Recently Princess has been complaining that she is ‘a bit sore’ at changing times.  She’s been a bit under the weather as well as teething,  so she has been more prone to more nappy rash than normal.  She has been looking really uncomfortable during her nappy change, and it has obviously making her a little tense.


When we were given the chance to review Sudocrem Care and Protect it seemed worth a try.  We already use Sudocrem to treat nappy rash so this seemed the obvious choice.  We have to be careful what we use on Princess’s skin as it is prone to dryness, but have always been happy with Sudocrem since she was a baby.


We’ve been using Sudocrem Care and Protect at most nappy changes for over 3 weeks now.  She has definitely stopped saying that she is ‘a bit sore’ and nappy changes seem far more comfortable for her.  The barrier cream is really easy to apply and glides on, without being to heavy on the skin.  Princess’s skin seems really soft and protected and it has reduced all the nappy rash we experience at home.


Overall I’d say that if your little one is prone to nappy rash, this is an effective preventative cream that will make them a lot more comfortable.  I’d really recommend it if the nappy rash is so severe that changing times are an ordeal all round.


We were provided with complimentary samples of Sudocrem Care and Protect in order to provide this review, and I have no regrets about using this product on my child.  I will most certainly be using it on the new arrival in May if we start to have concerns about nappy rash.


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