Golf getaways are always exciting, especially if your friends and you share a strong bond over this game. When preparing for a golf trip, many simply focus on hotel bookings and flight timings and ignore their packing till the last minute. To have everything you need when you get there, you must make a packing plan for a successful and enjoyable golf trip. Here are some useful travel packing tips for your next golf getaway.

Make a List

Whether it’s a relaxing holiday getaway or a golf trip, your packing should always start with a list to ensure that you have everything when you reach your destination. If this is your first golf trip, you will likely forget something important, which is when your list will come to your rescue. Most travellers pack the obvious golf equipment like clubs and clothes but forget other necessary objects like a first-aid kit or an extra pair of socks. When making a checklist, check the weather of the destination you are traveling to. Consider the number of traveling days as well to carry enough pairs of clothes.

Pack Specific Golfing Gadgets

Certain golfing gadgets like GPS devices and rangefinders can help improve your game. In fact, some players prefer to carry these gadgets whenever they have an important game. Whether it’s a leisurely golf trip or a serious tournament, carry a GPS device and a rangefinder for more accuracy. Smartwatches and divot repair tools are also becoming increasingly popular among aspiring golfers. Other than these specific golfing gadgets, carry a portable charger to charge your cell phone. If you are carrying your laptop, make sure that you pack the charging cable as well. Do not forget an extension cord and extra batteries.

Check Multiple Reviews Before Buying Your Golf Club

One of the most important tools for your golf trip is a good golf club. If you already own a golf club, pack it properly to avoid damage. For this, buy a high-quality, waterproof golf bag. If you do not own a golf club and are looking forward to buying one, you need to check multiple trusted reviews to narrow down your options. The professionals at suggest checking out curated review pages to get more expert insight into the best features and affordable clubs out there. Ill-fitting clubs and other equipment can not only degrade your game but also damage your posture. This is why you must pay specific attention when finding a seemingly tailor-made club for you.

Pay Attention to Clothing

Your golf clothes should include a few golf tees, shorts, and socks. The tees should be breathable and light in weight. In case of rain, carry long pants, long sleeves, windbreakers, and compression shirts. Apart from your golf clothes, you may also need a few comfortable T-shirts and gym shorts to work out or loiter around. Pack a swimsuit in case you are visiting a destination that is famous for its beaches. It is also necessary to carry an extra pair of clothes in case the first pair gets ruined by rain or other accidents. 

Pack an Extra Pair of Shoes

Pack your tennis or walking shoes along with your golf shoes as a backup. When commuting from and to the airport, wear your walking shoes and save the golf shoes for the course. Consider your itinerary and plans to determine whether or not you need formal or party footwear. If you are heading straight to your hotel after the game, you do not need additional pairs of footwear. However, if you plan on visiting local restaurants or bars with your colleagues, you may need dress shoes. Carry flip-flops in case you want to visit the beach. Needless to say, carry extra pairs of socks as well.

Focus on Miscellaneous Needs

Other miscellaneous needs like snacking and first aid should also be considered. Since you will be out on the course for a long time, you must carry a first aid kit to treat bruises and injuries. Golf trips are always a great opportunity to make important contacts and strengthen your network, which is why you should carry some business cards. If you do meet someone who can be valuable to your professional front, give them your business card to stay in touch. You may also need some extra cash and coins in hand to tip golf shuttlers or to use vending machines. 

With these tips, packing for your golf trip shouldn’t be as difficult as anticipated. As mentioned above, stick to your checklist and get more detail-oriented to have everything when you get to your destination. For a hassle-free travel experience, pack as light as possible.

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