Scotland is a beautiful country filled with rich history, beautiful nature, and culture and is a historical gold mine. When you are planning your family vacation to Scotland, it is important to pack appropriately. Depending on where you choose to journey and explore, you may find yourself needing all kinds of differing attire. When you are getting the family ready to venture to Scotland, there are weather concerns, as Scotland offers a vast differentiation between its many areas. From beaches that offer fishing, to the glorious highland mountains, you want to make sure that you have packed the proper attire for all your planned outings.

Scottish Climate

Depending on when you plan to travel, you will encounter different climes. Summers can be very warm, humid, and welcoming, while the winters can be incredibly harsh, cold, and snowy. You would do best to consider the time of year and the type of temperature your family can tolerate when you are planning your trip to Scotland. While the temperature is not often bitingly cold, with the wind and rain present in the highlands, it is best to pack prepared, with a windbreaker, warm clothes, and the ability to apply layers for your adventures. Due to the rain that is prevalent in Scotland, taking waterproof clothing is a definite must. An umbrella for unexpected rain showers will go a long way, especially if you are out and about. 

The Scottish climate is generally a bit colder than the rest of the British Isles, so when travelling from the surrounding locales, it is important to expect temperatures to be a bit lower than you are used to. If travelling with little ones, it can be a good idea to pack for colder weather rather than be left with no jumpers for the smaller members of the family. There is nothing worse than packing for like temperatures and needing to purchase clothing while on your tour. Make sure you take a good assortment of clothing that will suffice for rain, snow, wind, hail, and any other thing mother nature can throw at you. While it may be sunny in the lowlands, the highlands often have a mind of their own, so preparedness is a must.


Depending on the accommodations you choose for your trip, you will need to pack different items. If you are staying in a hotel or planning to camp, the list will be entirely different. With ample opportunities for hiking and camping in Scotland, your accommodations will revolve around what you choose to do with your family on your vacation. It is astonishing to see the types of accommodation available in Oban and surrounding areas, you are sure to encounter exactly what you are looking for. Your dream trip is a reflection of yourself, your interests, and your family, so making sure you pick the right accommodations is key. Depending on where you go and where you are staying, you will need to pack a variety of clothing and supplies. If your accommodations come complete with a pool or jacuzzi, then you will certainly want to bring your bathing suit, so the children can enjoy a day of water play. If you plan on being outdoors more, then you should gear your packing around the required clothing.

Hiking and Camping

If camping in Scotland, you will want to bring weatherproof gear and a tent. An extra tarp will do you good in your adventures, and sleeping bags can combat an evening that may get a little chilly. Should you plan on backpacking in the highlands, you will want sturdy footwear and lightweight supplies. It is a good idea if you partake in a hiking trip to rent a room at a local inn and leave your heavier bags, carrying only what you will need for a day of walking and exploring. The Scottish Highlands are some of the world’s most breathtaking mountains, but the weather can change in an instant, so making sure you take the necessities to stay warm and protected is a must.


For a normal day of sightseeing, you want to bring comfortable shoes, light clothes that can be layered, and your camera. It is a good idea to bring a battery pack for your phone if you use it as a camera, as you will be viewing many sights and sounds on any given day, and you won’t want to miss out on those memories simply because you need a charge on your battery. There are small items such as battery packs that you can carry with you in a backpack that will make your day much smoother. Taking a few snacks and water bottles will also allow you to avoid paying for costly food at tourist attractions, letting you save your money for a hearty family meal at any of Scotland’s beautiful restaurants.

The main thing to remember when packing for your family holiday in Scotland is to pack appropriately for the conditions and the activities that your family will be partaking in. If you are an active and adventurous family, then your packing list will be entirely different than the family who is going strictly to stay in the city and visit the standard tourist destination. Packing for your trip is just as personal as planning it, so ensure that you are tailoring your items to yourself. If you will be going to fine restaurants, ensure you have a few dress clothes in the mix. If you plan on being outdoors most of the time, pack for waterproofing and layering. If you plan to fish, bring the appropriate gear and wellingtons. 

Your adventures in Scotland will be filled with magic and adventure. With glorious sights, sounds, rich history, and tradition, there is no better place in the world to take a vacation. Packing appropriately will please you and allow you to heartily enjoy this beautiful family trip without having to go through frustrating situations or purchasing clothing on the fly. Once those bags are packed, there is nothing left to do but enjoy your time and revel in the glory that is Scotland.

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