The weight loss journey so far is going great.  I’ve lost a total of 2 stone in less than 2 months.  My baby weight has gone and then some, so I’m really chuffed.  I’ve also seen real consistent changes in my behaviour towards food because of Thinking Thin, so I really hope it’s helping you too.

I leave food on my plate that isn’t healthy.  This was completely unheard of.  My food mantra used to be, ‘waste not want not’, but it was causing me to dramatically over eat and gain weight.

Thinking Thin

I say ‘No’ to treats and goodies that aren’t healthy, AND it’s become easy and effortless!   I don’t feel like I’m missing out at all.  We still have take away, but I don’t eat the entire free bag of prawn crackers that comes with the Chinese before getting to the main course.

Instead of a relationship that is based around rewarding myself with food, I am rewarding myself by taking care of myself.  This sift in mind set is massive and probably the biggest reason for my success to date.  I used to start in the morning thinking today is the day I’ll start to lose weight, and by dinner I’d completely forgotten that thought and would eat a variety of things that just were not good for me.



All of these changes are to be celebrated, but, and there is a but, there is one thing I’ve not tackled and that is exercise.  I have reached a point where my weight loss is starting to plateau and my body needs to move more.  I WILL start moving more!

Now, life for me for a long time has been fairly sedentary due to the pelvic girdle pain I suffered in pregnancy and the rest that is required after baby arrives.  Walking was laboured for a number of weeks after little Pudding arrived and breastfeeding requires you to sit for a significant portion of the day.  Add to this that I haven’t done any structured exercise since I was 12 weeks pregnant with Princess, over 3 years ago and it’s safe to say I’m well and truly out of the habit!  Some change IS required.

Knowing where I am at I’m not going to think of it as exercise for the time being, I’m going to concentrate on bring more movement into each day.  Each day, I’ll plan for the next what I’m going to do to be active, even if it’s just a walk with Pudding in the pram.  Princess is now at home 2 days a week, so being active with her is essential for the sake of an easy life and bedtime!

Today, Pudding and I have been for a walk.  Tomorrow, Princess has gymnastics which requires Mummy to follow her round wearing Pudding in her sling.  I’ve found some You Tube Channels that have some great exercise routines, and I’m going to START doing those too!  No more ‘wishing’ I did more, I am going to do more!

Do you exercise regularly?  How do you fit it in with a busy family life?


  1. Love this as I’m in similar boat, but keep going up and down with weight loss motivation!

    Bought a workout intense dvd but need to force myself to try it!

  2. Zena you ROCK!! I am so happy to hear that you’re getting results 🙂 to have lost 2 stone already is absolutely amazing…keep up the fab work lovely!

    In terms of fitting in exercise, time is definitely the hardest thing to find! I wear my little man everywhere in a sling and walk, it’s win win as far as I’m concerned. If you’re after a good introduction home DVD, I can highly recommend ’10 Minute Solutions: Target Toning’. It’s about a fiver on Amazon and is brilliant. It has five 10 min sections, and the idea is to pick and choose your own workout. Also if you only have 10 min then you’re able to still do something. Best of luck xx

  3. I foresee lots of bracing walks in the fresh Scottish air when you visit!
    I’m hoping for good weather for your visit, so walking to the playpark, to the shop, to drop in on old friends….. But please remember Granny walks very slowly these days (I need to move more too – use it or lose it!).
    I can’t wait to see the new you….

  4. losing 2 stone is amazing! well done you, and it’s great to hear that you’re so motivated, not letting anything stand in your way x

  5. This post is so inspiring! I need to find a way to work exercise into my routine. I walk a fair bit to get to places but I need to take up something like yoga and I keep using family as an excuse for not doing it.

  6. Well done on getting your head around food… I’m still struggling on that one. I usually do walks with the kiddies or an exercise dvd/YouTube video and the girks try to join in along side. 🙂 good luck.

  7. Sounds like you are doing a great job! I’m on a weight loss journey of my own. I have lost 10 pounds in the last two months and it is just SO great 🙂

  8. Well done you! It really is all about the mindset. I used to run each night and it fitted in nicely but a sprained ankle that hasn’t healed properly and keeps ‘going’ means no more running for me and I’m now in a bit of an exercise rut. Our local swimming pool is closed for repairs until September but then I’ll replace the running I can’t do with swimming. Not so much ‘I will’ but ‘I Can’t’ at the moment with an ‘I will as soon as that pool opens’!

  9. I’ve always found saying no to treats when it’s just not a ‘treat time’ is the way forward. Always said no to cakes etc when it was birthdays at work and am starting to do the same now as being at home with other mummy friends there seems to be more cake about!
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