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This week we are packing Zena’s Suitcase and we are off on a bit of a road trip.  The GCSE’s results are out on Thursday, and Friday Teen, Princess and little Pudding are taking to the road for a trip to South-West Scotland to visit Granny.

We haven’t really been able to take a holiday yet this summer with the baby arriving, but I have really itchy feet now and a change of scenery is required.  As the date for our trip draws closer, I have started to feel a little over whelmed about travelling with a toddler and a 3 month old baby, especially when we have over 250 miles to cover.

On a normal day this trip would take us about 5 hours at most, but with such small children it’s going to be more like 8.  That in itself is a little daunting.  I’m starting to feel like I need a little control over the situation and there is nothing like making a summer holiday packing list to make you feel more prepared!  There is stuff we are going to need access to for the journey and the stuff we are taking.  I’m so glad we’ve got a big car now.

holiday pin

Toddler Travel Bag

Favourite Doll




Change of Clothes



Toddler Holiday List

Raincoat and Wellies (It is SW Scotland)



Nappies/Pull Up Pants


Craft Activities (In Case Of Rain)

Beach Bag (You never know!)


Toothbrush and Paste

Favourite Bed Toys and Books

Pushchair and Rain Cover

Baby Travel Bag


Change of Clothes

Muslin Cloth

Hand Sanitiser

Baby Holiday List

Travel cot

Pram and Rain Cover


Sleeping Bag/Sheets



Baby Monitor

Baby Sling


Teen/Mum Travel Bag




Teen Holiday List

Waterproof Coat and Shoes/Boots




Mum’s Holiday List


Waterproof Coat and Shoes/Boots


Phone/Tablet/Chargers (reluctantly leaving the laptop behind in the name of travelling light)



Suncream (you never know!)

Now that does feel a whole heap better now I’ve got that down in a post.  It feels like a lot, but then kids need a lot don’t they.  I’m going to be a little bit organised and order an online delivery to be sent to our destination to save on the nappies and wipes going all that way with us, but that does depend on my friend Asda having those particular items ‘available’ for delivery!  They haven’t been great recently.

Have I missed anything? Is there anything you absolutely must take on your holidays when travelling with your children?  How do you cope with travelling long distances?

Zena Goldman

Zena Goldman is a UK based travel, family & lifestyle blogger who left her 9-5 job behind in the not-for-profit sector to follow her creative dreams and enjoy a more flexible family life. She began writing Zena’s Suitcase in 2011 and shares the holidays and adventures she goes on with (and without) her 2 young daughters. She wishes her son would join them more often but he’s carving out his own dreams now and enjoying university life. Since beginning Zena’s Suitcase she has worked with a number of brands and also has a regular monthly feature in the ASDA Good Living Magazine feature, ‘Ask The Expert’ where she shares helpful parenting tips. In 2018 she was also a finalist in the prestigious BIBs Awards for Social Media.

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  1. Granny says:

    And……. breath

  2. Mummytries says:

    Best of luck to your teen today hon, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for him 🙂 definitely think you have everything covered, great list which I’m sure would come in really useful for a first time mum. Hope you have fun at Granny’s xx

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