Scarlett was a shy little girl, she didn’t have any brothers or sisters, and she didn’t see many other children.  Scarlett and her Mummy lived at Granny’s house.  They’d run away from the Big Bad Wolf and Granny was looking after them for a while. Scarlett loved it at Granny’s.  There was always a nice warm fire and Granny loved baking, so there was always cake.  Scarlett loved cake.


Mummy and Granny had spoken to the people at the ‘Council’ near the village where Granny lived.  They told them they would have a house for Mummy and Scarlett very soon.  Scarlett didn’t mind waiting.  She liked being at Granny’s house.


 The day came for Scarlett and her Mummy to leave Granny’s,  but it would be OK as they would still be nearby.  Scarlett could see Granny all the time, and she would still make Scarlett cakes.



Scarlett had her own room at last. It was painted pink, she loved it.  She made a special place for for all her teddy bears.  There hadn’t been any room at Granny’s house for them, so she enjoyed settling them into their new home.




Sometimes Scarlett’s Mummy didn’t seem to cope very well on her own.  She’d start to shout at people and Scarlett didn’t know why. Sometimes Mummy shouted at Scarlett too.  Scarlett still loved her Mummy though, with all her heart.  


When Scarlett didn’t understand what was happening to Mummy, she would go to her room. She loved her pink room. There were horses on her bed covers, and so many teddy bears. Each one had a name. 


Scarlett knew a big day was coming.  Mummy had always wanted a Princess wedding, in a big church with lots of people there.  When Mummy met Mr Charming she started planning her day straight away.  Scarlett got to wear a pretty dress, she thought her Mummy looked beautiful too. Everyone seemed so happy.  


Mr Charming came to live at the house the council gave to Mummy and Scarlett. Scarlett thought this was OK. Maybe Mummy wouldn’t shout so much, after all she seemed so happy.  Scarlett wished she could make her Mummy happy too.


Sometime after the wedding, Mummy and Mr Charming didn’t seem so happy anymore. Scarlett would sit in her pink room and hear them shouting. Sometimes there was banging too.  She would cuddle her favourite bear and wait for it to stop. They didn’t come in her pink room, she was safe there.



The shouting got worse, the banging got louder and Scarlett was scared. Sometimes Mr Charming would go back to his own village for a while.  Mummy cried a lot, and after a while Mr Charming would came back to Scarlett’s house.  Scarlett carried on playing in her pink room, she loved her pink room. 

One time Mr Charming didn’t come back from his village.  There had been a lot of shouting and banging, and Mummy seemed very upset.  Scarlett tried her hardest to make Mummy feel better but nothing seemed to work. 


It was raining outside and it was dark and miserable. There was a loud knock at the door, everything in the house seemed to shake.  Scarlett slowly opened it, and there stood the ugliest troll she had ever seen.  The troll burst through the door and knocked Scarlett to the floor with his big hairy hands.  She was sure they were the size of shovels.  Scarlett ran and hid in her pink room, she cried soo much and she felt so alone.  


While the troll lived in the house, Scarlett spent a lot of time in her pink room.  The troll was really mean and smelly.  He was mean to Mummy all the time, she always seemed unhappy these days.  Scarlett tried so hard to help her, but Mummy would always listen to the troll in the end.


The troll was always poking the fire, like it would make it last longer or something.  One day, Scarlett was clearing the table, and she dropped a plate.  It made such a crash when it smashed on the floor.  The troll stopped poking the fire and made his angry face.  Scarlett started to shake as the troll waved the hot iron at her shouting words that she did not understand.


Scarlett could feel the heat coming off the metal rod.  She knew she had to get away.  She ran and ran, and she didn’t look back.  She could never go back to her pink room.


Scarlett ran until she reached Granny’s house, where there was tea and honey on toast, her favourite.  Scarlett stayed at Granny’s house, and never went back to her pink room again.  The troll would stand outside and shout something about the office taking his money away.  Scarlett didn’t understand, she just wanted her teddy bears.  


Her Granny looked after her until she was old enough to go to the University in the city.  She loved it there, she could forget all about the troll and have lots of fun.  Her journey was a  bumpy one, Scarlett didn’t always get things right but she tried her best.  No matter what happened though, she knew she would never be as scared as she was that day,  but she always remembered her pink room, she was safe there. 


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  1. wow what a powerful post Zena! I was hooked from the start and I am so glad that Scarlett’s story ended happily and I really hope she got her happy ever after??
    LOve your style of writing this and thank you so much for sharing it with FF x x

  2. Wow great writing. You had me captivated the whole time. I love this style of writing keep the read wanting more and more and hooked. Powerful post!!! Glad Scarlett’s story ended in freedom and happiness. I am sorry for her rocky starting though that’s so hard to move on from. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me again. And the continual blog support I appreciate it so very much. #sharewithme

  3. it is very touching story, I really hope and we should do our best for our little girl never to see us arguing, I know you cant always have flowers and sunshine in your life but we all should try and do our best for children’s sake

  4. Great post. Brings home just how our actions, big and small are absorbed by these little people we create. Childhood is sacred and short and should be safe. Sometimes it’s not but I hope Scarlett left the monsters behind and created her own beautiful castle.

  5. you’ve a serious knack for capturing your audience! well done 🙂
    Popped over for #sharewithme, would love if you came and said hi back @ xx

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