We had one of those days where everything just fell into place.  We went for a lovely family breakfast together.  We explored a new park and got lots of fresh air and then we came home and spent the entire afternoon doing love bugs crafts.  Those are the kinds of days I love, but as most parents know, they can be few and far between! It doesn’t take a lot to throw a spanner in the works does it?

Seeing as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we decided making little crafty bugs was a perfect way to spend the afternoon.  I’m not a super crafty blogger by any stretch, but I do enjoy doing crafts with the kids.  I thought I’d share what our Valentine’s day crafts, incase you were looking for activities to do with your toddlers and preschoolers.

Easy Love Bugs Crafts For kids For Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers

Rainbow Paper Plate Love Bugs Craft

This bug craft is super easy for kids of all ages and gets them thinking about using lots of colour.  It’s not to messy either which is ideal for valentines day crafts for kids!

All you need to make these love bug insects is colouring pens, paper plates, some decorations (we used glitter stickers and pom poms), some pipe cleaners, sellotape, googley eyes and a bit of glue.

We cut our paper plates in half and coloured them in rainbow colours. You could paint them, but pens aren’t quite so messy and you can decorate the love bugs straight away.

preschooler making love bugs crafts

We then added our glittery heart stickers that I picked up in the craft shop.

toddler doing valentines day love bugs craft

We then took some green piper cleaners and cut them in half.  With the new shorter pieces, we bent them in half to make the love bugs legs.  Then we bent the ends to make the love bug feet.  When they were ready we stuck them to the back of the decorated paper plates with sellotape.

To add a real love bug insect effect we used some glue to add the googley eyes to our decorated paper plates.

valentines rainbow love bugs paper plate craft

Simple Pipe Cleaner Love Bugs Craft

These pipe cleaner love bugs are such simple preschool valentines crafts. Even though they were easy to make, this love bug insect was a really popular craft with my kids. We used big fluffy pipe cleaners, some small pipe cleaners for the legs, a bit of glue and a couple of googley eyes (are you sensing a theme here!).

I cut the big pipe cleaners into lengths about 4 inches long.  About an inch along I bent the pipe cleaner so it made the head and the body of the love bug. We wrapped the small pipe cleaners around the body about an inch apart to make legs and then glued on the eyes.  This is perfect for people looking for easy valentines crafts for kids!

simple pipe cleaner love bugs craft

Toilet Roll Love Bugs Craft

We seem to collect a lot of toilet rolls in our house, and they are great for crafts for kids.  What love bugs craft ideas list would be complete without a toilet roll or two featuring in it.

As well as toilet rolls (cardboard tubes), we used some coloured paper, glue, colouring pens, glitter, pom poms, pipe cleaners and googley eyes!  There they are again!  If you are making love bug crafts, you need a good supply of googley eyes!

We covered our toilet rolls in coloured paper and secured it with glue and sellotape.  I cut out some wings that we decorated and stuck onto the toilet rolls.  Our crafty love bugs were beginning to take shape.

We made antenna by folding pipe cleaners in half and securing them with sellotape inside the toilet roll.  It was then time to add the googley eyes and the rest of the decorations.  The girls both enjoyed decorating their love bug insects with glitter, pom poms and colouring pens.

toilet roll love bugs craft idea for preschoolers

We had a lovely afternoon making all these valentines crafts for kids, and we really didn’t need a lot to make these cute little insects.  The kids loved these simple valentine crafts and I really enjoyed sharing the little crafty bugs activity with them too.  I really loved crafts when I was a child, and I love that it’s something I can share with my children now.

Will you be making love bugs with your preschoolers and toddlers this valentine’s day?  Do you know someone that would enjoy making these valentines crafts for kids? Make sure you share it with your friends and followers and give them some inspiration and cute love bugs to make with their kids.


  1. These are so cute! I think Boo and I would have lots of fun making those, and I have been saving lots of toilet roll tubes too! I knew they would come in handy!

  2. Some lovely ideas, my Megan loves bugs, she keeps saying the ants and caterpillars in our garden are her pets, she doesn’t like it when she can’t bring them indoors bless her, I’ll have to do these with her xxx


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