The exam timetable started a week ago, and a long with it arrived high levels of exam stress. It descends the entire house like the biggest darkest cloud. It’s set to stay with us until the last week of June, with a slight reprieve for half term. Maybe.

Exams are a big deal to my son. He wants to do well, he’s got his mind set on a career in IT and he knows which boxes he needs to tick to get there. and I think I heard him discuss comptia certification exams or something similar to that. Anyway, I know it’s serious when even the girlfriend has been put on hold.

As a Mum to a teen, I’m feeling pretty useless when it comes to relieving any of the pressure. I know plenty of recreational drugs and stress regulation methods (such as using a vagus nerve stimulation device), but none are suitable for teens! I offer words of support and remind him to take breaks. He comes back with ‘I know Mum.’ Ask any other questions , and the answer is even more brief, and usually a lot more grumpy. Heaven forbid I ask him how he’s got on when he gets home from an exam. I’m lucky if I get a ‘fine’ out of him. It’s such a non-committal word isn’t it, it gives nothing away at all. He knows I’m big on the detail, but as he gets older I get less of it.

He knows what he needs to do to get through the next month, and I’ll stand on the sidelines making sure he’s fed and watered at appropriate intervals hoping he’s taking care of the rest. As for knowing how he’s done, I guess I’ll have to wait till August when he’ll make me wait on tenderhooks at home until he’s ready to divulge the finer details of his grades. Until then, hopefully my head won’t get bitten off too much! Oh the joys of exam stress!

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  1. Oh goodness I remember this so well from my eldest a couple of years back – I couldnt win whatever I said! Thank goodness instead of a-levels she took a btech which means no final exams as is all modular based coursework – mind you, deadline weeks are still a nightmare!
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