I’m practically touching the finishing line at 38 weeks pregnant and this is the best I’ve felt in over 7 months. I just need to deliver a healthy baby (and Mum!) and I’m hoping the mantra ‘Keep Calm and Push’ with a bit a lot of gas and air will get me through, what do you reckon readers?


My thoughts have been very much turning to Breastfeeding with Princess No. 2’s imminent arrival.  I’m really hoping to be able to breastfeed my 3rd baby, but I’m under no illusion that this is going to be hard, tiring and possibly painful work.  There’s also thoughts of what will Princess No.1 think of it all with some serious fingers crossing going on!


Breastfeeding has featured in the news again recently, and if you haven’t had chance to see my reaction to this, you can take a look here.  I’ve also been reflecting on my previous Breastfeeding experiences to hopefully learn a few things that will help me this time round.


I’ve also been luckily enough to receive some great Breastfeeding related products to trial and review which I’ll be sharing with you in the coming weeks as soon as this little one makes her appearance.  It may seem strange to think you need some equipment, but there are definitely a few things I’d recommend investing in to make things go a bit more smoothly for Mum and Baby.


Pinter & Martin have kindly provided me with a copy of ‘Breastfeeding Made Easy’ by Carlos Gonzalez.  The full review will be published in June, but this is definitely a read I’d recommend to Breastfeeding mums, whether it’s their first or third time.  I’ve found it really helpful and it makes a lot of sense to me and how I see the Breastfeeding relationship.  Do not be put off by the fact it is written my a man as his knowledge and understanding of the subject is truly excellent.


Breastfeeding Made Easy


One of the key things to making the Breastfeeding relationship successful is being comfortable, for both Mum and baby.  For Mum a good nursing bra can make all the difference, and is worth investing in.  I’ll be reviewing the Cantaloop nursing bra in the coming weeks once it’s been put through its paces a little bit so keep an eye out for the up and coming posts.


Cantaloop Nursing Bra


I’m also really excited about being able to review the Theraline Wynnie Nursing Pillow.  Pillows are great at helping Mum and Baby get  in the right position when it comes to feeding for any period of time.  Positioning is so important for successful breastfeeding says the voice of experience.  This is the item I think I’m most looking forward to reviewing.  I’m hoping it helps get me and Princess No. 2 of to a flying start.  If it doesn’t though, you’ll be the first to know!


Theraline Nursing Pillow


I’d be really interested to know what items you think would help a Breastfeeding Mum or what advice you’d give to get things of to a good start especially in those early days.  Equally so, if you chose bottle feeding, what advice would you give and what helped you decide which formula and equipment to use.  I’ve heard Mums say they feel this information is more difficult to access as it’s not a feeding choice actively supported by the NHS.


  1. Good luck. I did a combination of both, for various reasons, and the only advice I can give is try not to be too hard on yourself if it doesn’t go to plan. However, I appreciate that is easier said than done! It’s so close now for you!!! #binkylinky

  2. I breastfed both mine for approx 6 months. I had a blow-up pillow 2nd time around which was fab. 1st time around I had a lot of pain and problems latching but we got there. 2nd time around was easy but I don’t think I produced as much milk. Its different every time. Good luck with everything!x
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  3. I didn’t even realise you were expecting I have been looking for your blog as I wanted to pop over and say hi! this is a great post it looks like you have most things sorted!

    I choose to bottle feed just because both of my births were quite traumatic with both of my boys and I really couldn’t face breast feeding or trying more because I was felt so ill plus the boys wouldn’t latch on I think women put them selves under a huge amount of pressure to breast feed but no one is perfect when you have just had a baby that is a wonderful but stressful time so if you can that’s great but if you cant don’t be hard on yourself its not the end of the world xxx #binkylinky

  4. So many things thats available now to support a nursing mum! My only secret weapon is my scarf! I breastfed my son with one working breast for 2 years hehe. Exclusive for 6 months and then misxed feeding from then on. #binkylinky

  5. I’m with the keep calm and use plenty of gas and air mantra!
    I planned on breast feeding but it didn’t work out for me. I would say to any mum planning to do bf is give it your best but do what’s best for baby and you x #binkylinky

  6. I would have liked to breastfeed but struggled so much with my first baby 24 years ago that I didn’t try with the next 3. I wonder if my first had been in now would I have stood a better chance? Good luck x

  7. I’ll be really interested to read your reviews on the book, pillow and bra. I’ve been thinking lots about breastfeeding and with Bubs being my first it’s a daunting prospect but one I want to approach with positivity. Best of luck!xx

  8. It was something I would have liked to have done but for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to do. Looking forward to reading your reviews. #BinkyLinky

  9. I can’t really offer advice as I tried to breastfeed my twins, but they were too small at 6 weeks premature. I made sure they still got my milk though as I expressed and fed them using their tubes and little bottles. Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky
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  10. I think you can do it on gas and air – for me it felt like my body knew what is was doing second time round and I trusted it to do it 🙂 I have some tips on things to watch out for if breastfeeding – they dhould educate al epectant mums on these and I think alot more people would contiue knowing it’s normal and not their fault http://mummytoboyz.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/the-breastfeeding-princess-essential.html
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  11. La Leche League’s ‘The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding’ is a fantastic resource to get you off to a great start with Breatfeeding. Once feeding is established it’s also great for ‘feed reading’! X


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