I personally believe that finding the right diet product or slender plan is the key to loosing weight successfully.  There are lots of weight loss products out there and it can quickly feel very overwhelming when you are looking to start a diet.  It’s important to choose a weight loss plan that is going to fit with your lifestyle and that you will enjoy.  The protein world slender plan is simple to follow and effective, ticking two very important boxes straight away.

When you are thinking about ‘whether the protein world slender plan is a good diet to follow’ these are the 2 questions you really need to have in the front of your mind.  Will I enjoy the slender plan and will the slender diet fit into my day to day life.

If a previous diet plan didn’t work for you, please do not get hung up on the idea that you failed, as I suspect that wasn’t really the case.  It is more likely that the weight loss program just wasn’t right for you and you can use what you learned about dieting and your own preferences to find a diet that suits you better this time around.

Protein World Slender Plan Review

Recently I was asked to take a look at the Protein World 4 Week Slender Plan and before I agreed to try the diet I read some Protein World weight loss reviews.  The Slender Plan has certainly been making an impression on the celebrity scene with people like Khloe Kardashian and TOWIE stars, Ferne McCann and Lauren Pope singing it’s praises but there’s also a number of real life slender plan reviews on Protein World’s website and Amazon.


Protein World Diet Plan

How Does The Slender Plan Work?

The Slender Plan is a high protein, low calorie easy to follow weight loss plan that is delivered to your door with everything you need to supercharge your weight loss and fitness goals.

You follow the suggested Slender plan guide and add a 30 minute exercise plan to your weekly routine 5 days a week.

The Slender Plan

  • Breakfast – Slender Porridge or Slender Pancakes
  • Snack – Slender Snack
  • Lunch – Slender Blend Shake
  • Snack – Slender Snack
  • Dinner – Healthy Meal

The Protein World products in the Slender diet contain a number of weight loss boosting ingredients to help you while following the program.

The Slender Porridge is high in protein, chia and flaxseed which are known to help you feel full for longer. We also know that porridge is a great way of keeping energy levels up and hunger at bay after breakfast.

Protein World Slender Bar next to a cup of coffee

The Slender Bars are a great snack and are packed with 25 vitamins & minerals as well as being high in protein. They are the perfect mid morning treat with a cup of Slender Tea with contain lots of weight loss boosting ingredients like green tea, yerba mate and peppermint.  The combination of the two in particular are very satisfying.  The Slender Bars are pretty dense, so you will know you’ve eaten one!  The consistency is like fudge so I can assure you this is not a glorified cereal bar!

The Slender Plan also comes with booster tablets to help target your weight loss and contain ingredients like guarana extract, green tea extract, yerba mate powder,  anhydrous caffeine and cayenne powder to name but a few.  This range includes a Fat Metaboliser, Carb Blocker, Hunger Busters and Yummy Mummy.  Each supplement is designed to help support your slender blend diet plan to give you the best protein world results possible.

How Much Does The Slender Plan Cost?

There are 3 Slender Blend Plan diet boxes available to suit your weight loss needs and budget.

4 Week Simple Plan £98.99

4 Week Your Plan £126.99

4 Week Core Plan £113.99

The Protein World 4 Week Your Plan is the most flexible and contains more choice of weight loss products so I’d definitely recommend considering it.  It contains:

  • 2 Slender Blend Weight Loss Shake (choice of flavours)
  • 2 Slender Porridge (choice of flavours)
  • 20 Slender snacks (choice of flavours)
  • 2 Weight Loss boosting capsules (choice of products available)
  • 5 Slender Blend sachets
  • Slender Blend Tea (28 bags)
  • Protein World Shaker cup
  • 30 Day Challenge book including recipes and workouts

The Slender Plan is really easy to purchase online and it takes just a few minutes to make buy your box  following the easy steps.  There is a great choice of flavours for each Slender plan product too.  There is a choice of 8 flavours of Slender Blend shakes including salted caramel, strawberry, vegan chocolate and vegan vanilla.   You get to choose from 4 flavours of Slender Porridge or Slender Pancakes.  There’s 8 varieties of the Slender Blend snacks to choose from, and there are savoury options too including Piri Piri and Salt and Vinegar clusters.

Make sure you sign up to the Slender Plan newsletter and check the website for the latest Protein World discount as well.  At the time of writing this a 40% discount is available on the Protein World plan by using the code PARTY40.

What Did I Think Of The Slender Plan Weight Loss Challenge?

Thinking about my own busy lifestyle and how hard it can be for Mum’s to lose weight I really felt the Slender Blend Plan was a great option.  Everything I needed to get started arrived on my doorstep shortly after placing the order and I really liked the easy to follow eating plan.  The structure the Slender Plan provides fitted easily into my daily routine and I never felt hungry.

I enjoyed most of the products that came with the 4 week Slender Plan too, with the vanilla Slender Porridge being my favourite start to the day.  I also love the salted caramel Slender Snack and looked forward to my morning tea break with it.

I also love that you can eat a healthy evening meal as a part of the slender blend diet, as I strongly believe real food should feature in any weight loss routine for long term success.

Slender Plan Eating Meal Plan guide book

I would love to see Protein World add a soup to the Slender Blend weight loss plan as even though the products are low in sugar they are quite sweet and I would like the option to have a savoury lunch on some days.  I probably wouldn’t order the chocolate flavoured Slender Porridge again either as the flavour just didn’t work for me.

During the first week the slender blend diet I managed to lose 3 lbs which I was really happy with. I have seen weight loss of between 1 and 3 lbs over the last 3 weeks so as a weight management program I’ve certainly seen a healthy level of success during the trail. I also feel the price of the slender blend meal plan is incredibly competitive given other weight loss products that are on the market, especially if you buy your Slender Plan now with the 40% discount.

The exercise programs are easy to follow and you don’t need any additional equipment or a huge amount of space.  They did feel hard at first, but they are slowly becoming easier.  I think these will continue to feature in my fitness routine as they fit my work from home lifestyle really well.

If you are wondering whether the slender blend diet will work, I would have no problem with saying it will if you are committed to following the protein world plan and increasing your exercise.  It’s a great 30 day challenge if you have a particular weight loss goal in mind and it’s also great value for money too.

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We were provided with the Protein World 4 week Slender Plan in exchange for this review but all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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Protein World 4 Week Slender Plan Review

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  1. Would love to win because I am in need of help with weight loss. Just been told I am prediabetic with PCOS so really hard to lose weight. This plan looks super!

  2. Id love to win for my neice
    Rather than skip meals as a favoured way to loose weight – this actually sounds the Complete nurtritional way to gain the shape she wants for summer

  3. …because 3 years after having my first born I have no more excuses and need to finally lose weight so I can feel good

  4. I’d love to win this because I have been a greedy little thing and gained lots of weight which I very much need to shift.

  5. I’d love something new to begin my weight loss, and I’d love to lose some pounds before my friend’s wedding in April!

  6. I’d love to win because I am currently trying to lose weight. I lost 3 stone around 5 years ago, but have slowly piled it all back on again, so now I’m on a mission to get it back off again.

  7. I’d love to try this, as i’ve tried allsorts of different diets and they don’t work for me. I get bored very easily and cheat way to often :/

  8. I have arthritis in my knees and my weight doesn’t help. I am trying to lose weight and I do well for a few days then fall off the wagon. This sounds like the perfect plan to keep me focussed.

  9. My weight’s just always creeping up at the moment, and I’m finding it really hard. I’d loveto kick start a new healthier regime with this bundle 🙂

  10. Trying to lose weight, but just been diagnosed with underactive thyroid so could do with something to give me a boost.

  11. I would love to win this because i am on a real mission to tone up. Ive mastered the exercising but i just cant sort out the eating part, this would really help

  12. I exercise a lot but due to me eating to much rubbish I struggle to get to my ideal weight this would help me to shift that stubborn stone

  13. I’ve gradually started to gain more and more weight as I’ve become ill and I was a size 10 now I am a size16 and it really makes me sad I would love to win this to help me get back closer to where I was and to fit in my clothes and be healthy.

  14. I am still going on my New Years resolution to get fit so any help appreciated!! Going on holiday in May so I have a goal 🙂

  15. I’m beginning to worry that I’m not going to fit any of my summer clothes, and believe me, no-one will want me walking around in the nuddy!

  16. I would love to have the opportunity to win this giveaway. As a new mum of two it’s a lot harder than I thought to lose a few pounds. I would love to feel like me again.

  17. I need help to lose weight after I stopped smoking 4 years ago and have been putting on weight ever since. This plan sounds perfect for me and I would love the opportunity to try it!

  18. This looks a really helpful way to help avoid overeating and still eat healthily, I have some extra lard to shift.

  19. I would love to win this because I am now 53 and have been dieting for all of my adult life and would love to once a for all succeed in getting slim and healthy.


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