in our calendar quite a few times.  Regardless of whether the food is slightly more casual than a turkey dinner or something we prepared in the slow cooker, it’s still nice to make the occasion feel special.  Our guests appreciate the effort we’ve made with not only the food, but the presentation.  A lovely table makes everyone smile, and there’s nothing like a few well placed snowflake mats and silver napkins to make everyone enjoy the buffet a little bit more.  I love seeing those festive spirits literally go up a notch as guests charge their plates with sausage rolls and mince pies and comment on the festive touches.

It’s family times like these that leave me feeling completely satisfied with our Christmas gatherings.  Saying goodbye at the end of the night is never a sad event, as everyone is in such good spirits.  The children maybe a little over excited, but the bedtime routine still manages to fall into place with a well timed story and some cosy Christmas pyjamas.

nordic red white duvet christmas

As the rest of the evening unfolds, another glass of prosecco may appear and a few more presents may get wrapped but the highlight will be ending the day snuggled down in the winter duvet as everyone prepares for the big day hoping that Santa got the memo that we don’t have a chimney.

Christmas Day always starts with a flurry of activity.  Daddy is in charge of preparing the turkey for it’s long stint in the oven.  There’s a danger that the kids might become impatient waiting to get started on the important business of opening presents, but nothing can begin until everyone is seated.  Presents are passed around the room and wrapping paper piles up in a satisfying heap in the corner.  A stream of oh’s and argh’s are unleashed from the children while the designated photographer tried to capture these candid Christmas moments in pictures.

table setting with Christmas cracker

Whilst the children sit happily playing with their new loot, the adults disperse to their various Christmas jobs.  While Daddy bastes the turkey, I enjoy taking a moment to prepare the table for the fantastic feast that lays ahead.  Even the smallest dining table can become the perfect place for a mighty Christmas dinner with a well organised place setting.  When the final touches are added and the Christmas crackers expertly placed, there’s an immense feeling of satisfaction knowing that the family are going to enjoy taking to their seats for one of their favourite meals of the year.

table setting Christmas dinner

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Beautiful Easy Christmas Ideas For The Home - add some gorgeous festive touches to your home with these simple ideas including Nordic inspired red duvet and red and silver themed table settings for Christmas dinner

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  1. I can’t get enough of Christmas! As soon as Halloween is over I’m all over it – we’re heading to the garden centre this afternoon to have our first browse of all the decorations! I love making the house look all festive and cosy, and I love putting on a good family meal. We’re big fans of party food here too – Christmas Day evening, and then Boxing Day are always party food buffets in our house. I need to get planning our table decorations for this year – almost as important as the tree in my view!

  2. One of my favourite things to do around christmas time, is invest in new duvets (christmas themed of course) for us all. Love the one in your post… gorgeous colours and design.


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