I first experienced pelvic girdle pain in the 3rd trimester of my second pregnancy.  If you’ve experienced it I know you’ll get how painful it is, and how frustrating it can be!  A short walk to the shops is quite literally a step to far.  My husband refused to go to the supermarket with me as I couldn’t get past 2 aisles.  Needless to say we discovered online shopping!




I kind of expected some aches and pains, being 37 and not as fit as I could be.  I didn’t take any specific action to make it better apart from resting when it hurt.  The midwife mentioned contacting the physio, but I didn’t see much point at the time.
I’m currently 23 weeks pregnant, and have been experiencing PGP since about 14 weeks.  I was totally disheartened, as I know it’s likely to get worse from here on in.  At it’s worse the pain reduces me to tears and makes me totally depressed.
This time I have taken the midwifes advice, and I rang the physio.  She was really helpful and gave me loads of great advice.  She agreed it was PGP, and that I was suffering as I hadn’t fully recovered from carrying my 22 month old daughter.  I’d breast fed her also until she was 14 months, which has probably kept some of the pregnancy related hormones in my system, like the main culprit Relaxin!
Basically I’ve got to do my pelvic floor exercises more regularly.  Boring!  I’ve got to try and stay symmetrical, so no hoovering (yeah!) where you move from leg to leg!  Sit down to get dressed so as not to  balance on one leg to get  trousers or shoes on.  Avoid lifting heavy things, especially children and balancing them on the hips, even my handbag is too heavy!  Reduce twisting and bending, the day I decided to sort out my daughter’s toys and books resulted in the worst pain!
This stuff is hard to fit into family life, but even making some small changes has really helped reduce the pain, even though I still can’t do a great deal or walk very far.
The physio also referred me to an antenatal exercise class for women 20 weeks pregnant or over.  I’ve signed up and I really enjoy it.  It’s gentle, and just right for someone who hasn’t done real exercise for 3 years!
I’ve decided it was definitely worth getting some advice, and wished I’ve done it the first time round.  I hope it doesn’t get any worse, but all I can do is keep my fingers crossed as there’s still quite a few weeks to go.  Anyway, must dash, got my pelvic floors to do……

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