I’m not going to try and convince any of you that I’m some kind of green fingered goddess, I have far to much respect for you all!  I do however like my garden to look nice and tidy, I enjoy spending time in it, especially when it’s looking presentable.  With a young family, we get a lot out of spending time outside when the better weather comes

With Spring officially here, it’s time to start getting on top of a few jobs to make sure we get the most out of our garden for the warmer months.  Here’s my list of easy garden maintenance jobs that will make a huge difference to how your garden looks for the rest of the year, if you give yourself a weekend to get on top of a few things.

Easy Guide To Garden Maintenance

1. Give The Lawn A Good Once Over

The lawn is central to so many gardens and if it’s looking shabby it will bring the whole feel of your outdoor space down.  Keep on top of the mowing and treat it with some weed and feed to bring it back to health for the summer.

2. Get Rid Of The Dead Stuff

Go round the whole garden and cut back any winter flowers that have now died.  This quick job will make a huge difference to your garden in no time.

3. Getting Flower Beds Ready

If you’ve got flower pots or flowering beds it’s time to revive them for the better weather.  Turn them over with a hoe or garden fork, and then cover them with a layer of fresh compost to add those all important nutrients back into the soil.

4. Get On Top Of Your Weeding

If you’re anything like me, this will be your least favourite job.  That’s why it’s important not to let it get out of control.  Get on top of those weeds now, and the job will be so much easier for the rest of the year.  Little and often is my advice when it comes to keeping the garden weed free.

5. Plant Those Bulbs

A bit of colour can make such a difference to a garden.  A neat green garden can be a touch on the boring side!  If you have any bulbs set for flowering in the summer now is the time to get them in the ground, and they will make a real difference to the look and feel of your outdoor space in a few months.

So, this is my to do list this weekend.  It’s going to be fun getting everyone involved so we can enjoy the space together.  Does everyone help get your garden ready for Spring?  What are your top tips to get the most out of your garden?

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