Do you get teenagers?  I’ve got to be honest, I really struggle.  Since the hormone fairy came along and took away my sweet little boy, I really haven’t had a much of a clue who’s been camping out upstairs in the pit that used to be a bedroom.



The hormone fairy turned up a little early for my liking.  The boy was about 11 years old when petulance began to  creep in.  Slowly but surely everything became a real battle.  Getting a slug into action would have been easier than moving my son!


We have gone 5 years and he still hasn’t grasped the concept of something needing to happen ‘now’.  Everything is in a minute, or ten!  ‘I just need to finish this game Mum’, he’ll proclaim with significance while the dinner is getting cold.  


It’s harder for us Mum’s with boys.  There comes a point when we just don’t have very much in common with our son’s, if anything at all.  When I realised this our lives became a little easier.


‘Your going to have to meet me have way son, I’m an older lady who likes reality tv, shopping and going for lunch, and you like whiling hours on Minecraft or similar, never the twain shall meet, but your just gonna have to humour me!’.  My son doesn’t give away much the cogs definitely started turning.  We managed to arrive at a compromise.


We still get frustrated with each other, but not quite so much.  He accepts I will ask him questions about stuff, school and anything cringe worthy.  He knows that this happens at the dinner table, and if he can make it through tea without too much impatience and sarcasm, he can retreat to his pit unscathed.


Occasionally, I get to see glimmers of the kind, compassionate person he is going to become and I have faith it will all work out in the end.  He might be grumpy, awkward and needs reminding to use deodorant from time to time, but he is a great big brother and I’m honoured to be his Mum.  I never lose sight of the end game, I know the work I put in now, will pay off ten fold in the end.  I try and set a good example, instill good values and hope that slug boy will turn into a fine young man I can be proud of.  

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