When a massage is applied, it affects every system in the human body

When it comes to providing perfect relaxation to muscles, lessen body aches and pains, reduce blood pressure and unblock energy flow, there’s no better way than a massage therapy to hit the spot and improve your self care levels. It also provides mental and emotional relaxation which helps enormously with stress relief. What many people don’t know is that a properly applied massage has several physiological effects and affects the body in many ways.  We are going to look a 3 of those benefits today, which will help you decide whether massage therapy is going to be an effective treatment for you.

The Top 3 Physiological Effects of Massage Therapy

Effects on the Muscular System

You might be surprised to know that massages do much more to the muscular system than relieving muscular tightness, stiffness and spasm.  For those people who regularly use this type of therapy, massages can promote a rapid removal of toxins and waste products from their muscles.  Massage therapy also increases the flexibility of the muscle due to muscular relaxation and increases the blood circulation, which leads to a bigger supply of nutrients and oxygen to the muscle.

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Effect on the Lymphatic System

The effects of a massage go way beyond the body’s muscular system as well.  Who would have known that a proper massage can also reduce oedema which is an excessive amount of fluid in the tissue by increasing the lymphatic drainage and the removal of waste from the system.  As if that wasn’t enough, a regular massage also strengthens the immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells in the body.  These benefits of massage therapy have a huge benefit on general health and well being and potentially reduce the risk of other illness effecting the body.

Effects on the Skin

The skin is by far the human body’s largest organ and enjoying a healthy glow is something we all aspire to.  As well as your body care routine, do you know that having a massage will help you to take care of it?  A massage can really help improve the blood circulation to the skin.  This can lead to an increase of nutritional benefits flowing to the cells which encourages the regeneration of skin cells.  The skin is a biggest defence against infections and germs, so keeping it strong and healthy with the help of massage will lead to increased general wellbeing.

Furthermore, did you know that a massage increases the production of sweat from the sweat glands? While that might not sound like a benefit at first, it is incredibly important for the body since it helps to excrete urea and waste products through the skin.

Last but not least massage therapy increases the sebum production which helps to improve the skin’s resistance to infections.  Sebum is the hair and skin’s own natural moisturiser and is important for maintaining the skin’s flexibility and acting as a barrier to protect the skin from bacterial and fungal infections. 

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