Best Summer Holiday Packing List (with Free Printable)

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Travel Mamas, can I ask you a question?  Are you in charge of the summer holiday packing list? I bet a lot of you are responsible for the holiday packing checklist and organising what to take on holiday and I want to lend you a hand to make travelling with the kids easier.

In my house I’m the person who makes the holiday essentials list and packs the suitcases.  Seeing as I have a few holidays under my belt now, I wanted to share with you my tried and tested holiday checklist for families so you don’t feel like it’s all down to you.

child playing with scrunch net on beach

Pre Holiday Tick List

Before we start talking about what to take, there’s a few things you need to do before going on holiday.  The pre holiday planning is where you can get the most help from other members of the family, so make the most of it.  Allocating some of these jobs to other members of the household will help with your pre holiday stress levels no end.

Week Before

  1. Check in online
  2. Suspend any regular deliveries you have
  3. Make sure any personal administration or payments you need to make are up to date
  4. Take a digital copy of all your important documents

Just Before You Leave

  1. Water the flowers
  2. Clean out the fridge
  3. Unplug and/or switch of all household devices
  4. Put the bins out
  5. Charge any devices you are taking on holiday
  6. Lock all the windows and doors

Summer Holiday Packing List

If you are the one left wondering what clothes to take on holiday for an entire family, the best way to approach it is to break your travel packing list up into sections. Instantly the holiday packing will feel a whole lot more manageable.

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Things To Pack For a Holiday

Holiday Toiletries List

I like to write this list first as it’s the definitely the wash bag where I’m most likely to forget something. Toiletries can be a very personal thing and what one person thinks is an essential item someone else might leave at home. This packing list will be a good starting point though.

  1. Toothbrushes
  2. Toothpaste
  3. Mouthwash
  4. Shower Gel
  5. Shampoo
  6. Conditioner
  7. Hair brush
  8. Tweezers
  9. Cotton buds
  10. Make up
  11. Sanitary products
  12. Deodorant
  13. Perfume
  14. Razors
  15. Hair accessories
  16. Hair styling products
  17. Sun cream
  18. Body lotion
  19. Face moisturiser
  20. Pocket mirror

What To Pack For Swimming

If swimming is going to be a big part of your holiday, then you will need to take a few essential items for the pool.  I like this packing list as it’s an easy one. It can make you feel organised and on top of your to do list quickly once everything you need is packed for the trip.

  1. Swimming Costumes
  2. Goggles
  3. Towels – check with the hotel/holiday provider if you need them
  4. Floatation aids or wings for the kids

Day Clothes

Splitting you clothes packing list into what to wear in the daytime and what you need at night will help no end.  Do a weather check before you go so you can pack the most appropriate clothes for your holiday.

What you take will also depend on what activities you plan to do and how long you are going for.  If you are going on holiday for 2 weeks, consider whether you can do some laundry while you are away to stop you holiday packing list getting out of control.

This holiday packing checklist works for everyone in the family, you just need to decide how many of the items you will need for each person.

  1. Underwear
  2. Socks
  3. Sandals
  4. Shoes
  5. Coat/Jacket
  6. Cardigan/jumper
  7. Shorts/skirts
  8. T-shirts
  9. Long Trousers
  10. Shirts/blouses
  11. Dresses
  12. Pyjamas
  13. Sun hat
  14. Sun glasses

Evening Wear

How will you be spending your evening’s while you’re on holiday? Are there going to be nights where you want to dress up to go out for a meal or see a show? If the answer is yes then you will need to add a section to your packing list for evening wear.

  1. Shoes
  2. Jewellery
  3. Dresses
  4. Skirts
  5. Blouses
  6. Shirts
  7. Trousers
  8. Underwear
  9. Socks
  10. Tights

Essential Travel Accessories

There are some practical items that make going on a family holiday easier or that someone just can’t do without. Have I missed anything off?

  1. Money belt
  2. Ear plugs
  3. Notepad & pen
  4. Laundry bag
  5. Umbrella
  6. Back pack

Children’s Travel Bag

Indie and Brook always take their own rucksack on holiday and they have also got into the habit of packing it too, which helps no end. I will prompt them with this list of what to take on holiday for kids.

  1. Colouring or activity book
  2. Pencil Case
  3. Story book
  4. Toys
  5. Tablet
  6. Soft toy

Gadgets and Electronics

I’m the first to admit that we are a tech family and we always take a long list of gadgets on holiday with us. I always take the same things and this tick list works well for us.

  1. Phones
  2. Camera
  3. Laptop/Tablet
  4. SD Card
  5. USB Stick
  6. Chargers for all devices
  7. Travel adaptor

Travel Documents and Personal Items

  1. Handbag
  2. Wallet
  3. Keys
  4. Passport
  5. Tickets/Boarding passes
  6. Driving Licence
  7. Visa
  8. Vouchers
  9. Travel insurance documents
  10. Vaccination card
  11. Money
  12. Credit Card
  13. Guide book

First Aid

Jungle Formula For Kids

One thing I really think should be on your holiday packing checklist at least is a handful of first aid items as we all know how prone kids are to bumps, grazes and picking up germs.  As a minimum I would recommend finding room for packing these items in your suitcase.

  1. Pain killers for adults and children
  2. Plasters
  3. Any regular medication you take
  4. Insect repellant
  5. Cream for insect bites

Phew! I think I’ve covered everything now.  I really hope you have found this family holiday packing list helpful and that it helps with organising your household before your trip.  To make your life even easier you can download this free holiday packing list printable template as a pdf right now and start filling those suitcases like a pro.

All I have to do now is wish you a great family holiday, where ever you are going.

If you think I’ve missed something off the list that you couldn’t possibly do without, please do leave a comment below as I’m sure both myself and the other readers will find it helpful.

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