If there is one piece of advice that should be given to every single person on the planet, it’s to define as much joy as possible.

Where do you find the joy in the ocean lapping at the side of the beach, or you find joy lying in the grass and counting the clouds, you need to find something that makes your heart sing and relax yourself.

Travel is one such way to do that. 

This isn’t just about pre-planning your family vacation for the year or choosing to travel the world from your kitchen via chocolate because of companies like Eat It Like.

This is about moving your body and your mind to places that you could only dream about reading stories. It’s about flying to Hawaii just to be able to see the height of the waves. It’s tracking the mountains in New Zealand with the Lord of the Rings in mind that inspires you from when you were a child.

There are so many things that you can gain from traveling and it’s not just the chocolate you pick up along the way, or the magnets you bring home. Here are five things that you will truly gain when you travel the world.

5 Benefits of Travelling

Sense of Purpose

You might find a new purpose. Traveling is an amazing investment of your time, not just your money. It’s also an investment in yourself. If you’ve never been to the fast lane villages in East India, how do you know you haven’t discovered everything in life?

Some people go traveling and get a sense of newness that they  have got with any other method of fun. You’re going to learn other cultures and see other things and you’re going to be able to visit new places that have always inspired you. You may find a new purpose along the way.

Increased Gratitude

Travelling leads you to appreciate your home. All travel has its advantages, and when we spend time away from home, especially in places that we don’t have the same available luxuries, we start to appreciate what we had.

If you come from a privileged home, and you see the way the other half live quite literally, you might finally thank your parents for what they’ve given to you.

person in traditional dress at the street


You gain a new home. While you appreciate the home you left, you might get a new home and on the way. Moana wanted to go across the sea to the horizon – and when you do the same thing you might find you belong there.

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Cultural Development

You gain understanding. If you have never traveled around the world before, you can’t understand this until you start. You can have so much more understanding of political issues, struggle and strife than what you see on the TV or what the media portrays to you.


You realize that you are as small as anything. The world is a very very very small place if you have never seen it. If you don’t go beyond your town limits or you’ve never left the country before, the world doesn’t feel as fast as the books tell you it does.

And then you spent 10 hours on a flight to get to somewhere that you throw the date on a map at. The world is a very big place, and you will realize how small you are in comparison when you travel.

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