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APH Airport Parking at Gatwick gifted this service in exchange for an honest review.  As soon as my flight was booked from London Gatwick Airport to Denver International the first thing I looked into was the Gatwick parking options.  As I was driving from Nottingham I wanted a stress free airport parking option that was also good value for money.  When I looked into the airport parking reviews online I discovered that APH Parking had a 97% customer satisfaction rating on reevoo which was definitely a great start. The price of

You might have already guessed if you follow me on social media that I’ve been spending some time in Colorado, USA.  As soon as the trip was booked the first thing I started searching for was ‘things to do in Colorado’, and the first thing that struck me was that the list of places to visit and tourist attractions were literally endless. As someone who has never been to Colorado, Denver or the Front Range before I decided the best people to ask about what to do in Colorado were

If you are visiting Berlin with or without kids then I would strongly recommend adding a visit to Zoo Berlin to your list of things to do.  You’ll find the Berlin Zoological Garden in Tiergarten and it’s easily accessible from the S-Bahn, U-Bahn and bus stops. Just look for the stop marked Zoologischer Garten in each case. I have been lucky enough to stay in two hotels near to Berlin Zoo, 25hours Berlin and Hotel Palace Berlin and it was on the second trip that I knew I had to visit

It’s taken me a while to think about how I wanted to approach sharing our family holiday in Agadir.  As a family, we had very mixed feelings about our experience in this part of Morocco and I feel that it’s really important for us to acknowledge that in this blog post.  The girls had a lovely holiday, but there were some aspects of this holiday that we found challenging. We travelled to Agadir with our 4 and 6 year old daughters in February and we were very excited to be

You work hard all year round to support yourself and those that you love the most. So when it comes time to take a holiday, you want it to be an experience to remember! But how exactly can you achieve that goal? There are several aspects of planning a holiday and they all should be tackled one by one. Firstly, you should decide where you’ll be going. Secondly, you should decide on what time of year, or when you will be going. Thirdly, you should take into account activities and

Did you see our post on travel tips for visiting Agadir?  I didn’t talk about navigating Agadir airport in that post, as given the experience we had there, I felt it deserved an article of its own.  There are definitely some tips and tricks we had wished we had of known before landing at Agadir Airport, which would have made our experience of travelling with two kids a lot easier. These travel tips will help you with arriving into any airport in Morocco, but especially Agadir airport. If you are

Agadir is Morocco’s 3rd largest city and is a popular holiday destination on the southern Atlantic coast.  There are a wide range of hotels to choose from here, and we stayed at El Pueblo Tamlelt (Caribbean Village) on our recent family holiday.  You may be wondering if Agadir, Morocco is safe for a holiday, and I would say generally speaking that it is.  However, there are some tips and tricks we learnt during our stay that will help you if you are planning to visit, especially if you are going

Something magical happens in the vicinity of a waterfall — the sounds of crashing water, the enchanting mists, the lush landscape of the surrounding area — which continues to compel travellers to seek out waterfalls wherever they go. The following waterfalls are well worth planning a trip around, just to experience that surreal appeal of falling water all travellers seem to enjoy. Angel Falls Named for the heavenly heights that this water falls from — as well as the divine light that illuminates the waterfall all morning — Angel Falls

As the political landscape of the world changes, borders are moved or removed all together.  Sometimes a country’s name is changed completely and as these things happen the list of countries that have disappeared grows longer and longer. It seems crazy to me that a country can be completely lost in time yet it happens and it doesn’t always mean conflict and chaos.  Take Czechoslovakia for example.  This country split fairly amicably in 1993 to become the Czech Republic and Slovakia mainly for economic and cultural reasons. For those of you that

Sydney is an amazing city and has so much to offer everyone visiting it. However, Australia is a massive country with so much fun to explore in its entirety. Thanks to this, there are plenty of amazing day and weekend trips that can be taken near Sydney. If it isn’t just a short drive or train away, cheap budget airline tickets are widely available to accommodate some of these awesome trips. Check out some of the best adventures you can take on the east coast! Best Weekend Trips from Sydney

Hundreds of people visit London for business or leisure every single day. We are huge fans of day trips and short breaks to England’s capital as it’s brimming with culture and lots of things to do.  It’s also true that residents leave London for other countries for exactly the same reasons. Travel is a popular pastime with many Londoners given the access they have to train and air travel.  The Eurostar gives easy access to Europe and airports like Heathrow and Gatwick to name but a few open the door

Welcome back to the Zena’s Suitcase podcast!  I’m really excited to share episode 3 with you today.  We are going to Morocco for February half term and we are very excited as this is our first time visiting the country. It seemed like a great time to share with you how we get ready for a family trip.  In this episode I’m talking about how we plan our trip and get the kids involved in picking our activities.  We share a structure that works for us and helps prevent meltdowns

We’ve been travelling with 2 kids for a while now.  Indie is nearly 7 and Brook will be 5 in the summer and with a few holidays and road trips under our belt we have definitely worked out what makes our life easier.  I don’t think there is a family travel blogger out there that would say travelling with children is easy, but the rewards are so worth it.  We 3 Travel blog sums it up so well in her post about planning the best Mother and Daughter trips I

Have you booked your February half term holidays yet?  If the answer is no these ideas could be just what you are looking for.  February is a great time to take a family holiday as prices are generally low to reasonable and it’s always nice to have something to look forward to isn’t it! The cold weather can also be a huge factor for booking a holiday with kids.  My daughter has been asking when it’s going to be summer every day this week.  The frosty mornings seem to be

Let’s be completely honest, air travel with kids can be a challenge for us parents. There are so many more things to consider than when you are traveling solo.  Keeping them entertained at the airport and on the airplane is a huge challenge in itself. Keeping them fed while travelling is also a priority as kids eat all the time and having plenty of snacks to hand will save you not only money but lots of meltdowns too. Just think about all of those people sitting so close together on

Festivals are the perfect way to celebrate summer as a family.  The UK’s best family friendly festivals are packed with activities, music, theatre and story telling.  They are the ultimate summer party and there are plenty of festivals out there that are completely kid friendly. Why visit a family friendly festival? Because they give you the opportunity to camp more on child friendly sites and you get to enjoy the freedom of being outside on those hazy days of summer with a packed program of activities that everyone will enjoy.

If you are looking for things to do in Lisbon, I promise you that you are not going to be disappointed.  Lisbon is one of the most interesting and vibrant cities to visit in Europe making it not to be missed.  We are going to talk about where to go and what to do so you can have the very best cultural experience during your visit to Portugal’s capital. If you love experiencing new cultures and have a passion for European history, you might be interested to know that Lisbon’s

Hello readers! How are you?  Welcome back to my ‘Win a Holiday’ feature!  I hope you have had a great week and you are looking forward to Christmas. I’ll be honest, December has been a bit of a rollercoaster for me and I’m really ready for a break with my family.  When I was feeling a little bit low last week, I wanted to do something to cheer myself up.  Nothing makes me happier than helping Zena’s Suitcase readers and the first ‘holiday giveaways‘ post was published. The holiday competitions

Who doesn’t want to win a holiday or some cool travel gear? If you sad yes, then you are absolutely in the right place.  I stumbled across a new travel website yesterday and they were giving away £18,000 worth of holidays during December.  Well, of course I entered and I thought Zena’s Suitcase might like to read about other great holiday competitions on the internet. If that’s something you would like to know about, it could well become a regular feature. All the holiday giveaways in this list will be

‘Luxury’ and ‘family’ travel are not two things you often put together – in fact, it’s quite difficult to imagine how it would work! However, there are plenty of ways to enjoy luxury family travel from jetting off to exotic locations to staying in world-class accommodation. Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons If you want to break away from the typical family-friendly resorts and enjoy something a little more upmarket for your family holiday, then you’ve come to the right place. The following tips can help you plan the perfect

If you are looking for the top things to do in Liverpool with kids then you have definitely come to the right place.  I’ve always thought of Liverpool as one of the best cities to visit in Europe and the UK and I’m really looking forward to sharing my ideas with you. Liverpool is a great city to visit with kids as there is literally loads for you and your family to do while you are there.  When we visited the city with the kids we were so impressed with

Even though Indie and Brook are only 6 and 4 years old respectively we have managed to get through quite a bit of children’s luggage already.  The girls have grown so quickly and this has definitely changed the type of girls suitcases that they need. We’ve learnt a thing or two about not only what to pack in our suitcases but also buying the right kids suitcase depending on age and the type of trip we are taking. With all this family travel knowledge, we have been scouring the internet in

9 BEST Things to do in Nerja contains affiliate links  If you have found my post about things to do in Nerja, I’m guessing you have booked your holiday in the Costa Del Sol and are at the very exciting stage of looking places to visit when you get there. Nerja is a beautiful town on the Costa Del Sol and I really don’t think you will be disappointed with your visit at all.  I have been on lots of holidays to Nerja, and there are plenty of things to do. It’s one of

Did you know that you can now stay at Devon’s best family day out attraction, Crealy Resort and Adventure Park?  We were invited to stay in a safari tent at Crealy Meadows with our 2 kids aged 4 and 6 years old.  It could well be the best glamping in Devon for kids and here’s why. Glamping at Crealy Meadows is a great option for families looking for places to stay in Devon AND it’s literally right next door to Crealy’s Great Adventure Park which is perfect for little people’s legs. 

I’m guessing that if you have come here to find out about things to do in Tenerife, you have already booked your family holiday, but just incase you need some ideas I also have a great article on the top all inclusive hotels on this beautiful island that you might like to check out too.  If you are still deciding whether you should visit Tenerife, I hope reading this post will convince you that you will have a varied and interesting sunshine holiday here. Tenerife is such great destination for

The Sands Hotel Resort & Spa near Newquay, Cornwall ticks a lot of boxes for families looking for a kid friendly resort for their holiday. Just imagine being sandwiched between rolling hills with open fields and stunning costal views for a start.  I bet you’re feeling relaxed just thinking about it aren’t you?  Well that’s exactly what you’ll get when you arrive at Sands Resort Hotel and Spa for your family holiday. The Sands Hotel Newquay has excellent facilities and prides itself on its family friendly service.  Both of these things,

Hello lovely readers.  Thanks so much for stopping by for the second edition of the travel and lifestyle round up.  If it’s your first time here, you can catch up on what was making a splash in January in this post.  We’ll be right here when you get back, so please feel free to stop by and have a browse. Well, it’s fair to say that January literally flew by.  Was it the same for you?  It’s blowing my mind that we are over 1/12th of the way through the

There’s a few products on the market at the moment that have caught my attention, so I wanted to start the year with a new feature for you.  I’m going to share with you the best products for making family travel and life easier in 2018.  I really hope you enjoy it so without further ado I’m going to kick off with some shoes, well sandals to be precise, but I know there is a lot of you out there that love footwear in all it’s guises so here goes:

Hello lovely readers.  How are you today?  I really hope you are well.  It’s a really grey day here and my thoughts always turn to holidays when the weather is like this.  My mission this year is to have you feeling totally prepared for any trip you might want to take, whether it’s with the family, as a couple or maybe your first solo trip. Follow me on Instagram for our latest pics If we feel in control of the organising and packing, it’s one less barrier out of the

Now that Christmas is over my thoughts are quickly turning to getting ready for our next holiday.  When it comes to buying travel accessories, I really don’t think you can go far wrong than visit the GoTravel website.  They have a great range of travel products at really affordable prices.  We first came across GoTravel when we fell in love with their kids travel accessories.  Make sure you pop over and take a peek as they are really cute and are still a big hit with my kids now. These

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