Now that Christmas is over my thoughts are quickly turning to getting ready for our next holiday.  When it comes to buying travel accessories, I really don’t think you can go far wrong than visit the GoTravel website.  They have a great range of travel products at really affordable prices.  We first came across GoTravel when we fell in love with their kids travel accessories.  Make sure you pop over and take a peek as they are really cute and are still a big hit with my kids now.

These travel accessories are all about the adults, and I’ve been thinking long and hard about what I need to make my trips go smoothly.  If I had to pick just 4 travel products I couldn’t live with out it would be these without a doubt:

Travel Accessories You Need For Your Next Holiday

GoTravel Digi Scales

I have lost count of the times I’ve walked up to the bag drop in the airport wondering whether I would go over my baggage allowance.  These Digi Scales are perfect for putting an end to these worries and they are really easy to use too.  I really like them because they come with batteries that are easy to fit.  They are lightweight and compact, so there’s no issue about fitting them into your suitcase.  They also have an auto shut off feature to prolong battery life.

travel digital luggage scales

GoTravel Power Bank 4000

I wouldn’t leave home without a power bank for my mobile phone these days.  I use my phone a lot for taking photos and video and but it really drains the battery.  The Power Bank 4000 is excellent and has some really cool features.  The fact that it’s yellow makes it really easy to find in any bag, and the power level indicator is so helpful.  It can charge a mobile phone in 1.5 hours and can be used with all types of phones.

travel power bank

GoTravel Supreme Snoozer

I don’t know about you, but I’m always trying to catch up on sleep when I’m travelling.  It could be because of flight times or delays or just because it was a very hectic trip.  The Supreme Snoozer is perfect as it’s super soft and has a layer of foam for comfort, whilst still being a blow up travel pillow.  This means it’s really compact and can be folded down easily to be stored in your hand luggage.  The blow up feature also means you can make it the the perfect size to fit your neck and head.  It’s going to be going with me everywhere from now on!

travel pillow

GoTravel Stretchy Luggage Strap

I’m always paranoid about my luggage and really value the extra layer of security that the Stretchy Luggage Strap gives my suitcase.  This luggage strap is really versatile and will fit most suitcases.  It also makes my suitcase much easier to spot on the carousel at airports so other passengers are less likely to pick it up.

luggage strap


selection of travel accessories

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  1. These items would be really useful and my eldest son could use them on his regular trips to visit his girlfriend’s family in Athens.

  2. These are the things that you always need when travelling but somehow always forget, so thank you for putting it all together! great blog post! fingers crossed – A powerbank is on my b-day list

  3. The luggage scale would hopefully save us a lot of money in excess baggage fees(my partner DOES like to shop when we are on holiday!) The other items are equally useful,especially the Extreme snoozer,to eliminate the usual pain in the neck .Thus the only other pain in the neck would be my partner and their overspending!

  4. With family living overseas we travel a lot, often with suitcases full of presents for the grandchildren, so all these elements would be useful, especially the scales

  5. I am going on holiday this year with my family and my Godson and his family and these items would be really useful.

  6. I work teaching ukulele on different cruise ships so am always flying out to join one…this would be fantastic

  7. The scales outdoor mean I wouldn’t,t panic that I hadn’t over the allowance gone over the allowance

  8. Because there is everything to make preparing and going on holiday a little less stressful. From scales to take the pressure of over weight cases and strap to make identifying the case that much easier. Power pack to boost my phone and neck cushion for a more comfortable sleep.

  9. We’re planning to travel a bit next year, these would be so useful in visiting friends and the long journey involved xx

  10. As in need of such travel accessories. We would like to make most of any opportunities to visit new places etc, and that can involve travel. My old travel accessories lost in change of residence ( house move). Always good to be prepared, we like to visit family and friends. Whilst also keen to have some adventures in our older years.

  11. These would be perfect for my upcoming trip to Barcelona. We are cruising from Barcelona so am limited on luggage – this would definitely stop the husband moaning about being over luggage allowance!

  12. I would love to win these for my daughter who is having her first holiday aboard next year. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  13. I’d love to win these as my son has to travel for business reasons often and he would really appreciate them.

  14. These would be useful for me as u have to regularly travel back and forth between my home in the Hebrides of Scotland and to the mainland. The neck pillow i think would be the handiest item.

  15. I travel a lot of leisure, so these items would certainly make my next holiday easy and hassle free, especially when travelling long haul.

  16. It’s everything that we all need for travelling but never get around to buying! We usually only remember them when we get to the airport and then don’t want to pay the daft airport prices for them.

  17. This would be great for when my family go on holiday and when we go on long trips all the items are so useful for us

  18. We love travelling and get away as much as possible. I’d love to get rid of the feeling of panic that my suitcase is too heavy!

  19. These would have been really useful for my trips to the caribbean and south america this year! Such great travel accessories!

  20. These are a great set of accessories that are real travel essentials, from keeping you connected, comfy and secure x

  21. we drive to scotland and back from the isle of wight quite a bit to see relatives, so would come in handy!

  22. I travel a lot for work and these would really make my journeys smoother and I’d arrive less stressed. Merry Christmas!

  23. sounds like a great bundle of essentials. I always drain my phone battery quickly on holiday from taking so many photos!

  24. This prize would be perfect for me because I am a frequent traveller. I go on at least 4 holidays a year, and this would make life so much easier for me 🙂 x

  25. Supreme snoozer sounds like something I could use. If I could snooze supremely that would be great on my next trip

  26. All very useful but I particularly like the snoozer for long haul flights and the stretchy luggage strap for security.

  27. I would love to win these travel accessories for my sister who is going on holiday next year so these would be very handy and useful for her.

  28. I recently started solo travelling which is so much more expensive than going with someone. Therefore I have to travel light to avoid a taking a hold luggage. This would certainly help me to travel light as the pillow can deflate to save space and the charger is an essential tool for when out and about. The scale will help me keep within my weight limit (more airlines are having weight as well as size restrictions on hand luggage) and the belt will keep things extra secure as being alone means I have to rely on others (usually staff of restaurants/hotel) keep it safe when I nip to the loo or somewhere.

  29. This looks a great set of items, particularly the Supreme Snoozer which looks so comfy. I definitely need the digital scale as I’m terrible for overpacking!

  30. I’m fortunate enough that I get to travel alot with my job so these items would really help to make it smoother and easier!

  31. I would love to win these as a reminder to travel, be adventurous, grab new opportunities and see the world 🙂

  32. Giving in to buying/needing these things somehow makes me feel old. Like I’m becoming too cautious it like my grandparents. But in reality, it’s just ways to travel,smooth and smart

  33. These would be great for our next family holiday. I keep meaning to buy a power bank charger for all our gadgets

  34. I’ll be taking flights to Chennai, Barcelona, Faro, & New York this year so these would make life easier & more comfortable!

  35. You cant have enough accessories when travelling, especially ones that make life a little easier. Thanks for the competition!

  36. My sons girlfriend is here for christmas from Korea and they have many trips planned, these prizes would be a perfet gift for them.

  37. Would love to win this for the travels we have planned next year. The pillow and luggage scale in particular look really useful.

  38. These would help to brighten up my suitcase which is starting to get a bit scruffy and make my travel experiences more comfortable.

  39. I would like to win because it would make long haul flights so much easier and much more comfortable too.

  40. this prize would be fab for my family.a few gadgets that will make life alittle easier when travelling.

  41. I’m off hols at the end of the month and I’m a whirlwind of disaster, so these would really help me out!

  42. Would love to win for my son, who is going to Sri Lanka soon & I know he will need some if not all of these

  43. I’d love to win these travel accessories as I am going to go on my first holiday abroad soon and these would come in very useful!

  44. we travelled alot last year, we are hoping it will be the same this year, so this would be fantastic x

  45. we are going on a long journey to paris soon with 3 kids so this would be great to make our journey easier

  46. I just travelled on holiday and realised how much comfier my other half looked with his neck pillow, after i head bobbed for 2 hours on the plane and bus!

  47. Well we havent been abroard for yrs ,But my daughter goes every year & I remember her trying to weigh her suitcases on the bathroom scales lol So it would be nice to win these useful items that we can share as a family.

  48. I visit my family in Switzerland twice a year and struggle to weigh my suitcases every time. I ended up paying extra last time as it was a couple of kilos over, so it turned out quite expensive chocolate. This would be perfect

  49. I have just booked a week break to Tenerife with my friends for May so these travel goodies would be perfect for me to start getting organised!

  50. The sort of accessories no family should ever travel without. (This is my second post as the first one said I was a spambot!)

  51. Perfect for my daughter who has lots of travel planned this year (in celebration of a special birthday) and I’m sure she’s thought about these items but not bought them and will no doubt forget to

  52. We travel a lot so these would really come in handy. It’s things that we always mean to buy but always forget to!

  53. We have been saving for ages but we have done it and we are of to Disney World florida we are very excited.

  54. The kit contains things you would not automatically think to pack. But once you have them you will be glad you did

  55. Great little bundle for up and coming holiday to Fuerteventura with the family. It will be 7 yr old son’s first time on a plane he’s a bit nervous but sooo excited ⛱???✈️?☀️?x

  56. I’ve been wanting to get luggage scales and a power bank for ages – they’d make travelling so much less stressful!

  57. The snoozer and stretchy luggage strap would be perfect for me because i can never get comfy when traveling and im always losing my case,

  58. I would love to win these fab travel accessories for my husband who travels abroad regularly for work it would be a great useful Valentines present for him and something he would use!

  59. These would be so helpful for me and my husband this year as we have decided to venture to new places and travel. Budget flights mean weight restrictions, and wanting to bring things back from our travel means even more need for a small set of scales. Budget flights also mean sleeping help with a pillow will be much appreciated. The strap will hold my 10 year old backpack together if it decides to give in to my relentless stuff and pack style.

    The mobile power pack – priceless for all the photos I expect to take as we jaunt off to all these new places! What an amazing prize.

  60. It would be great to win a luggage scale and not have to ‘show my underwear’ ever again to the entire queue at Liverpool’s departure lounge because my case is a KG over weight!!

  61. I’m hoping to go away this year for the first time in a decade, winning this would make me totally prepared

  62. My daughter is 18 in 2 weeks and is going on her first holiday without us in April, These would be perfect for her

  63. With 4 children travelling can be taxing and anything to make life easier is always a plus point.
    We have lots of travels coming up and these goodies would be brilliant!

  64. I am travelling to see my son and grandchildren in the USA and these would make such a difference to the journey.

  65. I’m going on my first trip on the Eurostar to go skiing with the children in March, am already getting panicky about having everything sorted xx

  66. We really miss our travel scales that someone “borrowed” on a recent break, was dangerously close to luggage limit on our return so it would be great to replace our loss

  67. I love travelling, but always forget about all the little useful bits, so this would be a great win for me 🙂

  68. These items are great.. especially when you’re packing for the family.. there’s always something we forgot and had to purchase

  69. I’d love to win these because I have just booked a flight to Lanzarote with my mum and it would be great to share these essentials with her

  70. Perfect for going away with the family. I had not seen the GoTravel Digi Scales before and we always panic if our suitcases will be over the limit on the way back from hols

  71. I would love to win these to give me more piece of mind when traveling, It’s hard enough remembering the passport without worrying your battery’s going to die or your luggage is over the allowance.

  72. Packing can be quite stressful as you never want to forget a thing!It’s a super useful bundle to have,thankyou x

  73. Essential travel items that we all need. I have been stung twice with excess luggage yet still have not bought a weight measure. Security device would give valuable peace of mind and the power pack a godsend!

  74. I would love to win as these gadgets would make the journey so much easier for comfort and for being so useful especially for the luggage weight

  75. This lovely prize has everything to make travel more enjoyable & fun. The digital scales would be wonderful to avoid stress at check in.

  76. Travel accessories are so useful and a gadget for weighing cases is worth its weight in gold too i would certainly make use of every item and my son would love the cushion

  77. I’m planning to volunteer overseas for a few months. Money will be tight so these would be great for me!

  78. This summer we’re going on a trip of a lifetime to Walt Disney World with the kids to celebrate my hubby’s BIG birthday. We’ve never been on a flight that long before so these travel accessories would be very handy especially the Supreme Snoozer and the charger for the flight and the scales for checking our luggage on the way back!!!

  79. We’re travelling a lot lately forwards and backwards to family members. Some of these bits would be really useful/helpful to us x

  80. we are off to Vietnam in April to meet our new Grandson Kyan <3 we are very excited about seeing him .. but the idea of 18 hours flying time is ahhhhhhh these gadgets would be an amazing help x

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