If you are looking for a kids travel journal to take on your next holiday or vacation then you are absolutely in the right place!  Kids can learn so much from visiting new places and recording their adventures.  We took a kids travel journal on our last holiday and Brook and Indie both loved completing it.

kids travel journal

Writing in their travel journal became a very important part of the day.  It gave us the opportunity to discuss what they enjoyed seeing and doing as well as a way of recording those very important travel memories.

If you want to try out a kids travel journal to see if it’s something your children will enjoying completing on your next trip I’ve made a completely free printable download that you can use.  My kids travel journal has enough pages for a 7 day trip, but you can print extra sheets if you need them. All you need to do is add the extra pages to the journal and you can make it any length you wish.

free printable download kids travel journal

There are lots of kids travel journals available to buy online, but they all look very similar to be honest.  We bought one hoping it would contain prompts relating to the destination we were travelling to.  When we received it the only connection the travel journal had to our destination was the picture on the front cover.  What was even more disappointing was that inside there was a spelling mistake, that was repeated on every single page.

A kids travel journal is just a travel diary that prompts children to make notes about each day of their trip.  If this is what you need for your next holiday, our free kids travel journal will have you covered!!

sample page kids travel journal


Download Kids Travel Journal Here

Download Page 1 Here 

Download Page 2 Here 

This kids travel journal is free for anyone to use for the purpose it was intended.  If you do use the kids travel journal I would be delighted if you would share a picture of your child using in on your favourite social media channel.  Please tag Zena’s Suitcase so we see your pictures! Here’s a list of all our social media accounts:

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If you want to save this kids travel journal for later, pin it to your travel board on Pinterest.

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  1. What a great idea Zena – I love this! Have downloaded and I know my daughter will love filling this out when we go on our adventures again. Thank you for providing this! x


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